Flash Transmissions #3: WCW Wrestling For NES

Get the cartridge..instant Wrestling Action!

Flash Transmissions #3: WCW Wrestling

No time to waste subscribers and Heroes on deck..the Time Stream is displaying short bursts of retro transmissions I believe we are somewhere in the 90s..lets observe. Take notes team..This is a sequel of sorts and due to popular demand we talk about another great Wrestling Game for The Nintendo Entertainment System..Strap in heroes we have little time!

Transmission date: Dec 4 2013

So growing up suck as it is. Birthday parties however did not suck. Birthdays were always a big deal. I got plenty of gifts,friends and family came over to celebrate me stepping up into manhood. Well in grade 10 all that ended cold. I remember the conversation vividly that I was too old for a birthday party and that this was the year it would change but I could still get a couple of small gifts but that was it. I am still a little shell shocked by that announcement some 25 years later..but I digress. I made the last gasp Birthday gift suggestion of a video game and a CD that I always wanted and by the good grace of god and availability at the local Woolco I got a Crash Test Dummies CD (The Superman Song was HOT at this time!) and this…

WCW Wrestling was my life blood back in the early 90s!

WCW Wrestling for the Nintendo Entertainment System was a fan boys dream!It was late October of 1990 and the NES was still HOT! We were on the virge of the Super NES but there was a last gasp breath for the NES. On this blog it is well documented that I am a HUGE wrestling fan and I loved WCW Wrestling..check the other posts you will see! I was a HUGE fan of NES Pro Wrestling and this was its grown up brother. It was originally a Japanese game called Super Star Pro Wrestling which made a lot of sense seeing the odd interpretations of the WCW wrestlers. It had two ground breaking features that the other wrestling games at the time for NES and SEGA struggled to perfect.

1.Finishing holds! You could perform Ric Flairs Neck Breaker! Huh? No Figure Four? Road Warrior Animals Power Slam, and Even Stings Scorpion Death Lock! This FINALLY felt like a true wrestling game! The game also for maed the debut of several wrestlers never seen in pixel format before!When you slapped your finishing move on your opponent the screen would flash and you would see your wrestler highlighted kicking ass!

The WCW Roster was great and was a good representation of its talent at the time!

2.You had a selectable move set. That`s right you could program the buttons and moves that your wrestler could execute! What!!

Select your moves for Ricky Steamboat. Yes this was legit!

The game play was fluid and challenging at times as well. Tag Team mode at times could be impossible…check out some classic action right now..

If you were good..you fought the WCW champion the mysterious WCW master who more than closely resembled Andre The Giants old Giant Machine gimmick from the old WWF!

However..I reached the pinnacle of wrestling..the `Top Of The Mountain`as the Nature Boy would say and learned to beat this over 500 pound monstrosity..check it out below as the Stinger puts the WCW Master away!

Oh No gang..The bell just wrang and as Bob Caudell would scream back in the 80s.. We are Outta time fans!!. Lets continue the WCW love on Twitter @charlton_hero follow the conversation at #SuperHeroSatellite..

Transmission ended.

Check out the original and arguably the MOST popular Super-Hero Satellite Post about the Nintendo classic NES ProWrestling! Click the link below and enjoy!

A Winner Is You: The NES ProWrestling Story

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