Flash Transmisson: ElfQuest #1

Welcome to the Inaugural edition of Flash Transmissions. Many requests have come in for more content on the Satellite so reaching out to my Subscribers I have created “Flash Transmissions”. A micro post that gives a quick burst of nostalgia not meant to consume more than a moment of your time but provide that quick fix for fans of Comics, Pro Wrestling, Tv and Movies and what ever Retro junk we can pack into this little page. Fasten your seat belts Hero’s The Satellite is taking you to Warp Factor five..destination unknown as we are breaking from our normal course.

Flash Transmission date: Dec. 3 2013

In the Bowels of a public library as a kid I stumbled upon two tattered graphic novels at the bottom of their less than extensive collection. I pulled out a set of books that changed the way I looked at convention comic books. I found ElfQuest! Created in 1978 by creators Richard and Wendy Pini, owners of Warp Graphic Publications. ElfQuest had a very strong underground following and by the early 80s The Pini’s went on to dictate what was know as The Original Quest of which I was instantly intrigued by! The books were illustrated by Wendy Pini herself and was unlike anything on the racks. The characters were unique, and showcased a lot of behavior that was considered a faux pas at the time it launched mainstream under the Marvel Comics Epic banner. It was loaded with violence , death, sex, and an intense storyline of struggle and survival!

Elf Quest #1 Marvel Comics reprints of the original classic series.

ElfQuest: The Original Quest was reprinted by Marvel Comics and lasted 32 issues and gave the Pini’s creation the mainstream boost it needed. I strongly recommend any fans of comics looking for something different to check out ElfQuest. Fans of fantasy, Lord Of the Rings, The Hobbit would truly love this book. So that’s your homework hero’s. Hunt these books down and enjoy!

Fans of the series long after the cancellation of the original series and its subsequent sequels and Quests have made sure that ElfQuest lives on. A fan made trailer has been making its rounds and is actually quite well done!

Transmission has ended unexpectedly..

That’s it..quick and simple. Chat it up on Twitter @charlton_hero follow the conversation at #SuperHeroSatellite..

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