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Begin Transmission: Dec. 28 2016



Rolling back through Satellite Archives I happened upon an old match I hadnt seen in quite some time. My joy for wrestling in the good old days was large in part due to the Macho Man Randy Savage. I was so excited when he first captured the championship at WrestleMania 4…I was then horrified when he lost it at WrestleMania 5 back to Hulk Hogan. Depressed when he lost a retirement match years later to the Ultimate warrior at Wrestlemania 7. Then as the hands of fate would have it he would recapture the world title again in 1992…I remember loving it but always found it strange when he won it again. Little did I know HOW strange the circumstances were in which he was given the opportunity. Strap in heroes as we go behind the scenes of the WWF political landscape of 1992..


The way it was meant to be…Randy and Elizabeth forever. Randy Savage was my all time favorite wrestler and I was never prouder of him when he became the WWF champion for the first time! However his second title reign would not be as glorious and joyous as this one when Randy and Liz ruled the world!


We are about to discuss the seemingly little know back story to this controversial title change that is virtually lost in the storage closet of  the WWE Video Library. This is the weird tale of the 2nd WWF title reign of Randy Macho Man Savage,  how it was never meant to be and was born out out of a weird series of events and would end in the same bizzare fashion it began.Those who think they know how booking in professional wrestling works really needs to think again and sit back and study this extraordinary series of events that changed the WWF Title picture forever.

For a bit of perspective we need to flash back months before said title match. Randy Savage had recently won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship April 5th 1992 at WrestleMania 8 from Ric Flair following a very well played out storyline which suggested that Ric Flair had photos of a previous relationship with Randy’s wife Elizabeth. Of course those who knew how protective Randy was of Liz in real life knew that despite this being a storyline persay it touched a very real nerve in Randy. This was a revenge match at the highest level and Randy came out on top..However suddenly only several months removed Savage would be booked to drop the belt on a episode of Prime Time Wrestling (WWF Superstars in Canada) Sept.1st of the same year! It seemed out of place..Something didn’t sit well with me, almost as if it was suddenly improvised. This match and the reason it played out like it did is one that may surprise even the most hardcore wrestling fan.Savage was never meant to win the title at WrestleMania 8 in the original booking plans.

The Savage vs Flair WrestleMania 8 match was not on the original card..In fact Randy Savage was not even scheduled to wrestle!?  The scheduled main event match was a  Champion vs Champion match, Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan, the ultimate dream match for wrestling fans at the time. WWF had done a couple of dry runs at the time with Hogan vs Flair on the house show loop but the matches didn’t draw or receive the reaction the WWF was looking for in the proposed main event at Mania. So the course of matters changed. First Flair has arrived in the WWF complete with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship which eventually legally would be mixed forcing the WWF to video distort any visuals of the title on WWF TV.

On top of the WCW legal ramblings WWF would find themselves in they were also being subjected tothe beginnings of a steroid investigation and Hulk Hogan would also put the company in an undesirable light by shining a light on steroid abuse by lying on public TV (On The Arsenio Hall show in 1991)

Hogan lied about not taking steroids which spiraled into further investigations into steroid abuse within the WWF and led to a full on Steroid trial in 1993-1994. The company could not risk putting the title on Hogan in the interim as he was toying with the idea of stepping away from the limelight to pursue other opportunities while some speculated he was hoping to let the heat die down from the steroid fire.

Once the Hogan and Flair proposed match was aborted the Wrestlemania booking plans changed.The company decided to put the WWF strap on Ric Flair at the 1992 Royal Rumble while also setting up a feud between Hulk Hogan and the then face Sid Justice.

Now with Hogan paired with Sid..The company needed someone to pair with Flair.There were no clear contenders worthy of a WrestleMania main event as the WWF had just recently finished a series of matches with Ric Flair and Roddy Piper so they could not go back to that well easily. The call was made to Savage who toiled behind the announce table. He would easily fill the Co-Main event slot and be a contender that fans would buy into.



So due to some internal politics and a Hulk Hogan steroid scandal brewing on the horizon the decision was made to not give Hogan the title back from Flair but to have a blow off match with Sid Justice and re-introduce the Ultimate Warrior back into the mix as the companies number one face. play

With that Savage vs. Flair was set for WrestleMania 8 with Randy walking away with the belt in one of the best WrestleMania matches especially of that era.

Savage was chosen to win the strap for a number of reasons outside of the Hogan vs Flair decision. The WWF had “retired” Randy Savage one year earlier at WrestleMania 7 and had placed him in an announcer position to keep him on-screen..A position that Savage was good at but he disliked not being an active wrestler and felt marginalized behind the mic.

Savage was beloved by the WWF and particularly by Vince McMahon. As a favor to Savages loyalty the decision was made to give Randy another run as a in ring wrestler and put the strap on him at the biggest show of the year in the “Co-Main Event


Things looked good for Savage after WrestleMania 8 as a wrestler ..He had officially returned to the ring and was once again the world champion. However in real life Savage’s legit marriage to his Manager and spouse Elizabeth was falling apart and WrestleMania would be their swan song. Amongst the roars of thousands of fans, and a full on fireworks celebration and his shiny new championship..Savages relationship with the love of his life was over...on live PPV this would be the last the fans would ever see of the couple in the WWF.

While Savage headed back to the road as a full time wrestler Elizabeth would not join him and this would lead eventually to a divorce for the long time beloved couple. Randy would never be the same. Reports of his demeanor and in ring professionalism changed. Randy struggled without his Liz..and it was apparent to everyone including Vince McMahon and the quick decision was quickly made to take the title away from Randy and put it temporarily back to Flair until a suitable suitor to the title could be found! (It would later be Flair dropping the title to Bret The Hitman Hart)

So the decision was made that Savage needed to get his personal life together before the company seriously used him in a reliable full time capacity. So it was set on Sept.1st 1992 on a taping for WWF Prime Time Wrestling that Ric Flair vs. Randy Macho Man Savage would be the main event for the WWF Heavyweight Championship.

Both Flair and Savage were informed of the title switch and were given their finish of where Savage would lose to Ric Flair’s figure 4 leg lock after interference by Razor Ramon and Mr. Perfect. Randy would “Pass out from the pain” as a way of protecting Randy even in a loss situation. This match only existed as a result of political jockeying, personal marital issues , and an impending company steroid scandal was about to be marred by yet another bombshell. Apparently as Vince McMahon watched the match play out backstage he ordered the wrestlers to the back and was quite upset about the quality of the match and ordered the wrestlers out to the ring to reshoot the match in front of a confused television audience who had just watched the same match play out. The audience was informed that as a result of the match finish the match would be restarted. It was the second match that would eventually air on Sept. 14th 1992 edition of Prime Time. This sequence of events would be very important to the business as it represented the changing of the guard as Flair would go on to drop the strap to a younger Bret Hart and the WWF would never be the same..

That’s your history lesson wrestling fans..thanks for reading. Strap in heroes 2017 has so much more in store for us…so to all my readers Happy Holidays and Happy New Year..thanks so much for your support all year. See ya Next Year!!

Hero Out.

End Transmission..



SKRULL: <Definition> Credit: Urban Dictionary

A “Skrull” is a faker, a poser, an intruder who pretends to be friendly but you can already tell means to do you or your friends/associates harm. The term is from the name “Skrull”, as in the fictional alien race of shape shifters in Marvel Comics intent on invading Earth.
“I know you’re sweet on that new girl, but I know the bitch is a Skrull dude, she’s got it out for all of us!”

Begin Transmission: 8/26/2013

This is a warning Heroes, at any moment..on any second, anyone of us can be replaced by a Skrull! These shape shifting beings are very convincing and often act and look exactly like the human that they mimic. Skrull’s however if you look close enough and long enough you can see that there are glaring differences in behaviors and actions that give away a Skrull’s true self..As a demonstration we must observe several human beings who have been discovered to be Skrull’s.

1. Amanda Bynes: Skrull

Star of The popular kids show The Amanda Show, and numerous comedy films such as “Love Wrecked”, and “She’s The Man” it is clear that the true Amanda Byne’s we know was destroyed by Skrull’s and replaced during the filming of the atrocious Hairspray movie in which she portrayed Penny Pingleton? Her Skrull counterpart however did not follow up on her girl next door demeanor and began a trail of outlandish behavior from starring on the cover of Maxim magazine, to drunken behavior, DUI’s, run ins with human law enforcement officials. The jig is up Bynes!

Conclusion: SKRULL!!


Sometimes even the best shape shifter cannot get it right. Such as the case with Country Music Legend Kenny Rogers. The known date of Skrull abduction for Mr. Rogers was during his appearance on the Muppett show not long after the release of his classic song “The Gambler”. His SKRULL impersonator was apparently vision impaired an never regained the true appearance of this legend in the music industry and thus began the rumored “Plastic surgery” debacle. Sorry fake Kenny, us here at the Satellite know an imposter when we see one!

Conclusion: SKRULL.


This ones obvious. Skrull Hoff took over during the filming of Knight Rider the episode that had KITT vs. The evil Transport truck Goliath and Micheal Knights evil counterpart Garth. I believe Hasslehoff was abducted during the collision scene and never seen again. Skrulls took over at this point and are responsible for BayWatch, his music video from Germany and his presence on Americas Got Talent. Oh that was a Skrull eating the burger while drunk as well immortalized on YouTube. Garth Hoff is actually full Skrull and is what you see today!

Conclusion: SKRULL

Hoff is the only Hollywood human to escape the Skrulls and is actually running an underground resistance deep in L.A. Hoff may save us all!

4. Tom Cruise: SKRULL

Everyone remembers Americas golden Boy, The star of Such classics as Risky Business, Top Gun, and Cocktail. Tom Cruise was Hollywood’s brightest star. However Skrull abduction reared its ugly head and stole our Tom from us. We are uncertain of the timing of the Cruise abduction however we can be certain it was between the timing of The 1st Mission Impossible film and his couch jumping incident on Oprah. Yes a sudden shift raised eyebrows as gone was the heartthrob and in his place, a demented, Scientologist, who made horrible movies, made outlandish comments on the internet and became generally reviled to the rest of the world. Cruise may be the highest ranking of The Skrull army still under cover here on earth and he remains heavily guarded. Oh he also divorced Nicole Kidman. Anyone see Eyes Wide Shut? Only a Skrull could be so crude.

As Oprah said “We have never seen you behave this way!!” SKRULL!!

Conclusion: SKRULL (Be extra cautious, this Cruise is a high ranking part of the Skrull Armada)

5&6. Alan Moore/Frank Miller: SKRULLs!

Every alien race needs a scribe. These men are Alan Moore and Frank Miller. The Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns were two pieces of comic book fiction that every comic fan is at least familiar the Skrull however this is their bible. Which makes sense that both Moore and Miller were abducted at the same moment of their Graphic Novel releases. Alan Moore a relative hermit and a loner is actually Frank Miller as well…at least since the abduction. Both men are never seen in the same location as the same Skrull plays both human roles. Think of the Skrull like activity that surrounds them. Miller is responsible for The horrible Dark Knight Strikes Back! Only a Skrull would sabotage such a historic sequel is such a hideous manner! Only a fool would pass up a ton of money to NOT do a Watchmen sequel! We were left with the insanely bad Before Watchmen. Pure Skrull Sabotage! While on the Skrull home world both Miller and Moore have been forced to write and draw monthly issues of Watchmen and Dark Knight forever! Keep a close eye out for the Miller/Moore Skrull he only appears randomly at remote locations.

Conclusion: SKRULLS!

7. Ultimate Warrior: SKRULL!

The least surprise of the entire list. Skrull watchers out there have always known there is something more than a little off with The Ultimate Warrior. Now we know..hes a mother lovin SKRULL. With his weird other worldly promos Warrior the REAL Warrior went missing just after WrestleMania 7 and people scoured Parts Unknown for his where a bouts until a replacement SKRULL Warrior returned at WtestleMania 8 and stayed! He was noticeably different in size and look and many thought what we all know is true…he was replaced by a SKRULL!!  Warrior went on to go to appear in WCW with new “Powers”. Suddenly he gained invisibility and teleportation powers and the ability to generate smoke all around him. If this does not sound Skrullish..I do not know what does! The real Warrior has not returned as of this writing but many experts assume he is fighting in the gladitorial pits on the Skrull home world and fitting in quite nicely with his own kind!

Here’s Warrior’s Invisibility powers on display!!

Conclusion: SKRULL!!

8. Mary Hart: SKRULL

Every race needs someone to be their spokes person. Little did we know that for years the propaganda leader was MARY FN HART!! The Co-Host of Entertainment Tonight entered our living rooms nightly for years and seemingly didnt age! Thats because of her shape shifting abilities. Spreading the word and providing covers for celeb Skrull’s like Tom Cruise. Hart was instrumental in giving the Skrull nation the cover they needed to infiltrate society! As her cover was blown by the media stumbling on the to anti aging abilities Hart used the cover of having her body..namely her legs insured..but the game was up at that point and Mary Hart disappeared back to the Skrull home world.

Conclusion: SKRULL!!

1 & 2. Ben Affleck /Matt Damon: Super Skrulls

Infiltration is a key a key piece of Skrull business, and two of their under cover operatives have been found out. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, two uncomfortably close bro’s with an agenda. I would like to quote when these men were replaced by Skrull agents only the suspiscion is that they have never existed and were creations of the Skrull Hollywood task force specifically assigned to enter the Hollywood scene abruptly and take over. Their mission considered a success by all Skrull informers as Ben landed the role of Batman in a future Superman / Batman movie. This sent Skrull shockwave’s through Skrull watchers all over the globe who still struggle with finding proof to stop their invasion. Damon showcased his ability to gain intelligence for the Skrull army by learning the role of Jason Bourne for the Bourne series of spy movies. During the filiming he pressed for intelligence secrets as well as using the role to enhance their knowledge of human spy activity. Affleck apparently used his movie ARGO..which was about the making of a science fiction movie to infiltrate a foreign country to place himself in the upper deck of Hollywood’s notables while studying tips on how to infiltrate the Middle east!

Conclusion: SKRULLS!!

Be on guard heroes, a Skrull could be anywhere and their Secret Invasion is finally becoming apparent..not sure how long before a Skrull at Word Press removes this post but let this be a warning to those who want to save the human race..heed our warning and be careful around any celebrity never know..they may be a SKRULL..

Transmission ended..

Any Skrull sightings contact me on Twitter @Charlton_Hero and use #SuperHeroSatellite …

Thx Heroes! Till next time..