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Following the FINAL Super-Blog Team Up Crisis Event The Satellite Deactivated itself after being taken over by its internal living computer that has taken control of its navigation and programming. Its crew are sustained in hyper sleep chambers not knowing its vile intentions. Alas Computer continues the mission of the Superhero Satellite to document and report on all things retro from the past..Today…we build our own Super Team from the ground up. While the Mighty SBTU is dead fragments of the team come together to reform Super Teams from the ashes to once again restore order to the Blogosphere…Blogs United..

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Transmission Date: 1/27/ 2018:

The challenge posed to the team was “What If” we could put together a Do It Yourself Version Of The Justice League using any heroes from any time and company in the history of Comicdom or other media? What would we come up with!!?? In keeping with the theme of this particular blog that allows me to simply catalogue my childhood I went with a group of unlikely heroes from titles that do not necessarily land on the top of everyone comics list. These characters hold very fond memories of books that I enjoyed as a kid and I feel get overlooked but deserve a look again. I have taken the time to create a team name and origin for the team and I go through why I have selected member of the crew. I also give a relectionon what they mean to me personally. Each one of these characters hold a special memory for me while growing up and its my chance to share and remember why I became a comics fans to begin with so many years ago! At the end of this list I have also included a base storyline for their existence of our team!! First enjoy my selections, then read how and why they come together!!


Star Brand: (Leader): First Appearance: Star Brand #1 Oct. 1986 (Created By Jim Shooter)

Origin and Powers: While on a random dirt bike joyride, Pittsburg mechanic Kenneth Connell discovered an Old Man in the woods who bestows upon him the powers of the Star Brand! This power created by a universal anomaly called the “White Event gives many regular humans in the New Universe miraculous powers. Kenneth gains the biggest gift of all.. limitless power!! He struggles to figure out his time and purpose in the world. He slowly understands he can use his powers for good and protect the world as Star Brand!! Unbeknownst to Kenneth he has inherited powers far beyond his capacity to control them and accidentally allows his excess build up of power to be unintentionally unleashed creating a nuclear scale event called “The Black Event” The result is the annihilation of his own city of Pittsburg from existence. This will be the entire basis of the formation of my own #DYIJusticeLeague . More on that on!

My history with the character: I’ll never forget my anticipation for Marvels latest concept in 1986, the debuting New Universe. It was touted as “The World Outside Your Window”. I saw it in ads all over my favorite comic books, on posters in stores, etc. This New Universe was going to change comics. As a novice collector one thing my collective group of friends knew was that first issues of our favorite comics were eventually “Rare” and valuable. So when a whole new group of titles were about to appear on my favorite spinner racks in my town I could not wait to jump on! Surely this was the beginning of “MY” own Marvel universe! Having missed the original birth of the Marvel Universe I was determined to damn well be front and center for this “Happening!!”

So the comics eventually came out, but others in my town were on the trail and snatched up the first wave before I had a chance to grab them all!! I was pissed..but I was confident I would get them somehow. Eventually through my regular channels at New England Comics..they surely would have them. But I grabbed what I could.Kickers Inc, Spitfire and the Trouble Shooters, Justice, I was not missing this!! One fateful day at a friend of a friend’s house I uncovered some treasures. The friend who had just begun his comics buying spree opened his stash of comics as my friend Jason and I scanned through the books. There were several very good titles and key issues of Hulk, Spiderman,and Daredevil. He even had some obscure Archie books that grabbed my eye..but then he pulled it out!! No not THAT…Star Brand #1!! Damn it! I had found the hoarder who grabbed MY New Universe books before I could!! It was Kiman Tom!! Kiman was a great guy who shared a lot of my passions like Video games, comic books and wrestling. His Mom and Dad has a successful Chinese Food restaurant in my home town and they allowed him to jump-start his collection in a big way!! I was very envious..and maybe a shade and a half jealous. Underneath Starbrand was Merc #1 and then DP7 #1 and so on . Kiman had the Full Monty!! The image of Star Brand #1 may as well have been Action Comics #1 that day as the memory is so vividly BURNED in my mind. Not sure what he did with those books but I knew I wanted them. That said I had no trouble buying the consecutive issues as they were in great supply. I knew this New Universe was a dud..but I troopered on. I bought the entire run of each title over time and I still love them..but I have resigned to the fact it did NOT deliver on its promise. Despite all this I always felt Star Brand could have been more. Yes he was brought back recently but it was not “MY” Star Brand. The re-imagined kid version of the 2017 character I could do without.


This is the foundation and starting point of my version of the JLA.

It is The Black Event that we base the existence of our newly formed Super Group..As the White Event created a brand “New Universe”..The unwritten story of The Black Event (For our story purposes) shifted all known comic Universes that we know out of chronological alignment in an event know as “The JLA That Time Forgot”. For a moment in time a ragtag group of survivors who are miraculously brought together by this new alignment of Universes must join forces to go back time before the Black Event happens and destroy their own leader Star Brand and return the universe to its original rhythm.

Now on to more of the players..


Megalith: (Strong Guy)

First Appearance: The Revengers #1 in 1985, Created by Neal Adams.

Origin: Farm Boy and local High School jock, Joe Majurac, was a hopeful future Olympian. He was also a family guy with superior morals and lifestyle. When his family’s farm fell under financial hardship Joe took a sponsorship deal from an unknown German company to help keep the family business alive. As he trained under this shady new German training facility, Joe began to suspect that somethings were not as they seemed. During this time he gained a “Mind/Body link which gave him superhuman abilities beyond his wildest imagination. However this corporations motives were not pure by any means and Joe uncovers that he is not being trained for the Olympics but for far more sinister purposes. He breaks out of the facility to discover his family’s farm is destroyed and his parents are missing!! On a mission of revenge, Joe dons a heroic costume and becomes Megalith who is on a search to find his family! Who could not love this story?? Pure 80s schlock, but super fun!!

Powers: As stated above Megalith’s ability to achieve Mind/Body link gives him Super Human capabilities many of which he uncovers along the way in his journey to become a hero. His main power of course is his super human strength and a jacked up physique!

My history with the character: As I matured in my comics buying habit I loved when other publishers began showing up on my hometown spinner racks!! I would buy them all up to show my “Indy Cred” to my friends! I was a fan of Comico, NOW, Malibu,Valiant, and Ultraverse (Much later) and of course the crown jewel..Continuity!! It was unique in that these books were traditionally more expensive but for good reason. The books overall quality was great! From coloring to paper quality ,Continuity looked physically imposing on the shelves!! These were all new characters to me as well!! Yes, some came from other publishers however in small town Clarenville these had never been seen! We had cool characters like Armor, Valeria She-Bat, Ms.Mystic, Hybrids and others! The one that stuck out to me was Megalith!! He was drawn by Neal Adams who I grew to love from DC books like Green Arrow and Batman. Continuity was a company based around realistic art and quality output and Adams himself was at the helm!! Megalith was as strong as The Incredible Hulk seemingly and had a kick ass Legion Of Superheroes style costume..thats all this 80s kid was interested in. Continuitys delivery schedule was spotty at best so I could only buy intermittent issues but I bought them all the second I could grab them. Megalith was the one Continuity character that I always went back to and I have fun, nostalgic memories to this day of him. Go ahead..pick up a Continuity back issue and I dare you to tell me the quality is not great!!


Ameythyst: Princess Of Gem World (Resident Amazon type)

First Appearance: 16 Page Preview Special in the pages of Legion Of Super-Heroes Vol. 2 #298 created by Ernie Colon, and Gary Cohn

Origin: I am gonna be honest here. Amethyst is almost a clone of She-ra in every way and I love that. From the gems, to the Winged Horse to her transformation. Either way, she is cool so here goes. Part of the royal Family of Gem World, Princess Amethyst, finds herself an orphan when her parents are slain by their kingdoms sworn enemies, The House Of Opal. After this tragedy Amethyst is hidden and brought to safety by a Witch who hides her on Earth with an average family the Winston’s. All is well up until the age of 13 where she is discovered on Earth by The same House Of Opal leader ,The Dark Opal, the same individual that murdered her parents. She is transported to Gemworld where her powers are unveiled to her and she transforms into Amethyst gaining the appearance of a grown adult. Amethyst swears to use her new gifts to rescue Gemworld from the oppression of The Dark Opal. With the help of her Winged Unicorn Max, Lord Topaz, Princess Emerald, and others her journey begins!

Powers: Amethyst was some basic powers but we see them fantastically used differently in various situations. First and foremost she posseses the power of magic. This power varies and seems to be used differently depending on creative teams involved. One consistent theme of the Amethyst character is her ability as a skilled sword wielder.

My History With The Character: The DC 16 page specials were always a favorite thing of mine in the very early 80s. It was a clever way to put over a new character or title while selling it from the pages of popular existing books. Almost all of them hooked me! I bought Masters of the Universe 3 issue Mini Series after reading the preview issue, I became a Captain Carrot fan. It opened my eyes to the New Teen Titans and Night Force. I was a self made DC zombie and I bought everything they were feeding me…all except Amethyst. Yes I missed the 16 page preview issue of Amethyst in my favorite book Legion Of Superheroes at the time and by the time she debuted in her own Maxi Series (Despite loving and mini/maxi or limited series format ) I passed. Unusual for me at the time. Then a funny thing happened. I was in the process of buying back issues of Legion Of Superheroes vol. 2 when issue 298 was sitting in a long box staring me in the face and was priced for little of no money with some other low priced Legion books. I nabbed em all. Not for Amethyst, but for the fact I collected Legion. I remember thinking this particular issue looked rather thick but didnt give it a second thought. I honestly do not recall even reading it at the time. It likely got added to my swelling collection and sealed away for a possible eternity. Then possibly 25 years later I visit my parents home where the vast majority of my collection lies and I am sifting through my comics remembering almost point ,day and place where I bought each book. Then I stumble upon the 298th issue of Legion. Looking it over I didnt remember even buying it so I pulled it out of its eternal phantom zone and finally cracked it open..and there she was. The 16 page Amethyst preview was very fun. I could not believe I actually missed one of these preview issues back in the day. I have since found a nice collection of Amethyst books online but this book always bothers me as “The one that got away”. She deserves better…and it is for this reason she is in the place of Wonder Woman in my version of the Justice League getting a fresh start for me!


Jemm Son Of Saturn: (Resident Martian type) Jemm is my placeholder for Martian Manhunter…and originally was written to be DCs new version of the classic Green Skinned JLA legend when MM was not a part of the DC cannon. Jemm was created as a descendant of Jonn Jonzz (Martian Manhunter) but during the creative process on the series the creative team was informed that DC had planned to bring back the original Martian Manhunter and the original concept for Jemm was scrapped and an all new original character was created!!

Powers: Jemm is a high functioning telepath who also has super strength , and the ability to fly. His coolest power is the ability to shoot energy blasts from the gemstone on his forehead.

First Appearance: Jemm, Son of Saturn #1 (September 1984). Created by Greg Potter and Gene Colon

My History With The Character: As a kid I always related my comics with the store I purchased them at. For Doctors appointments and visits to my friends house weekly I would always visit a little basement pharmacy attached to a medical clinic that happened to carry a wonderful selection of comic books. I rarely left without at least one comic book and landed more than a number of treasures. On this particular day in 1984 I made my regular trip to Budget Drug Mart and walked immediately to the comics rack near the back of the store. On this day I noticed something new on the rack …Jemm :Son OF Saturn #1. I snatched it quickly as there seemed to be only two copies on the shelf. I was a fan of limited series books and DC’s Maxi series books were something new. It exciting to me so I went home with that book. I was unfamiliar with this new Red Alien character that was Jemm, but his depiction by master DC Artist Gene Colon instantly won me over. I was a Gene Colon art fan which I recognized from Batman books of the day. His detailed moody style nailed this vibe of this character. This book was different. This was not a story of classic super heroism like DC’s stalwarts like Batman or Superman..this book was a deep emotional roller coaster and I was hooked. I still kick myself to this day for not being able to land each issue and to this day I always grab a Jemm book if I find them in 50 cent bins!


Future Batman (Batman Type..Duh!!)

First Appearance HEX #11 1986

Origin: Long before the Batman films of the day Future Batman had the Flying Batwing ship as well he has moved his headquarters from the Batcave to the new base of operations in the head of the Statue of Liberty. It sounds hokey kids but this stuff was GREAT to my 11 year old eyes was the BEST book on comics shelves!! I was hooked on everything 80s DC!! Like the Batman of old Mr. Cohen’s family were murdered by and he spends his life mission neutralizing bad guys..especially ones with guns!! Of course..that flew in direct course of collision with the gun toting Jonah Hex!!

Powers: This version of Batman boasts no super power set as such but like his Batty forefathers he maintains the same classic attributes. He is seemingly an engineer and a brilliant detective/pilot whom is very tech savy and utilizes those weapons in his fight in post apocolypictic New York of 2050. Not to be outdone by his Bat Family ancestors ,Leonard is well schooled in martial arts, showcasing above average strength and endurance.

My History with the character: I am a card carrying super fan of the DC Comics series HEX. Yes..the one where Jonah Hex is thrust into the future and takes on a Mad Max like persona. LOVED IT!! I made it a mission monthly to grab that title. HEX was everything I wanted in a comic. Hex himself was a character I loved from his wild west comic book and his new support characters really sold me on the deal. Stilletta, Chain, and The Dogs of War were all great new additions to the already loaded DC Universe!! This all existed in its own self contained futuristic bubble and unaffected by DC storylines of the day. In HEX issue 11 we were introduced to Futuristic Batfan and 2050s new Dark Knight, Leonard Cohen. (Canadian Music Fans can laugh here..). He looked baddass. A sleek new “darker” version of the Bat suit paired with its wearer having a bad attitude and grim sense of vengence. This was Batman with an extreme mean streak. He immediately did not see eye to eye with HEX and engaged in a brutal fight. Of course this Batman appeared in two issues and despite early doubts ended his appearance valiantly sacrificing himself for the greater good…or did he?? I was all about futuristic shit. I loved Mad Max and The Terminator films back in the day and I LOVED and still LOVE the HEX series. This Batman is damn cool and easily earns his spot on my team as our version of Batman on the team!


Wildfire (The Living Energy Bomb)

First Appearance: Superboy and The Legion Of Superheroes #195 June 1973 Created by Dave Cockrum and Cary Bates

Origin: Astro Engineer Drake Burroughs was a victim of a horrific energy explosion during a routine test. His human form had apparently disinitegrated but somehow his consciousness still remained and he existed as a simple blob of Anti Energy. Luckily his scientist friends managed to engineer a containment suit to at least give him a human like vessel to continue somewhat of a “Normal” life. In a sad realization Wildfire would never be able to ever live a normal life as he now lacked all senses of touch and taste. This would be a major point of what makes Wildfire so interesting! Wildfire would eventually be accepted into the hallowed halls of The Legion and would fall in love with fellow female Legionaire Dawnstar. This is where the tragedy of this character is really felt that he had feelings but could never physically express them.To make matters worse It was believed though that if for whatever reason that Drake unleashed his powers he would cease to exist. He was dubbed “The One Shot Hero” Wildfire seemingly sacrificed himself saving a fellow team member however it was discovered his energy could regenerate to its original form over time. From his look to his demeanor in the 80s this one shot hero was everything this comics fan boy could want from a character!!

Powers: Wildfire can shoot energy blasts and can fly with the help of the Legion Flight Ring. Wildfire still has the ability to physically combust into a megaton energy explosion as well. Now kids…THAT is POWER!!

My History With The Character: My mother who worked hard keeping the lights on at our house by working a great gig at a convenience store. That store as I have told many times in the past had an amazing comics spinner rack. The best part of her job was when she would put out the new comics on the racks the staff were allowed to take home the old ones …minus the covers (Uggghhh). So monthly, I would get a healthy stack of coverless comic books and among them ..The Legion Of Superheroes!! I will not again go into detail of my love for this group of superheroes but I will tell you all about my favorite!! Wildfire instantly hooked me. He was “The One Shot Hero” . He was a living energy burst with a heart of gold with a slight attitude problem locked in a containment suit no longer able to live, love and laugh like a normal human. I fell in love with this theme and each time he would unleash his full power I for one sat in awe turning those pages. Legion books were my companions on camping trips, and alone time at home.


Raven: (Mysterious Magic Type)

First Appearance: DC Special 16 page Preview for The New Teen Titans in DC Comics Presents #26 Oct. 1980 Created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.

Origin: Half Human and half Demon , Raven was born of human Mother Angela Roth and demon father Trigon in an alternate dimension of Azarath. at a young age she was taught to repress her Father demonic side should she unleash her demon self on the world. She knew she had to protect her loved ones from her father who was on a demonic warpath. Raven would eventually go to Earth to join the JLA to stop her father from unleashing his terror on the world. She was rejected but as luck would have a new group of Teens were banding together to form the New Teen Titans! Raven at times felt out of place as her background was shrouded in mystery and even her own teammates did not know the full extent of her powers of origins. As the team bonded they witnessed the true horror of her upbringing and helped her see herself as a person and not the monster that lurked in the darkness of her soul.

Powers: Raven has a host of supernatural demonic abilities such as being an empath allowing her to manipulate the emotions of others and sense their emotions and actions. She has the ability harness her “Soul-self” to transform into a large bird like creature made of pure black energy. This ability allows her to be able to teleport and travel great distances.

My History with the character: I have told this story over and over at length that one of the first comics I ever physically purchased on my own was New Teen Titans #1. It was based solely on the cover and the fact Robin was in charge of a super team!! I was a DC fan and more specifically a Batman fan!! I loved the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin occupied a lot of my time from reading their adventures in comics to hours spent at the drawing pad, to play time at my friends house. New Teen Titans had my number, I was powerless to resist it. Of course you open one page and see the George Pere’z art and I knew I made the best call that day comparing books to buy at the spinner rack. As I continued to read the title I began enjoying the “New” characters. Cyborg, Beast Boy, Star Fire and of course Raven herself!! Raven in particular had a certain mystery around her that alway interested me. Despite her awesome powers and design she jumped off the page! She was not you stereo typical fighting female in skimpy underwear or fishnets, Raven looked bad ass and had powers to match!!


Speedball (Comedic Relief)

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22 Jan.1988. Created by Steve Ditko and Tom DeFalco.


Robbie Baldwin a average teenager from the town of Springdale, Connecticut and son of a District Atourney Father and a former soap star mother. Robbie is involved in a Labratory accident and is exposed to a mysterious other worldly energy source which bestows him some very unusual powers. He finds himself surrounded by energy bubbles and a very strange suit energy which allows him to become the bouncing costumed crime fighter Speedball!! Hiding his new powers and secret identity Robbie tries to maintain a normal family life while secretly fighting crime on the side. His antics mirrors early Spidey stories where Robbie deals with school problems, and parental issues at home while saving the world in his spare time!

Powers: Following exposure to this weird energy field leaves him with the ability to manipulate this energy which surrounds him giving him and unsual kenetic energy allowing him to bounce freely around any surface from any distance and be able to absorb any impact without any harm.

My History with The Character: When looking for the “Next”big hero to latch onto I took a chance on Speedball. He had already appeared in a Amazing Spider-Man annual #22 as part of Marvel The Evolutionary War and I dug his retro vibe. So when Speedball #1 came out My friend John and I went to our local shopping center Convenience store and bought it. We always made our walks to the store for comics a major part of our friendship. John was a great guy and a wizard at restoring battered comics with simple pencil leads! We bought our comics at the stores , from ads, shops and where ever you can imagine. We would compare notes, share comics, and spend hours drawing our favorite characters on Notepads, sketch books and what ever we could find. We always had a habit of taking a different route home which involved walking through a large underground storm pipe. Near the end of the Pipe led to an open wooded area where a new subdivision was being built. We would sit at the end of the pipe reading our new comics and just doing life. Speedball was one of those books. It was retro…impossibly dated for its time. It existed in its own bubble.The art could have come from the 60s and it easily could have have fit well in the early days of Marvel. This character just stuck with me to this day. He had a great retro look, and a classic origin story very reminisent of early Spider-Man of which I was a HUGE fan of it at the time. Pair all those positives with the fact he was drawn by Steve Ditko was in last hurrah as a Marvel artist. The title was a miss sales wise and cancelled after only 13 issues. I always say with the right creative team on this character, Speedball has all the attributes of being one of Marvels cornerstone characters. Quirky and fun, Speedball will always have a place in my heart and the fun childhood memories sitting at the edge of a sewer pipe reading that book will never be forgotten.


Shaft (All teams need a cool 90s Archer!!)

First Appearance: Youngblood #1 August 1992 Created by Rob Liefeld

Origin: Shaft aka Jeff Terrel is an Under cover FBI agent and a skilled archer and martial artist. Believe it or not that is the extent of his early character development. He is then recruited by the government who is looking to build their own super powered team. His is recruitment occurs after he neutralizes an attack at a shopping mall where he draws attention and is swiftly recruited by Government agents. Shaft is born but he would not be alone as he is joined by such luminaries as Badrock, Vogue and Photon. The team would be a public relations experiment designed to draw publicity and create media attention. Thus is born Youngblood.

Powers: Again…not much to say Shaft is a skilled archer who boasts a above average strength and fighting ability. He is also a skilled martial artist.

My History with the Character: This one is easy. If you were a fan of comics in the 90s you knew when the tides turned and comics collecting entered its extreme boom period! The biggest story in all of this shifts into the era of excess was the defection of Marvels top artists walking out of the company and creating direct competition with the start of Image comics!! I was a huge art fan at that time and I loved the new 90s style. The bigger the better..the more Xtreme the better. Guns, pouches, no feet, xtreme anatomical disparities were all present in every book you touched in the 1990s. I was a big fan of Todd McFarlane on Spider-Man who created the definitive version of the webslinger for the next 20 years. When he left Marvel at the very height of his popularity I was stunned. With him was a younger kid named Rob Liefeld who was equally breaking ground on X- Books for Marvel and had a style that is still mirrored, both loved and hated to this day. I give Rob credit…or blame for the definitive 90s Super hero look. Crazy twirled hair, massive weapons, huge chests and arms, pouches and guns everywhere…and no feet!! Just look at a 90s was all there!! I LOVED IT!! While reading all about the launch of Image in the pages of trade magazines of the day such as Wizard I was PUMPED!! The Image books appeared on shelves in my local grocery stores and they stood out from everything on the shelf. Bombastic characters on the covers, slick paper, beautiful color inside!! It was like The New Universe and Continuity Comics getting it right!! Youngblood #1 hooked me at the front cover!! Liefeld nailed the front cover and its one of the most instantly recognizable covers of all the books in my collection. The problem with early Image outside of horrible shipping times and late artists was the books lacked serious writing issues. They were horribly written and Youngblood was one of the very worst of the lot. For what it provided art wise it retracted equally and opposite with the storyline. It was the sheer beauty of the books that I always remember fondly. I came to hate the Youngblood title but Shaft was one of those characters that I can honestly say I just enjoyed for his design. My team needs an Archer and Shaft is my pick and I promise I can do a better job writing him!!

The Story Of The Justice League That Time Forgot..

Well that’s the team…our story premise is simple. The Black Event needs to be prevented as it has knocked the universes and historical continuity out of sync. Events happen, some disappear from the timeline. Some heroes are never born, and events like Crisis never happened. Many terrible other consequences occur as a result of this disaster as the majority of the worlds Super Heroes are mysteriously de-powered with the exception of a few fringe heroes who are mysterious protected from the effect of the Black Event. Wildfire is sent from the future to meet with Raven both are aware of the long lasting horrors that have resulted from the Star Brand initiated destructive happening. Raven is able to use her powers to travel in between worlds to find the last of the Super Powered beings to help stop a mega powered Star Brand. Their first stop is to The New Universe where they find Kenneth Connell himself month prior to his powers escalating out of control that resulted in the destruction of Pittsburg. Raven and Wildfire explain to him that result of his own powers. Connell offers to help but Raven can see that by even stopping him at this point will still result in tragedy in the future as not to interrupt the time line they need to go to the very moment when Star Brand loses control to cause the least interuption to continuity as possible. Connell offers to be the one to sacrifice and make things right and joins Raven and Wildfire on their journey to stop this disaster.

They need to find something strong enough to neutralize the Star Brands power.Raven goes into a deep trace searching the deepest darkest corners of the multiverse and discovers an equally as powerful Gem stone that if harnessed right may be able to stop the disaster. They discover the Gem Stone exists only in Gem World an upon arrival they fall right in the middle of a battle between Amethyst and The Dark Opal. They run off The Dark Opal but Amethyst engages in a brief tussell with Raven whom she mistakens for a member of the House Of Opals minions. Star Brand stops the altercation utilizing his powers to free Raven from Amys magic spell long enough to explain the dire situation. Amethyst offers them help by leading them on a quest to find the Gem Stone of power…the only stone capable of containing power the likes of The Star Brand. As they leave the team discovers Amethyst is the only one with the proper magical capabilities to be able to manipulate the Gem Stones powers. Raven senses trouble but cannot understand the images she see in her consciousness.

The future is changing by the minute…it is now discovered that the Star Brand power is being tracked by The Monarch (DC Villain from Armagedon 2001) through the timeline and he has utilized Wave Rider to race our team of Leaguers through the time line to steal the power of The Star Brand to add to his already Earth Shattering powers. The Monarch has dispatched a number of Villains through the timeline to prevent our Heroes from reaching their destination first. Our team is intercepted by a hoard of para-demons who overwhelm our team despite a valiant effort from Amethyst and her swordplay. Raven uses her soul self to transport the team out of harms way and into another dimension several Para-Demons led by Apokolips favorite son Kalibak are teleported with them.

Upon Reaching the new dimension they discover that Ravens attempt to save our heroes has rendered her in a state of catatonic suspension however her consciousness is alive and well. Amethyst and Wildfire fend off the Para-demons as best they can as Star Brand goes toe to toe with Kalibak. When it seems the Heroes have the upper hand Darkside arrives with another army of intergalactic warriors to finish the job. Darkseid and Star Brand have all all out battle, while Kalibak looks to sweep in for the kill on Amy. Suddenly Kalibak is dispatched with a brutal punch..Its Megalith. With brute force he destroys the remaining demon army with sheer power. He picks up Amethyst and Raven rushing them to safety. Darksied however is on the winning side of his fight with Star Brand who at this point has still not mastered the full extent of his powers. As he falls at the feet of Darksied the team panics knowing that if Kenneth Connel does not make it back to Pittsburg at the right moment they will never be able to fix the universes time lines and tragedy will occur for far more than the Human Race. At that moment..Ameythysts Gem Stone rises from a pouch on her side as everyone stops in awe of its power and glow. Darksied suddenly stops as his eyes widen…he knows this is no ordinary Gem belongs to someone he knows quite well.The stone while suspended in mid-air flies projectile like towards Darksied who moves out of its rocket like path..but it is not aiming at the evil being it finds its owners..Jemm The Son Of Saturn who looks weak and dishevelled appearing out of nowhere and the gem afixes itself on Jemms forehead where his own Gem once rested. The power is overwhelming..Jemm is restored and unleashes his full power at Darkseid and his minions. Raven awakens from her state and tells the team that time is running out. Megalith and Jemm offer their help. Star Brand is damaged in the battle but knows how to stop the uncoming event.

They teleport to moments before the Black Event In Pittsburg. Kenneth knows they have little time. Upon arrival to The New Universe they know something is different. Pittsburg looks different. As a matter of fact the city is crawling with military and police. It appears someone or something has tipped them off and let the world know that the End Of The World..or at least the end of Pittsburg is upon them. The team is blindsided as government officials surrounding them calling for the immediate surrender of Star Brand. Ken Connell trys to explain to them that they are there to stop the event but they are hearing none of it. The Government has brought along Youngblood and a slew of TV cameras to stop zero hour from happening. The team engages in battle with Youngblood who have been displaced within the timeline as well. Carnage ensues as Megalith and Badrock go toe to toe, Wildfire lights up Chapel, Amethyst protects Raven holding off Vogues attack but Jemm uses his telepathing abilities to get inside the head of Shaft to bring down his own team members Badrock and Chapel with neutrazing arrows. As the stand off ends the countdown begins to The Black Event and the heroes await the arrival of that timelines Star Brand but NOTHING happens. Pittsburg celebrates. The displaced heroes are confused. Suddenly Kenneth Connell senses the Star Brand…but its not of this timeline. The Event will take place… but NOT in Pittsburg!! Raven and Jemm unite their powers to find out the event will now happen in New York City!! The team prepares for another time jump..but as the heroes go to leave Shaft threatens that they are not to leave the area that they are now in custody of Youngblood and will be brought to justice. The team laughs at his assertion as his team members have been immobilized but he stands firm. Megalith threatens to eliminate him with one punch but Wildfire steps in breaking up the argument. As Shaft realizes he is over matched he demands that he go along to help stop the cataclysmic event and afterwards he promises to bring them back to government custody after this whole affair ends. The group laughs and allows him to come along. All media have cleared the area once the fighting had broken out. All except one teenage boy who watches carefully talking on his phone. His name is Robbie Baldwin (Aka Speedball) who apparently has not discovered he even has powers at this point due to the timeline mess. Shaft orders him to accompany him to film the arrest of the team in the future and to capture the entire thing for social media. As they are about to teleport Shaft drags a reluctant Robbie with them.

Final Scene the group is almost all assembled as they land in New York city..but its clearly not THEIR New York..It is far in the Future..2050 to be exact. The arrive in the midst of a huge battle at the base of the Statue Of Liberty were it is clear the Monarch has beaten them his control is the future Star Brand contained in an energy field above New York’s Staten Island, chaos is occuring on the city streets. Para Demons hordes surround the base of the Statue Of Liberty as Shaft, Wildfire, Amethyst and Megalith go to war fighting away at the mass of demon souls running rampant as Robbie Baldwin frightened for his life hides in a corner recording the event.As things seem to overwhelm a large flying Bat shaped craft flys over head blasting away at the demon masses with pin point accuracy..It is shown to be the Batman of 2050!! One blast later from Kalibak and his forces and the futuristic Batwing careers into a building ..the exact one Robbie Baldwin is hiding. He is impacted with extreme force sending him crashing through a building wall. Batman sensing he has killed someone ejects himself from his vehicle looks at the massive hole he has placed in the wall and almost not wanting to look at the death he has just caused…before his eyes the rubble separates and Speedball (Robbie Baldwin) emerges finally transformed into the masked Marvel to his surprise and others. With no time to think Batman engages in battle with the hordes as he is joined by our other heroes..they attack Speedball as he trys to run but is tossed high into the air free falling to his death upon impact he BOUNCES straight back up deflecting off various buildings, trucks and signs taking out the Demon army in his wake. The remaining Demons flee as the battle has been won however the war with Monarch is far from done as Jemm is sent crashing to New York city streets dispatched by the Giant Monarch who appears to be about to unleash the Star Brand on New York but is still fending off a Raven Soul Self attack as Raven self has transformed into a giant black bird enveloping the Villain…

Star Brand moves into help Raven as she holds Monarch off temporarily but soon falls as well..It is now Star Brand and The Monarch battling for control over the imprisoned Future Kenneth Connell. On the ground the team sees the Star Brand being released from it energy encasement..The Black Event is upon us. Amethyst knows the only thing able to contain the power is the Power Gem now in the head of Jemm..she pulls it free of Jemm but wonders how to engage it with the Star Brand as the power would be too much for one person to endure and certain death would follow. The team seems stumped as they see Kenneth Connell beginning to waiver at the hands of Monarch. It is Armagedon 2050!! Abruptly Shaft snatches the Gem stone from Amy as Megalith reaches in to pound him but Wildfire holds him back…Shaft mounts the gem on one of his tracker arrows and blasts it directly at the Future Star Brand high above the city…Wildfire takes off as well directly at Monarch as it seems he is about to get the better of Kenneth Wildfire catches Monarchs attention momentarily unleashing his full capabilites upon on him stunning him momentariliy giving Kenneth enough time to strike at the Future Star Brand at the moment of the Gems impact reversing the massive explosion as the skys and land are swept into a great wind funnel as the two Star Brands extinguish themselves..Kenneth Connell plummets to the ground as the Monarch is sent spiralling into another dimensional timeline opened by Raven at the moment of impact. Megalith grabs Speedball hurling him into the direction of Kenneth upon his descent as he catches him mid air deflecting off various buildings before coming down safely to the streets.

The battle is over as our heroes stand victorious on the streets of New York 2050…the skys clear as people gather in the area clapping wildly at our heroes. Robbie is nudged by Shaft and he knows what to do..he pulls out his cell phone and catches a selfie of the team assembled at this moment of victory. The crowd mutters that the Justice League has returned…the team is met by Time Line hero Wave Rider. Wave Rider informs them that the time line has been repaired but all heroes will return to their own time with all things back in place except the Black event has never occurred.

Time has no record of this event ever happening and the Justice League That Time Forgot becomes yet another lost thread in the time space continuim. Until We see Monarch as he stands in a familiar place we know very well…it is the moment where the DC Universe is reborn from Flashpoint…the Monarch pulls off his helmet revealing himself to be Barry Allen and prevents the chain of events from occurring leaving the DC Universe in the Flux of the New 52 Timeline with one exception..the Heroes from The New Universe are now part of the DC timeline…as the Monarch laughs to himself …as he turns to a sea of Manhunters ready at his command. The New Millenium is upon us…


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