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I remember the day I saw Superman and Spiderman teaming for the first time. It was monumental. Every comic fan at some point or another mulls over the thought of Dream Team Ups. What if Spiderman teamed With Superman, What if Batman teamed with Wolverine? Over the years DC and Marvel made a lot of these team ups happen and made them into a reality.  Super-Hero Satellite tackled one of those in the Official Super-Blog Team Up Prequel when Superman teamed with Captain Carrot and The Amazing Zoo Crew! DCs experimental run in the very early 80s saw a lot of team ups you would never dreamed of would happened. One of which I present to you today. Superman teams with 80s Iconic Toy Franchise The Masters Of The Universe! It did happen and boy do we have a lot of ground to cover..this topic could only be contained in the pages of the Super-Blog Team Up 4 ….TEAM UP TEAR DOWN!!


In 1981 action figures were my life. My toy case was filled with Star Wars, Bionic man, Micronauhts, and very soon a toy called He-man. A very simple sounding name for a hero as it was intended. Mattel, following the success of Star Wars trilogy sought to capture some market share in the figure market with a new line of toys “inspired” by Conan The Barbarian fame..unofficially of course. After battling off a lawsuit with the Conan people Mattel launched one of their most profitable and iconic toy lines in history The Masters Of the Universe collection.

MOTU Figure Promo page

The Masters Of the Universe collection or MOTU for short, was a Mattel’s meal ticket back to the action figure market. He-Man and company exploded! Anyone who remembers this line of toys remembers a group of figures that were muscled up, action pose ready that were unlike anything out there at the time. I remember getting a great selection of these toys I believe for Christmas of 81. Boy did I get the motherload. In my first foray into the He-man toy line I received He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Cat, Panthro, Teela, Stratos, and Beast Man. Throw in Castle GreySkull, and The Battle Ram!!

Hows that for an intro!! So with the success of the toy line the next logical step was He-mans introduction to the small screen!! He-Man and the Masters of the Universe the animated series debuted on airwaves across the nation in 1983. The opening would be one that kids of the 80s would have engrained into their heads..Without further adieu..Satellite Bring up the video wall..He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe intro please!!

Everyone back on deck Heroes! The Masters of The Universe cartoon was a staple in my house. I have seen every episode probably 3-4 times each. I loved that show and its characters!! Click below to re watch this great series..that’s right, all in one click..that’s what we do.

Click HERE for The He-Man Universe Channel..

Outside of my play time in Eternia, the rest of my life was spent as a super comic nerd! If anyone asked me what my favorite comic book publisher was in the 1980s I would proudly say DC with great vigor!! I loved everything about them but what I loved was their Super-Heroes. They were always The Nintendo to The Sega, They were The Coke to The Pepsi, The DC Heavy was The Man Of Steel himself. No one was bigger and more recognizable than Superman. In saying that, DC used Superman at every stop to push other properties. Supes was guaranteed bank and the publisher knew that putting him in a book with anyone would instantly give that property instant cred in the eyes of comic book old Hero here! Superman teamed with everyone but the kitchen sink. DC even went so far as to team him with Captain Carrot and The Amazing Zoo Crew. The Folks at the Satellite pieced together a great Prequel..Check out the link below the picture below!!

Click HERE To Read The SBTU Prequel Capes and Carrots!

As Satellite readers hopefully who have read the Prequel DC tried something radically different in 1982 by giving Comic fans a real bang for their book with the DC Prevue inserts. As stated these inserts were standalone stories meant to introduce readership to new characters and concepts. The idea was to introduce the new hero or team inside the pages of a best-selling title to provide maximum visibility to this new potential break out concept. Superman was usually the anchor. DC did this twice with their latest acquistion..Matells Masters Of The Universe!! In the years prior to the World killing Crossover Crisis On Infinite Earths, DC was pretty liberal with their use of alternate realities, timelines, and worlds. It lead to a seamless insertion of the MOTU characters and worlds to simply become another “World” in the grand scale of the DCU in 1982! Yes Eternia was officially a reality in DC!!

DC Comics Presents 47

DC created a very unusual version of Eternia very different from the one seen on the Cartoon show a little later. Still seemingly set in medieval times This Eternia boasted over the top technology and mystifying magic all at once! Magic and Swordplay were the center of its concept. With Curt Swan, of long time Superman fame and legendary Comic Book penciller extraordinaire, took his stab at the Toy franchise and did a Masterful job of it. The characters were directly in line with the toy line visually but what was not carried over from the Comic book to the show was the language. Eternians talked like they were out of a Shakespeare novel. The verbage was very grandious. If you were a fan of the show you would know that He-man and friends did NOT talk like this!! Check out the panel below as He-Man, aka Prince Adam is challenged by a patron at the bar on Eternia who had just made fun of his sidekick Cringer (Battle Kat!) Whats unique about DC’s version of Eternia is that number one..He-Man is a drinker? When did you ever see bars on Eternia in the TV show? He-Man also refers to Teela as “woman” so it is decidedly male dominated planet as well. She-Ra would NOT stand for this!

DCP 47 pg6

Gone as well is the famous Transformation scene thats featured on every show on the Cartoon version of He-Man and The Masters Of the Universe…we all know what I mean. On this page we see that the Sorceress is responsible He-Mans and Battle Kat’s transformation!! Gone is the famous “By The Power Of GraySkull” raise your sword and transform gimmick..

He-Man is simply turned into his more powerful self by the all-powerful Sorceress..

DCP 47 8

At this point we meet the “Demonic Skeletor” Enemy of “Thy ” World?  Skeletor is seen with his right hand man Beast Man in front of the Mysterious Castle Grayskull! The Grayskull Playset  is undoubtedly the best play set in history! Okay maybe the Star Wars Death Star is better but this thing rocks people!! Believe! Skeletor and his sidekick discuss his need to unveil the secrets Of Castle GraySkull so he can rule the world with this knowledge! However one thing remains,…. to gain access to the Castle, Skeletor must have a power sword..which he does..but to gain entry you must have TWO!! The action figures themselves came bundled with a sword a piece for He-man and  and a piece for Skeletor. Both had flatbacks and for some reason the two could connect together and allow the holder of the two united swords access to the secrets of Grayskull..

He-Man and Skeletor

Its time to take a break…We will be right back AFTER THESE MESSAGES..


How cool are the He-man toys? I cannot describe the amount of joy these thing gave after I was done role playing  in Eternia, He-Man and gang made great additions to my wrestling figure federation I also ran from my bedroom floor. He-Man, more specifically Power Punch He-Man won the title many times! Okay while on the topic lets talk best original MOTU’s the

Satellites Top 5 Most Underrated MOTU Figures:

5. Ram Man:One of the very few figures that broke the He-Man mold. Ram Man was the Eternia’s version of the Juggernaut and wore a huge metal helmet that he used to smash through things. You push down on his head and his legs, which we based on a spring ,were physically joined together and did no contain any articulation. Press down on his head Ram Man squat to the ground touch him again he launched into action!!

4. Moss Man. The MOTU line used the same basic body mold over and over at will and in some cases the same figure altogether. Beast Man one of the original MOTU super-bad’s was turned green, stripped of his armor, and covered in green “moss’ like fur. A very unusual toy but friggin awesome. My Moss Man was stolen on a camping trip as a child when playing in all things..The woods. I guess his camouflage was just too good. I’ll find you one day Moss man!

3. Two Bad: The Conjoined twin alien heads which shared a torso. This was another figure that maintained a unique mold and was very cool. The toy had great double punching power and two great alien heads! I played the death out of Two Bad and feel he’s a must have in any MOTU collection!

2.Extendar: The Armor covered Knight in the MOTU collection. Extendar was a silver armor covered classic Knight Of The Round Table style of figure. His uniqueness however was in the fact that his head arms, waist, torso, and legs all extended to make Extendar a giant. He was a highly touted figure in the collection as he toiled playing double duty in my imaginary wrestling figure collection!

1. Fakor. Okay okay..its was He-Man painted blue. Literally that’s all Fakor was. He was a  Robot He-Man clone That Skeletor created to infiltrate He-Mans inner circle. No one would notice if He-Man was Blue now would they? Even so, I loved Fakor during his short run in my collection as he was an early victim to the arms and leg figure exchange..He-Man figure collectors know what that means!


WELCOME BACK HEROES!! Back to our story..Beast Man and Skeletor converse on how they are going to break into Castle Grayskull. Outside the Grayskull, Skeletor talks about the need of having both halves of the Power Sword to open the castle. Beast Man notices Skeletor only has one half, but he tries to use it to open Grayskull anyways. The result? The opening to a great inter-dimensional worm hole in clouds form that opens on Earth!! The impact of Skeletor,s assault was so great, its effects were felt on Earth.!! As with Superman..he has a history of falling into such portals …and today would be no different..

DCP 47 skeletorattacks greyskull

Superman is transported to Eternia in short order. He was investigating the giant cloud/portal and as always he is sucked in like a tractor beam and lands with a Thud directly in front of Castle GraySkull. Thelingering foes Skeletor and Beast Man look on like they have just seen Santa Clause!. The unusual part of this is not only how passive the Eternian’s are with Superman’s grand entrance but how non-chalant Superman is by being transported to yet another dimension. Apparently no big deal for the Man Of Steel.


Skeletor knows that this is not cool and quickly figures out that this guy in Blue spandex falling from the sky is his enemy!! Not giving any time for Superman to recover or gain his bearings Skeletor goes on the attack on this Other Worlder. Both spend a moment to mock each other as Skeletor calls Superman a `Strangely Garbed Foe while Superman sees Skeletor as a Skull faced clown with the Over Grown pocket Knife. Ahhh The 80s!!

Superman vs skeltor

The fight is on as Skeletor tries to slice Superman in half but to know avail as Supes batters the Eternian with a barrage of body shots. Beast Man joins the fray and is dispatched easily in ultra 80s fashion as Superman simply takes him on a loop de loop  and dumps him handily on the ground. Skeletor resorts to the magic of his half of the power sword and forces Superman to be blown off in the distance. Waiting on hill observing the disruption is He-Man himself on his gentle steed Battle Kat!

Superman vs skeletor sand.

He-Man rushes to Supermans aid recognizing him from ancient Eternian lore. This goes to show that the DC Universe was always a part of DCs elaborate Multiverse of the 80s Pre Crisis. With Introductions out of the way, He-man and Superman are soon joined by Man at Arms riding the Wind Raider!

Superman teans up

Okay, its pointless product knowledge time. The Wind Raider was one of the first and best MOTU Vehicles and makes a very early appearance here.MOTU toys were always emblazoned with deluxe painted artwork as seen on the Wind Raider box art!! Note the original Wind Raider was mean for a single figure. So in this case the Comic book had it right!!

                                                                      Original Wind Raider plus He-Man!!

A great footnote here The Wind Raider like the Toy is a single passenger Vehicle however in the original He-Man and the Masters Of the Universe Television Show The Winder raider is a much larger capacity vehicle.

 Pause for ONE TO GROW ON.. Take It AWAY MR T!!

Now Back To The Show..

The Triple Threat of He-Man, Superman, and Teela’s father Duncan, aka Man At Arms (Where is Duncan..has he abandoned his friends??) go after Skeletor. He-man swings for the fences with his battle-axe but not before Skeletor uses the magic of his half  power sword to cast a hypnotic spell on Superman. Skeletor turns Supes on his own team instantly and the battle of the century begins..He-man vs on one for the inter-dimensional title. Superman attacks first stopping He-Man assault on Skeletor but The Most Powerful Man In the Universe easily turns the tide employing The Giant Swing into a power bomb!!

Superman hyptonized

Superman no selling He-Mans attack goes toe to toe with He-Man in a slugfest. Looks like DC will not look bad in comparison to Matell and He-Man is driven to the ground with a solid Superman upper cut ending the `Battle Of The Century only seconds into the fight. Winner is Superman..and DC. With He-Man out..and Man At Arms nowhere to be seen,,Skeletor commands the Man Of Steel to open the doors to Castle GreySkull and reveal its secrets to him at once! With fists raised Superman roars towards the gates of GraySkull..

Supermanvs He-man

Superman still fighting his hypnosis, cannot stop Skeletor’s spell, but comes up with a plan on the fly. If only the Man Of Steel can distract Skeletor long enough to utilize his heat vision to create a Molten barricade around Skeletor and block the spell of Skeletor. That’s right Superman melts rocks to form a rock cocoon around the evil one. Superman is able to stop his spell just in time as not to impact The Castle!  Skeletor bursts free of his confinement in Molten rock and swears he will cast yet another spell on Superman. This time Superman is ready for Skeletor’s magic and He-man (who has already forgiven and understood why Superman attacked him,) returns to watch the fray. Superman apparently has a plan to lift Skeletor out of harms way. Exactly where was Superman taking him?

Superman stops Skeletor

With Skeletor having been to this dance once to often, he pulls the old disappearing act. Superman still taken aback from the events of what just happened has no time to chat with his new friends as he notices a Time Space warp in space with his Super Vision and has to hustle so he can get back home to earth and bids a quick fare the well to his Medieval friends. Final page

In summary:  You could not have done this Team-Up any quicker. The whole story while really cool, is mega rushed. Superman literally falls from the sky, has a light tussle with Skeletor,and even He-Man , gets hypnotized , stops Skeletor and rushes back to Earth in a wormhole. The whole time,  He-Man and friends act like it’s any other day. Love the vintage Curt Swan art. Mr. Swan is one of my all time definitive Superman artists, so I was pumped to see him do the cross over. Swan has a real grasp on He-Man and friends. His inspiration is directly from the Matell Toy line as is seen with the depictions of Man At Arms, Skeletor and Beast Man. Hilariously the depiction of Eternia as an old world Shakespearean society is pretty far off in what we see later in the Animated Series and subsequent spinoffs, and Movies. The Eternian dialect is pretty entertaining as seen in these pages. I am glad they made the change to everyday linguistics in the animated show. The declaration and focus on the 2 halves of the Power Swords is also a storyline not often referenced in the Animated Series. He-man himself does not perform the transformation or do the whole “I have The Power” bit. That’s key…say what you want. Having the Sorceress simply transform Prince Adam and Cringer is just not cutting it People!!  Overall, the excitement this book created at the time was all the hype I needed as a bright-eyed 8-year-old comic book fanatic! The kid in me still gives this story a thumbs up..the adult in hindsight gives it a “Where the hell is the story??”  As well I leave you all with one final question..exactly what was the point of putting Man At Arms in the story with The Wind raider when he did not even show up in the battle?? Hmmmm…

Hope you have enjoyed this stay on Eternia, setting Coordinates for our next mission. Heroes strap in..Super-Blog Team Up continues…plenty more to read as Team Up Tear Down continues all over the Blogosphere..please read and follow all the blogs will not be disappointed! Super-Blog Team Up…Unite!!

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SATELLITE Extra: Remember that 1987 Masters Of The Universe Movie starring Dolph Lundgren? No? Then check out the trailer!!


Ahhh…hell its Super Blog Team Up..Heres the entire movie..Tell Em Hero sent ya!


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“It was 1980 something and it was awesome!” Truer words were never spoken and they represent a big reason I do this little personal blog,  the Super-Hero Satellite. Most of my growing up happened to thankfully occur in the 1980s! It comes as no surprise that things like Comics, TV, Toys, Wrestling, and Movies are all things celebrated on ABCs TV Sitcom The Goldberg’s would spark this guys interest!. Heck this entire blog is a love letter to all those things! The show details the trials and tribulations of The Goldberg family as it all plays out in 1980 something and is a semi autobiographical story of the real life Adam Goldberg (who happens to be the shows creator!) and his family! The show of course takes liberties and with real life history and even gives the Goldberg family a fictional sister that technically didn’t exist in real life but in general many of the situations depicted in the show happened to a degree in real the 1980s! It goes without saying that our journey today finds us in very familiar territory back in the best decade of them all..the 1980s! Power Gloves on heroes, put The Karate Kid in the VCR, GI Joe’s on we talk all about a show that I NEED everyone of you reading this to check out..THE GOLDBERGS!!



The 2013 Fall  TV season was about to begin and I was getting ready with my usual fare to begin watching such shows as Agents Of Shield, The Blacklist (Which held my attention for two episodes), Hostages (My wife watched an episode and told me to watch and I was lost after 20 minutes and gave up), and Bates Motel! During the hype for all these shows ABC was sneaking in very light promotion for a sitcom called The Goldbergs. First watch of the commercial it held my interest. Second viewing I was hooked..and as the commercials began to build my anticipation I was ready for this new show about a family in the 1980s! Hell I was a child of the 80s and this looked like something I could relate to.



Anyone who knows me knows my passion for the show The Wonder Years, a lighthearted family drama about a boy growing up in the 60s and seeing the times change through his lens! It was a life changing show for me! I in no way even for one second felt The Goldberg’s would be able to replicate those emotions in me. I actually missed its debut episode on September 24, 2013 on its first airing but managed to catch the last 10 minutes of the show much later the next morning. I programmed it into my PVR and decided to give this show a shot. Second show airs… I miss it AGAIN but my PVR was there to save the day!


I sat and watch the second episode entitled “Daddy Daughter Day”, The Father , Murray Goldberg lost touch with his ‘little girl’, Erica, once she started growing up.  Murray takes her to the roller rink to try and rekindle their daddy-daughter relationship. Also Adam goes shopping with his mother much to his dismay and embarrassment! This episode was funny but absolutely had not found its legs. It was full of 80s visual references but that’s about it. I enjoyed it enough to keep watching. It was refreshing. I had not truly enjoyed a sitcom in many years. Somehow this show won me over. The reviews that were coming in were not flattering but damn it I liked the show and it did not deter me! The cast was pitch perfect! Interesting and unique the TV family seemed to gel seamlessly!

Adam was exactly me in the 1980s. Look at his list of likes! This kids was ME!! TV Adam is played fantastically by Sean Giambrone. The kid has a certain vulnerability and ability to garner sympathy for his plight. Not since Fred Savage played Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years has a kid been able to generate real emotion in a comedic sitcom. Sean could easily have been a real kid in the 80s and does not look one bit out-of-place on the show. From his incredible Toy collection consisting of GI Joes, Star Wars, Transformers and He-Man the shows creator ensured that TV Adam was well stocked in 80s memorabilia. His TV counter part consistently sports a new classic retro 80s shirt in every episode! Adam plays a wide variety of classic Nintendo games from The Legend of Zelda 1 & 2 , to Punch out and everything in between! He is an avid movie watcher like I was growing up with a passion for Indian Jones and Tron! Plus he video tapes everything with his camcorder! Like us all struggles to fit in at school and has few friends except a girl named Muscles Mirsky and the girl next door, Dana! The Adam & Dana dynamic is very enjoyable. Adams intense shyness around Dana and his overwhelming desire to impress her is personally the center of the show! we get to see the first dance, the first kiss and Adam stumbling through it all! Read all about the rest of the cast at the end of this post!! Where do I start watching you may ask..I missed season 1! Well The Satellite is here to’s your Goldbergs starter kit! Heres some must watch episodes and some quirky hidden facts you may have overlooked that add to the enjoyment of this great new show!

The Super-Hero Satellites Top Five Episodes Of the Goldberg’s!

5. Episode 16 : Goldberg’s Never Say Die! This fun episode was one of the shows attempts to catch a few viewers with a gimmick episode.. and it worked! This show was unabashedly based on the classic 80s kids adventure film The Goonies!!  Adam like this author, LOVES the movie the Goonies so much so that when his families jewellery goes on the missing list, he bands together The Goldberg’s version of the Goonies with each one playing an exact version of one of the Goonies! Sister Erica, Brother Barry and his friends Emmy, Muscles Mirksy, Dana Caldwell and Chad Kremp go on a treasure hunt very similar to the actual film! Fans of movies grab this show..super fun!



4. Episode 14. You Opened The Door. Many of us remember our first dance. In this episode Adam asks for his Mothers help in preparing for his first dance! This episode Beverly teaches Adam dance moves, buys them matching Mother and Son matching dance suits to wear to the dance, and Beverly becomes a one woman dance machine as she owns the school dance! Not only funny this episode is amazing as it finally develops Adam and Danas relationship as Beverly struggles to let her boy grow up! Very Wonder Yearsish..but that’s what makes it so good! Wendy McLevon Covey plays the crap out of this character and owns this episode!



3. Episode 22 A Wrestler Named Goldberg! The Wrestling Episode! I always wondered when the Goldberg’s were going to address the popularity of Professional Wrestling in the 80s and sure enough I was not disappointed. Adams likeable loser brother Barry is tired of being rejected by the fairer sex when he discovers the key to a woman’s heart is a school letterman jacket by way of joining the schools wrestling team! Barry’s view of High School Wrestling is jaded by what he watches on TV,  the WWF Then The World Wrestling Federation!)! References are all over the place to Hulk Hogan, George The Animal Steel and Jimmy SuperFly Snuka! The power of the final scene where Barry storms into the gym after being embarrassed earlier by his mother is electric! Wrestling fans rejoice our sport is covered with passion and the fun we all know it presents! Oh yeah..its also the Return Of The Jedi episode!! AWESOME!! Finally dedicated to the late Ultimate Warrior..all in one show!! WTF?? How is this not number one??


2. Episode 11. Kara-Te Somewhere along the lines the Goldberg’s stopped being a 80s sideshow with a bunch of nostalgic memorabilia strung all across every scene and grew a heart.Once again the focus seemingly is on Brother Barry but this show end up being all about Sister Erica overcoming her people phobia! Barry’s constant need for attention brings him to the talent show at his school where Barry intends on showing his skills or lack there of , in Karate! Adam revels in his big brothers exploits as he prepares to show the world that Barry is a fighting machine. In the sub story Erica, at the constant prodding of her live in GrandFather  rescues the day by blowing the roof off the Talent Show by playing guitar to a Pat Benetar song! The type of show that makes you want to stand up and cheer on the cast! Loved, loved , loved this episode!


1. Episode 23 Livin On a Prayer. Talk about saving the best for last. This show shows great maturity and all characters are in full stride on this episode. Indeed you’ve come a long way Goldberg’s. From episode 1 to the season finale, The Goldberg’s has changed all for the better! In this episode Brother Barry’s never-ending quest to become popular leads him to throw a house party when his parents are invited to a reunion banquet . As you can predict things go array as Barry’s invite of the school bombs with sister Erica and best friend Lainey step in to rescue Barry’s party. Barry’s attempt to win over the schools hot girl actually works when with a little help from all Goldberg’s Barry is given his 10 minutes of fame and rocks the television screen with the party we wish we were all invited to in the 80s with a hot crowd and the golden strains of Bon Jovi roaring full tilt! The episode was so good you could end the series here and it would be okay! Oh yeah..Barry gets his girl!! Unreal! The show ends with the famous line..“It was 1980something..and it was awesome!” Indeed! Perfect 10/10 for this episode!!

You know what else…oh yeah this show is PACKED with awesome 80s nostalgia in every scene. Pause the Goldberg’s tape in your VCR (See what I did there!!) In the background you will see tons of 80s toys, posters, games, retro furniture, music the whole nine! It is a completely immersive 80s experience in every sense.

Things to look for: 5 Things you may have missed while watching The Goldberg’s.

1.  Adams T-Shirts! Creator Adam Goldberg intentionally dresses TV Adam with the best retro theme Tees for the show, from the rare Cobra Kai Tee shirt, to Spielberg’s Amazing Stores shirt to retro 80s cartoon favorite Space Ace!! They are all there be sure to look for em! “Sweep The Leg!!”

2. Erica’s 80s poster collection and serious 80s attire! Shots of Erica’s room are filled with retro 80s music posters from Bon Jovi , to White Snake all the way to Duran Duran! It’s a virtual band showcase in the background! To Acid washed Jean Jackets to mood rings Erica is the 80s girl from head to toe!


3. The MUSIC!! Say no more. You m,ay not have missed this but pay attention to how the music is used in the show! Each episode is led by an amazing hit from the 80s. Music was a big part of the 80s and is a big part of the Goldberg’s! The Goldberg’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts are always beaming with shots of the music played on the show!. The Goldberg’s get musics context right and use it exactly at the right time!


4. All those wonderful Toys!! Thank the creator! Adam Goldberg slams the background of this show with a visual wonderland of the BEST 80s toys out there! G.I.Joe’s, Transformers, Masters Of The Universe and Star Wars fill up young TV Adam Goldberg’s universe. What TV show does almost a complete episode on the rare GI Joe U.S.S. Flag!  The Goldberg’s take it on fearlessly. The shows creators know EXACTLY what was hot in the day and have unbelievably mint condition versions of these great toys!

5. Movies ,Movies, and More Movies!! TV Adam is a fanatic for movies and several episodes are dedicated to his love of Movies. Episodes have great subplots about movies such as Return of The Jedi, Indiana Jones, Poltergeist, The Goonies, Say Anything, and my favorite..TRON! What TV show on the air dresses their child actor in a homemade TRON suit and light bike! The Goldberg’s dares go there!! Whether its lining up to see the “last” Star Wars movie, or raiding the video store for some Indy movies this show does movies RIGHT!

Goldberg’s was on the cancellation fence early on in its life but has since been solidly renewed by ABC for a second season. The show built a show the old-fashioned way one show at a fan at a time. Even a scathing article by Rolling Stone calling The Goldberg’s one of the years top 5 worst shows. The article sparked some noise online but it was clear the author was not in a position to make an informed opinion on the show. This however seemed to pump fan support to the show! Facebook and Twitter came to the shows defense and somewhere along the way The Goldberg’s found its audience. Hey Rolling Stone!! Kiss our 80s asses!



Creator Adam Goldberg and The Cast of the show are very accessible on Twitter! The show has swapped nights as well..sometimes the kiss of death for TV shows unless you land in the middle of ABC hits Modern Family and The Middle! Season 2 will no doubt be a huge win for fans of the show and I feel the best is yet to come from The Goldberg’s!  So now that you know the it up in your area, find it online, watch it on your phone ,watch TV however you watch TV. Do you and your family a favor and take them back to 1980something and enjoy!

If you have enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment or contact me straight up on Twitter @charlton_hero and join the conversation on #SuperHeroSatellite or #SuperBlogTeamUp

Satellite Extra: Meet The Cast!




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Welcome back Satellite subscribers! Time to get your Hero on as today we jump into the center of an Alien invasion! The Alien hordes of the notorious Red Falcon have taken over an island in South America! Fortunately we have the called in the best two damn commandos the word has ever seen..Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer and Lance “Scorpion” Bean. Time to lock em down!! Aboard the Satellite Heli shuttle we have no time to waste..we have to stop the Red Falcon  before they take over the world!


Begin Transmission: March 19 2014

This game spoke to me one Christmas as it sat on the shelves of our local Woolco. That X-Mas morning it would be mine!

Of course..if you are not a retro gamer and havent figured it out yet..we are talking about the 1987 NES Video game Contra..It was 1980 something and in a sea of wrapping paper I was nowhere to be found as I was frantically hooking up my brand new NES Entertainment system to my sweet 13 inch color TV in my bedroom! That morning I was bestowed , Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, NES Pro Wrestling, Super Mario Bros (Free with system!) and of course..CONTRA!! Only a couple of months earlier after creating my Xmas wish list I had noticed this game on the locked display cabinets of our local Woolco store. The case itself spoke to me and t was no trouble to see why. First a bit of context.

There was no bigger action hero then “Arnold” in the 1980s! Predator was a huge hit for Schwarzenegger and would be the inspiration for games like Contra!

The 1980s were a time of an action movie explosion. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was on top of the world with huge hits such as Terminator and Running man. Predator would become yet another huge win for Arnold and would directly influence many sci-fi movies afterwards. The over the top Austrian known for his witty one liners such as “Ill be back” was the king of Hollywood and would remain as such well into the 90s as well.Arnold would become the inspiration for the Player one character in Contra..Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer. Hot on his heels would be another character would be making waves on the same fast track as Arnold…a guy named Stallone!

Rambo would be Stallone’s second HUGE character that he would be known for and one of my personal faves of the 80s! Rambo 2 was a frequent guest in my VCR!

Sylvester Stallone, better know in the 1980s as Rocky Balboa of the Rocky movie film franchise struck pay dirt again with the character of John Rambo in the movie series First Blood! Like Arnold, Stallone was the ultimate commando fearless and unstoppable, Rambo was a high school boys idol. Hell every kid I knew had a Rambo “Survival Knife” strapped to their side for play. No parent in their right mind would intentionally hand a 13-year-old a hunting knife and tell them to go play! Bottom Line Rambo was hot and was the inspiration for the second player in the game we are discussing....Lance “Scorpion” Bean.

The game itself was VERY challenging. As you ran through the jungles of South America, through highly secure military compounds, though Waterfalls, ad finally directly into the heart of the Aliens lair doing so in the 3 men you were allotted was no fun. In fact…discouraging. This game sat on the “Last In Line” pile as I spent the early months of my NES gaming experience defeating Koopas in Super Marion Bros, Knocking Out Mike Tyson’s ass in Punch Out and proudly defeating Great Puma to with the VWA world title in NES Pro Wrestling. So with all the other conquered games laying in my wake one of my friends who did not have the luxury of an NES system decided we should tag team Contra. Surely our forces combined would whip this game in no time fast. Sadly the answer was no..the Red Falcons hordes were too much for Bill and Lance..that is until we got an advantage..

Nintendo Power changed the way we played video longer a slave to 3 men..this book helped us destroy games like never before!

Nintendo Power magazine came on the fore front of many gamers libraries. Debuting in 1988 Nintendo Power was the premier and longest running video game magazine ever published lasting an extraordinary 24 years! It contained Reviews, teasers, comics, coupons, extras like stickers, posters, but most importantly..cheat codes!!

Nintendo Power provides the goods for the downfall of Red falcon and his Alien goons!

Yes the Konami Code as it would become know to gamers for then till today became an instant hit with Contra fans. First used in the game Gradius but popularized by Contra the pushing of the directional keys UP, UP, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, Start at the title screen would unlock what Nintendo Power called the “Extra Life Command” and it was awesome! Soon after I learned how to execute the Konami Code Contra was done for. Many evenings after school myself and my good friend John Mckechnie (Where are you bro?) would begin our termination of the Contra Alien races. It was incredible! Level by level we whipped major 8 bit ass and the NES became a destination daily for us. Bill and Lance finally had the revenge we were looking for.

Contra the game was a simple run and shoot type of game. It was a classic 8 bit side scroller filled with challenging stages and enemies.!

Entering the base. The beginning of you Contra campaign!

Contra featured some of the best looking super bads in the 8 Bit world of the NES. The Giant Leaping Disk Throwing Alien that guards the door to the energy zone is one of the best in gaming history!

The Guard at the door using throwing disks to send you to an early grave!

The Base 1 Boss put you to the test!

Red Falcon had an abundance of mechanical technological contraptions sent to block passage to the lair!

Bosses like the stage 3 Waterfall Boss were awesome in its day and a pleasure to destroy! Check out this cool deviant art version of this boss!

Nothing was cooler than coming face to face with the Red Falcon..but was terrified to know that even after killing this bad boy you still had to kill its heart!!

Scorpions be damned. Nothing will stop me with 30 men behind me from taking out the final boss of Stage 8 the very heart of the Red Falcon!

The fun of the game came in using the extra weapons that you could pick up along the way! You start the game with a rifle but there are many more weapons that made your game much more enjoyable.

  • Machine gun (rapid-fires repeatedly while the fire button is depressed)
  • Laser gun (fires one lazer bolt of energy at a time) Sometimes letharigic but incredibly powerful
  • Spreader (Spray) gun (fires five projectiles at once in an array that spreads apart as it travels away from the player) Best weapon in the game. Incredibly powerful and enjoyable to use!
  • Fireball gun (fires spining fire ball bullets)
  • Rapid fire (increases bullet velocity) This one can be added to a gun in use to make an existing gun faster. Deadly when combined with Spreader gun or Lazer!
  • Barrier (temporary invincibility)

Contra, even in its years of retirement as I grew into adulthood would always be played in my house whether it was on my old long lamented NES, emulators or on my Wii Virtual console. My son’s and I (5, and 13 years of age) have spent a lot of time recently playing this game and its sequels and even to this day it remains a favorite in the house. In a sad story during my university years my vast amount of Nintendo cartridges went missing! I accidentally discovered my collection at a used flea market type shop and had to call the police. Only the games I could prove were mine were returned and several games like Contra were stolen from me like a thief in the night. BASTARDS!! I know who you are!! LOL..but I digress.

Hope you have enjoyed your tour of Red Falcon has been my pleasure to be your guide. But we just blew up the heart of the Red Falcon..back to the Heli – Shuttle …this baby’s gonna BLOW!!

Later Heroes!!


End Transmission…

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