Calling all Hereos..

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Transmission date Oct. 5 2012.

Calling all heroes..if you have received this transmission then you have been summoned to the Superhero Satellite to be debriefed on upcoming missions.

These transmissions will be on a variety of topics, most importantly Comic books, Professional Wrestling , and Tv/Movies.

If these topics are of interest to you then welcome aboard..

Those who wish to leave comments feel free, for those wishing to contact me directly catch me on Twitter @charlton_hero

Join the conversation using #superherosatellite

Transmission End:

Update: July 25 2013 Hard to believe that the Satellite has been in orbit since last October. I am so pleased with the reaction and hope the next year provides many more Transmissions. Take some time and sift through all the posts in the Satellite Archives as many of them have not only been updated but have been filled with almost twice the content of the original. There was a period where the blogs images suddenly failed leaving nearly every post devoid of any image content that the Satellite is known for. So now that we have relaunched it is time to revisit the beginning of our more time! A big thank you to all the Satellite Subscribers who kept me motivated and have shared their enjoyment of this blog and have given me feedback! Much more to come!

This was the original pic ever used on the 1st post of the SuperHero Satellite. I proudly repost this one for everyone to enjoy!

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