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Begin Transmission: 02/27/2015

Tv was always a special love of mine, it was that escape from reality where you literally could go “Where No Man has Gone Before”. Star Trek for me was a revelation. I was a growing kid who only saw the famed series in re-runs on Saturday afternoons on CBC here in Canada in the mid 80s. For me the crew of the Enterprise where like everything you aspired to be as an Adult ..searching the galaxy and fighting alien threats with your magnificent space ship.. the Enterprise. While William Shatner played top of the bill in the show it was in this mans opinion, always a two man show. Leonard Nimoy played the immortal Mr Spock with such believability and conviction that you believed that this guy was SPOCK!!

star trek whole cast

STAR TREK was a Sci-Fi show created by Gene Roddenberry that aired on CBS in 1966 and ran three seasons. It was deemed too cerebral at the time and it seemed producers¬† just did not “get” the Vulcan character Mr. Spock and thought the series was doomed. Years later this iconic series has spawned one of the most prolific fan followings who proudly call themselves Trekkies. The Spock character was the lynch pin in to the show..without Spock there was no James T Kirk. Nimoy played Shatner’s perfect counter point and the Spock -Kirk relationship was the heart beat of Star Trek ..and the movies to come long after the cancellation of the series.


The Search For Spock will always be one of my favorite childhood movies..after seeing the penultimate death of Spock at the end of Star Trek : The Wrath Of Khan I was pumped to see Spock return to the crew!! I remember long before I read novels in grade school..I ordered The Search For Spock novel from my school book order… just because it was awesome!


Sadly Leonard Nimoy passed away on Feb 27 2015 and the world mourned the loss of an iconic who in my mind… will never be forgotten. Mr Nimoy leaves some big “Ears” to fill..and to his family and all his friends and fans who mourn him I share in the sadness. R.I.P. Mr. Spock..and as he now shines in the stars above us..I guess now the real Search for Spock begins..

“Live Long and Prosper..”

Transmission ended..