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“It was 1980 something and it was awesome!” Truer words were never spoken and they represent a big reason I do this little personal blog,  the Super-Hero Satellite. Most of my growing up happened to thankfully occur in the 1980s! It comes as no surprise that things like Comics, TV, Toys, Wrestling, and Movies are all things celebrated on ABCs TV Sitcom The Goldberg’s would spark this guys interest!. Heck this entire blog is a love letter to all those things! The show details the trials and tribulations of The Goldberg family as it all plays out in 1980 something and is a semi autobiographical story of the real life Adam Goldberg (who happens to be the shows creator!) and his family! The show of course takes liberties and with real life history and even gives the Goldberg family a fictional sister that technically didn’t exist in real life but in general many of the situations depicted in the show happened to a degree in real the 1980s! It goes without saying that our journey today finds us in very familiar territory back in the best decade of them all..the 1980s! Power Gloves on heroes, put The Karate Kid in the VCR, GI Joe’s on we talk all about a show that I NEED everyone of you reading this to check out..THE GOLDBERGS!!



The 2013 Fall  TV season was about to begin and I was getting ready with my usual fare to begin watching such shows as Agents Of Shield, The Blacklist (Which held my attention for two episodes), Hostages (My wife watched an episode and told me to watch and I was lost after 20 minutes and gave up), and Bates Motel! During the hype for all these shows ABC was sneaking in very light promotion for a sitcom called The Goldbergs. First watch of the commercial it held my interest. Second viewing I was hooked..and as the commercials began to build my anticipation I was ready for this new show about a family in the 1980s! Hell I was a child of the 80s and this looked like something I could relate to.



Anyone who knows me knows my passion for the show The Wonder Years, a lighthearted family drama about a boy growing up in the 60s and seeing the times change through his lens! It was a life changing show for me! I in no way even for one second felt The Goldberg’s would be able to replicate those emotions in me. I actually missed its debut episode on September 24, 2013 on its first airing but managed to catch the last 10 minutes of the show much later the next morning. I programmed it into my PVR and decided to give this show a shot. Second show airs… I miss it AGAIN but my PVR was there to save the day!


I sat and watch the second episode entitled “Daddy Daughter Day”, The Father , Murray Goldberg lost touch with his ‘little girl’, Erica, once she started growing up.  Murray takes her to the roller rink to try and rekindle their daddy-daughter relationship. Also Adam goes shopping with his mother much to his dismay and embarrassment! This episode was funny but absolutely had not found its legs. It was full of 80s visual references but that’s about it. I enjoyed it enough to keep watching. It was refreshing. I had not truly enjoyed a sitcom in many years. Somehow this show won me over. The reviews that were coming in were not flattering but damn it I liked the show and it did not deter me! The cast was pitch perfect! Interesting and unique the TV family seemed to gel seamlessly!

Adam was exactly me in the 1980s. Look at his list of likes! This kids was ME!! TV Adam is played fantastically by Sean Giambrone. The kid has a certain vulnerability and ability to garner sympathy for his plight. Not since Fred Savage played Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years has a kid been able to generate real emotion in a comedic sitcom. Sean could easily have been a real kid in the 80s and does not look one bit out-of-place on the show. From his incredible Toy collection consisting of GI Joes, Star Wars, Transformers and He-Man the shows creator ensured that TV Adam was well stocked in 80s memorabilia. His TV counter part consistently sports a new classic retro 80s shirt in every episode! Adam plays a wide variety of classic Nintendo games from The Legend of Zelda 1 & 2 , to Punch out and everything in between! He is an avid movie watcher like I was growing up with a passion for Indian Jones and Tron! Plus he video tapes everything with his camcorder! Like us all struggles to fit in at school and has few friends except a girl named Muscles Mirsky and the girl next door, Dana! The Adam & Dana dynamic is very enjoyable. Adams intense shyness around Dana and his overwhelming desire to impress her is personally the center of the show! we get to see the first dance, the first kiss and Adam stumbling through it all! Read all about the rest of the cast at the end of this post!! Where do I start watching you may ask..I missed season 1! Well The Satellite is here to’s your Goldbergs starter kit! Heres some must watch episodes and some quirky hidden facts you may have overlooked that add to the enjoyment of this great new show!

The Super-Hero Satellites Top Five Episodes Of the Goldberg’s!

5. Episode 16 : Goldberg’s Never Say Die! This fun episode was one of the shows attempts to catch a few viewers with a gimmick episode.. and it worked! This show was unabashedly based on the classic 80s kids adventure film The Goonies!!  Adam like this author, LOVES the movie the Goonies so much so that when his families jewellery goes on the missing list, he bands together The Goldberg’s version of the Goonies with each one playing an exact version of one of the Goonies! Sister Erica, Brother Barry and his friends Emmy, Muscles Mirksy, Dana Caldwell and Chad Kremp go on a treasure hunt very similar to the actual film! Fans of movies grab this show..super fun!



4. Episode 14. You Opened The Door. Many of us remember our first dance. In this episode Adam asks for his Mothers help in preparing for his first dance! This episode Beverly teaches Adam dance moves, buys them matching Mother and Son matching dance suits to wear to the dance, and Beverly becomes a one woman dance machine as she owns the school dance! Not only funny this episode is amazing as it finally develops Adam and Danas relationship as Beverly struggles to let her boy grow up! Very Wonder Yearsish..but that’s what makes it so good! Wendy McLevon Covey plays the crap out of this character and owns this episode!



3. Episode 22 A Wrestler Named Goldberg! The Wrestling Episode! I always wondered when the Goldberg’s were going to address the popularity of Professional Wrestling in the 80s and sure enough I was not disappointed. Adams likeable loser brother Barry is tired of being rejected by the fairer sex when he discovers the key to a woman’s heart is a school letterman jacket by way of joining the schools wrestling team! Barry’s view of High School Wrestling is jaded by what he watches on TV,  the WWF Then The World Wrestling Federation!)! References are all over the place to Hulk Hogan, George The Animal Steel and Jimmy SuperFly Snuka! The power of the final scene where Barry storms into the gym after being embarrassed earlier by his mother is electric! Wrestling fans rejoice our sport is covered with passion and the fun we all know it presents! Oh yeah..its also the Return Of The Jedi episode!! AWESOME!! Finally dedicated to the late Ultimate Warrior..all in one show!! WTF?? How is this not number one??


2. Episode 11. Kara-Te Somewhere along the lines the Goldberg’s stopped being a 80s sideshow with a bunch of nostalgic memorabilia strung all across every scene and grew a heart.Once again the focus seemingly is on Brother Barry but this show end up being all about Sister Erica overcoming her people phobia! Barry’s constant need for attention brings him to the talent show at his school where Barry intends on showing his skills or lack there of , in Karate! Adam revels in his big brothers exploits as he prepares to show the world that Barry is a fighting machine. In the sub story Erica, at the constant prodding of her live in GrandFather  rescues the day by blowing the roof off the Talent Show by playing guitar to a Pat Benetar song! The type of show that makes you want to stand up and cheer on the cast! Loved, loved , loved this episode!


1. Episode 23 Livin On a Prayer. Talk about saving the best for last. This show shows great maturity and all characters are in full stride on this episode. Indeed you’ve come a long way Goldberg’s. From episode 1 to the season finale, The Goldberg’s has changed all for the better! In this episode Brother Barry’s never-ending quest to become popular leads him to throw a house party when his parents are invited to a reunion banquet . As you can predict things go array as Barry’s invite of the school bombs with sister Erica and best friend Lainey step in to rescue Barry’s party. Barry’s attempt to win over the schools hot girl actually works when with a little help from all Goldberg’s Barry is given his 10 minutes of fame and rocks the television screen with the party we wish we were all invited to in the 80s with a hot crowd and the golden strains of Bon Jovi roaring full tilt! The episode was so good you could end the series here and it would be okay! Oh yeah..Barry gets his girl!! Unreal! The show ends with the famous line..“It was 1980something..and it was awesome!” Indeed! Perfect 10/10 for this episode!!

You know what else…oh yeah this show is PACKED with awesome 80s nostalgia in every scene. Pause the Goldberg’s tape in your VCR (See what I did there!!) In the background you will see tons of 80s toys, posters, games, retro furniture, music the whole nine! It is a completely immersive 80s experience in every sense.

Things to look for: 5 Things you may have missed while watching The Goldberg’s.

1.  Adams T-Shirts! Creator Adam Goldberg intentionally dresses TV Adam with the best retro theme Tees for the show, from the rare Cobra Kai Tee shirt, to Spielberg’s Amazing Stores shirt to retro 80s cartoon favorite Space Ace!! They are all there be sure to look for em! “Sweep The Leg!!”

2. Erica’s 80s poster collection and serious 80s attire! Shots of Erica’s room are filled with retro 80s music posters from Bon Jovi , to White Snake all the way to Duran Duran! It’s a virtual band showcase in the background! To Acid washed Jean Jackets to mood rings Erica is the 80s girl from head to toe!


3. The MUSIC!! Say no more. You m,ay not have missed this but pay attention to how the music is used in the show! Each episode is led by an amazing hit from the 80s. Music was a big part of the 80s and is a big part of the Goldberg’s! The Goldberg’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts are always beaming with shots of the music played on the show!. The Goldberg’s get musics context right and use it exactly at the right time!


4. All those wonderful Toys!! Thank the creator! Adam Goldberg slams the background of this show with a visual wonderland of the BEST 80s toys out there! G.I.Joe’s, Transformers, Masters Of The Universe and Star Wars fill up young TV Adam Goldberg’s universe. What TV show does almost a complete episode on the rare GI Joe U.S.S. Flag!  The Goldberg’s take it on fearlessly. The shows creators know EXACTLY what was hot in the day and have unbelievably mint condition versions of these great toys!

5. Movies ,Movies, and More Movies!! TV Adam is a fanatic for movies and several episodes are dedicated to his love of Movies. Episodes have great subplots about movies such as Return of The Jedi, Indiana Jones, Poltergeist, The Goonies, Say Anything, and my favorite..TRON! What TV show on the air dresses their child actor in a homemade TRON suit and light bike! The Goldberg’s dares go there!! Whether its lining up to see the “last” Star Wars movie, or raiding the video store for some Indy movies this show does movies RIGHT!

Goldberg’s was on the cancellation fence early on in its life but has since been solidly renewed by ABC for a second season. The show built a show the old-fashioned way one show at a fan at a time. Even a scathing article by Rolling Stone calling The Goldberg’s one of the years top 5 worst shows. The article sparked some noise online but it was clear the author was not in a position to make an informed opinion on the show. This however seemed to pump fan support to the show! Facebook and Twitter came to the shows defense and somewhere along the way The Goldberg’s found its audience. Hey Rolling Stone!! Kiss our 80s asses!



Creator Adam Goldberg and The Cast of the show are very accessible on Twitter! The show has swapped nights as well..sometimes the kiss of death for TV shows unless you land in the middle of ABC hits Modern Family and The Middle! Season 2 will no doubt be a huge win for fans of the show and I feel the best is yet to come from The Goldberg’s!  So now that you know the it up in your area, find it online, watch it on your phone ,watch TV however you watch TV. Do you and your family a favor and take them back to 1980something and enjoy!

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