Flash Transmissions #5: Captain America: Winter Soldier

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Flash Transmissions #5: Captain America: Winter Soldier Movie Review

(SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS, You have officially have been warned Satellite Subscribers who care about that stuff)

Transmission Begin: April 22 2014

So I am not into doing movie reviews,especially on current films however my 13 year old son and I just got back after seeing the second installment of the Captain America Franchise, The Winter Soldier and upon his request I am posting this swift review!! Big thanks to the fine folks at Cheerios for free tickets from the cereal boxes for getting us to the movie on the cheap!!


Plot: Shield has been compromised and as a result Nick Fury and Captain America are on the run! Hydra has infiltrated Shield and no one is to be trusted!! Cap with the help of Sam Wilson (The Falcon!) and Black Widow seeks to stop the destruction of Shield and uncover a sinister plot. As if this wasnt bad enough the Russian’s have lent Hydra a highly trained assassin with a very familiar background and link to Cap himself. Caps old war time buddy Bucky Barnes is indeed alive and well..however he has been brainwashed and programmed to destroy Captain America at all cost! Caps life is turned upside down as he is conflicted with having to battle his best friend to the death while stopping Hydra from killing millions!! Great story,great execution!!


The players:

Cap: We see Cap in furious action! The action quota is off the charts as we see Cap in combat like never before!! We finally see Cap as the leader that he is in the comic books!! Gone is the hesitation and youthful lack of experience, this Cap is seasoned and unstoppable.



Black Widow: This is the first time I have truely enjoyed this character! She has really grown on me and rumors of her potentially getting her own solo movie is certainly something I would invest in. Fun smart and sexy, Scarlett Johansson kills this role and you cant help but enjoy her presence!

Falcon: The introduction of Caps second sidekick from the 70s Captain America comic book is seamless. The Sam Wilson character is just the right touch of fun,cool and swagger!!


A little disappointed we didnt get to see a variation of the classic Red and White Falcon uniform but what we got didnt disappoint!

Winter Soldier/(Spoiler)Bucky Barnes: Anyone who thought sidekicks were cute hasnt seen Bucky. Soldier is unstoppable with a sick metal arm and a cache of weapons at his disposal mostly of mass destruction. From his opening assault on Nick Fury to the final showdown with his former mentor Bucky moves from being a sidekick to an ass-kicker! I did note that the flashback scenes of Bucky and Cap, Bucky facially looks just like a Kirby character with hairstyle and facial structure..check it out you’ll see!


STOP: Its time for a Satellite Audio Break

Here is a great audio review from my favorite comic book related podcast Comic Geek Speak!

CGS: Episode 1475 (April 17, 2014)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘ is already being called one of the best superhero movies made to date–now hear what WE have to say about the Shield-Slinger’s second cinematic sortie! (Hint: it’s pretty complimentary.) But be warned, if you enter this battlefield, expect to come under heavy SPOILER-fire! (1:13:55)


Click Here to Listen!

The Wrap Up: Over all many high points to this movie. The great characters and onslaught of action kept this movie going full throttle at all times. The plotline with Shield and Hydra was very well done with Robert Redford adding great credibility to his role as a Shield Official gone horrible rogue!


The movie featured a ton of fan boy Easter Eggs, with appearances by Cap Villain BatRoc (I know I know..THAT Batroc!) The Leaper played by UFC legend Georges St Pierre!


We also see a genius version of Arnim Zola as a Living brain inside a Computer. We even get a cameo by Baron Von Strucker eye piece and all! Of course Hydra was front and center and very very powerful!


After the Credits!! (SUPER SPOILER ALERT!!) The movie did not slow down at all and there was always a sense of jeopardy and there were no poor performances or cringe worthy scenes in this one! No Spider-Man 3 dance scenes thank god! There were even 2..yes I said two after credits scenes both of which were very cool. Scene one was Von Strucker realigning The Hydra and showing a captive young Quick Silver and Scarlett Witch in a holding cell! Scene two shows a very much alive Winter Soldier standing at the Captain America display at a museum viewing a picture and monument dedicated to himself as Bucky Barnes. This ones not over folks!

Overall a great time at the movies! Where does it rank out of all Marvel movies? It is certainly one of the best..maybe not as good as Avengers but very very close. Far superior to the Thor and Hulk series. Much better than the original Captain America The First Avenger film. Maybe even inching out the Iron Man franchise!! Barely! Bottom line see this damn movie!!


Super-Hero Satellite gives Captain America The Winter Soldier a very strong 9 out of 10. Here’s the tale of the Tape!

Story 9/10 (One point off for a lack of development to Winter Soldier himself who at times seemed like an afterthought to the movie! The movie was called Winter Soldier for god sakes ..maybe it should have been “The Fall Of SHIELD” or “The Rise Of Hydra”.

Action: 10/10 Full Throttle. Made the original Cap movie seem like a silent film.

Special Effects: 10/10 There was never a time when I felt we were sitting in front of a green screen. Massive explosions and scenes of mass destruction plus combat scenes you have to see to believe.




The film is full of geeky Easter eggs for the hardcore fan and I think reinvigorated the Captain America character and franchise! For Hardcore fans who want a catch up on how all this looked in the comic books our Super Blog Team Up member Fantastiverse did an amazing recap of the Winter Soldier saga and you MUST read it here!!

Click Here: Age Of Retcon: Bucky 4.0 The Winter Soldier

9/10 Satellites on this one!


That’s it for us at the Satellite Heroes!

Transmission Ended..




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