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Welcome to the Satellite Archives: The Super-Hero Satellite has been a labor of love for me and finally you can enjoy EVERY post! Strap in tight Heroes…prepare a trip back in time where everything seemed a little more awesome than anything out there today…take a look..hope you enjoy.

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The First Post..


1. Calling All Heroes..



Super-Blog Team Up:

SBTU#1: The Day They Walked Away: Superman

SBTU#2:  Prequel: Charlton Action Heroes: A Count Down To Retcon

SBTU#2: Retcon: Crisis On Continuity Earths

SBTU#3: Prequel : Dark Ascension

SBTU#3:The Great Darkness Saga

SBTU#4  Prequel: Capes and Carrots

SBTU#4 Masters Of The DC Universe

SBTU#5 Licensed Reality and Parallel Properties

TV Movies Archive banner


“V” The Original Invasion

The Wonder Years

The Goldbergs: TVs Underdog Comes Of Age

Five 80s Cartoons That DEMAND To Be a TV Series Or Movie.

Robotech: Love and Giants

Captain Power: Future Too Soon?

Go-Bots: Satellite Forgotten File

R.I.P. Saturday Morning Cartoons

The Last Starfighter: You Have Been Chosen

They Live: Still Chewin Bubble Gum and Kickin Ass

Captain America: Winter Soldier Movie Review

SuperGirl: The Movie 1984

Tron: On VHS

Star Wars Logo

Star Wars

Star Wars Episode 7: The Disney Menace

Star Wars: The Marvel Comics Years

Star Wars: A Caravan Of Ewoks

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Issue 2 of 4 Of A Limited Series

Batman: Blood Sport

Hex Style

ROM Rising: Space Knights Victorious

The New Universe

Speedball: The Last Stand Of Steve Ditko


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Sectaurs: Warriors Of Symbion

My Top 10 Christmas Gifts Ever!

Six Million Dollar Action Figures

Super-Hero Satellite 2nd Annual Holiday Special

Captain Power: Future Too Soon

Go-Bots: Satellite Forgotten File

Power Lords: The Search For Adam Power

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Saturday Morning Wrestling

Forever Kayfabe: Prowrestling Illustrated Retrospective

Kayfabe Forever: The N.W.A. Years

Video game banner

Video Games:

NES Pro Wrestling: A Winner Is YOU!

W.C.W. Wrestling For NES

Contra: 30 men Against The World


Super-Hero Satellite: 1st Annual Christmas Special

Year Of The Satellite

Skrulls Among Us

Quitting Your Job

A Heroes Color

Sketch Book Throwback

A Dungeons And Dragons Adventure

Ninja Retro Overload

R.I.P. Jamie D 1966-2014

Nothing Else Will Do: The Hostess Potato Chip Story

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy


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