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I remember the day I saw Superman and Spiderman teaming for the first time. It was monumental. Every comic fan at some point or another mulls over the thought of Dream Team Ups. What if Spiderman teamed With Superman, What if Batman teamed with Wolverine? Over the years DC and Marvel made a lot of these team ups happen and made them into a reality.  Super-Hero Satellite tackled one of those in the Official Super-Blog Team Up Prequel when Superman teamed with Captain Carrot and The Amazing Zoo Crew! DCs experimental run in the very early 80s saw a lot of team ups you would never dreamed of would happened. One of which I present to you today. Superman teams with 80s Iconic Toy Franchise The Masters Of The Universe! It did happen and boy do we have a lot of ground to cover..this topic could only be contained in the pages of the Super-Blog Team Up 4 ….TEAM UP TEAR DOWN!!


In 1981 action figures were my life. My toy case was filled with Star Wars, Bionic man, Micronauhts, and very soon a toy called He-man. A very simple sounding name for a hero as it was intended. Mattel, following the success of Star Wars trilogy sought to capture some market share in the figure market with a new line of toys “inspired” by Conan The Barbarian fame..unofficially of course. After battling off a lawsuit with the Conan people Mattel launched one of their most profitable and iconic toy lines in history The Masters Of the Universe collection.

MOTU Figure Promo page

The Masters Of the Universe collection or MOTU for short, was a Mattel’s meal ticket back to the action figure market. He-Man and company exploded! Anyone who remembers this line of toys remembers a group of figures that were muscled up, action pose ready that were unlike anything out there at the time. I remember getting a great selection of these toys I believe for Christmas of 81. Boy did I get the motherload. In my first foray into the He-man toy line I received He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Cat, Panthro, Teela, Stratos, and Beast Man. Throw in Castle GreySkull, and The Battle Ram!!

Hows that for an intro!! So with the success of the toy line the next logical step was He-mans introduction to the small screen!! He-Man and the Masters of the Universe the animated series debuted on airwaves across the nation in 1983. The opening would be one that kids of the 80s would have engrained into their heads..Without further adieu..Satellite Bring up the video wall..He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe intro please!!

Everyone back on deck Heroes! The Masters of The Universe cartoon was a staple in my house. I have seen every episode probably 3-4 times each. I loved that show and its characters!! Click below to re watch this great series..that’s right, all in one click..that’s what we do.

Click HERE for The He-Man Universe Channel..

Outside of my play time in Eternia, the rest of my life was spent as a super comic nerd! If anyone asked me what my favorite comic book publisher was in the 1980s I would proudly say DC with great vigor!! I loved everything about them but what I loved was their Super-Heroes. They were always The Nintendo to The Sega, They were The Coke to The Pepsi, The DC Heavy was The Man Of Steel himself. No one was bigger and more recognizable than Superman. In saying that, DC used Superman at every stop to push other properties. Supes was guaranteed bank and the publisher knew that putting him in a book with anyone would instantly give that property instant cred in the eyes of comic book old Hero here! Superman teamed with everyone but the kitchen sink. DC even went so far as to team him with Captain Carrot and The Amazing Zoo Crew. The Folks at the Satellite pieced together a great Prequel..Check out the link below the picture below!!

Click HERE To Read The SBTU Prequel Capes and Carrots!

As Satellite readers hopefully who have read the Prequel DC tried something radically different in 1982 by giving Comic fans a real bang for their book with the DC Prevue inserts. As stated these inserts were standalone stories meant to introduce readership to new characters and concepts. The idea was to introduce the new hero or team inside the pages of a best-selling title to provide maximum visibility to this new potential break out concept. Superman was usually the anchor. DC did this twice with their latest acquistion..Matells Masters Of The Universe!! In the years prior to the World killing Crossover Crisis On Infinite Earths, DC was pretty liberal with their use of alternate realities, timelines, and worlds. It lead to a seamless insertion of the MOTU characters and worlds to simply become another “World” in the grand scale of the DCU in 1982! Yes Eternia was officially a reality in DC!!

DC Comics Presents 47

DC created a very unusual version of Eternia very different from the one seen on the Cartoon show a little later. Still seemingly set in medieval times This Eternia boasted over the top technology and mystifying magic all at once! Magic and Swordplay were the center of its concept. With Curt Swan, of long time Superman fame and legendary Comic Book penciller extraordinaire, took his stab at the Toy franchise and did a Masterful job of it. The characters were directly in line with the toy line visually but what was not carried over from the Comic book to the show was the language. Eternians talked like they were out of a Shakespeare novel. The verbage was very grandious. If you were a fan of the show you would know that He-man and friends did NOT talk like this!! Check out the panel below as He-Man, aka Prince Adam is challenged by a patron at the bar on Eternia who had just made fun of his sidekick Cringer (Battle Kat!) Whats unique about DC’s version of Eternia is that number one..He-Man is a drinker? When did you ever see bars on Eternia in the TV show? He-Man also refers to Teela as “woman” so it is decidedly male dominated planet as well. She-Ra would NOT stand for this!

DCP 47 pg6

Gone as well is the famous Transformation scene thats featured on every show on the Cartoon version of He-Man and The Masters Of the Universe…we all know what I mean. On this page we see that the Sorceress is responsible He-Mans and Battle Kat’s transformation!! Gone is the famous “By The Power Of GraySkull” raise your sword and transform gimmick..

He-Man is simply turned into his more powerful self by the all-powerful Sorceress..

DCP 47 8

At this point we meet the “Demonic Skeletor” Enemy of “Thy ” World?  Skeletor is seen with his right hand man Beast Man in front of the Mysterious Castle Grayskull! The Grayskull Playset  is undoubtedly the best play set in history! Okay maybe the Star Wars Death Star is better but this thing rocks people!! Believe! Skeletor and his sidekick discuss his need to unveil the secrets Of Castle GraySkull so he can rule the world with this knowledge! However one thing remains,…. to gain access to the Castle, Skeletor must have a power sword..which he does..but to gain entry you must have TWO!! The action figures themselves came bundled with a sword a piece for He-man and  and a piece for Skeletor. Both had flatbacks and for some reason the two could connect together and allow the holder of the two united swords access to the secrets of Grayskull..

He-Man and Skeletor

Its time to take a break…We will be right back AFTER THESE MESSAGES..


How cool are the He-man toys? I cannot describe the amount of joy these thing gave after I was done role playing  in Eternia, He-Man and gang made great additions to my wrestling figure federation I also ran from my bedroom floor. He-Man, more specifically Power Punch He-Man won the title many times! Okay while on the topic lets talk best original MOTU’s the

Satellites Top 5 Most Underrated MOTU Figures:

5. Ram Man:One of the very few figures that broke the He-Man mold. Ram Man was the Eternia’s version of the Juggernaut and wore a huge metal helmet that he used to smash through things. You push down on his head and his legs, which we based on a spring ,were physically joined together and did no contain any articulation. Press down on his head Ram Man squat to the ground touch him again he launched into action!!

4. Moss Man. The MOTU line used the same basic body mold over and over at will and in some cases the same figure altogether. Beast Man one of the original MOTU super-bad’s was turned green, stripped of his armor, and covered in green “moss’ like fur. A very unusual toy but friggin awesome. My Moss Man was stolen on a camping trip as a child when playing in all things..The woods. I guess his camouflage was just too good. I’ll find you one day Moss man!

3. Two Bad: The Conjoined twin alien heads which shared a torso. This was another figure that maintained a unique mold and was very cool. The toy had great double punching power and two great alien heads! I played the death out of Two Bad and feel he’s a must have in any MOTU collection!

2.Extendar: The Armor covered Knight in the MOTU collection. Extendar was a silver armor covered classic Knight Of The Round Table style of figure. His uniqueness however was in the fact that his head arms, waist, torso, and legs all extended to make Extendar a giant. He was a highly touted figure in the collection as he toiled playing double duty in my imaginary wrestling figure collection!

1. Fakor. Okay okay..its was He-Man painted blue. Literally that’s all Fakor was. He was a  Robot He-Man clone That Skeletor created to infiltrate He-Mans inner circle. No one would notice if He-Man was Blue now would they? Even so, I loved Fakor during his short run in my collection as he was an early victim to the arms and leg figure exchange..He-Man figure collectors know what that means!


WELCOME BACK HEROES!! Back to our story..Beast Man and Skeletor converse on how they are going to break into Castle Grayskull. Outside the Grayskull, Skeletor talks about the need of having both halves of the Power Sword to open the castle. Beast Man notices Skeletor only has one half, but he tries to use it to open Grayskull anyways. The result? The opening to a great inter-dimensional worm hole in clouds form that opens on Earth!! The impact of Skeletor,s assault was so great, its effects were felt on Earth.!! As with Superman..he has a history of falling into such portals …and today would be no different..

DCP 47 skeletorattacks greyskull

Superman is transported to Eternia in short order. He was investigating the giant cloud/portal and as always he is sucked in like a tractor beam and lands with a Thud directly in front of Castle GraySkull. Thelingering foes Skeletor and Beast Man look on like they have just seen Santa Clause!. The unusual part of this is not only how passive the Eternian’s are with Superman’s grand entrance but how non-chalant Superman is by being transported to yet another dimension. Apparently no big deal for the Man Of Steel.


Skeletor knows that this is not cool and quickly figures out that this guy in Blue spandex falling from the sky is his enemy!! Not giving any time for Superman to recover or gain his bearings Skeletor goes on the attack on this Other Worlder. Both spend a moment to mock each other as Skeletor calls Superman a `Strangely Garbed Foe while Superman sees Skeletor as a Skull faced clown with the Over Grown pocket Knife. Ahhh The 80s!!

Superman vs skeltor

The fight is on as Skeletor tries to slice Superman in half but to know avail as Supes batters the Eternian with a barrage of body shots. Beast Man joins the fray and is dispatched easily in ultra 80s fashion as Superman simply takes him on a loop de loop  and dumps him handily on the ground. Skeletor resorts to the magic of his half of the power sword and forces Superman to be blown off in the distance. Waiting on hill observing the disruption is He-Man himself on his gentle steed Battle Kat!

Superman vs skeletor sand.

He-Man rushes to Supermans aid recognizing him from ancient Eternian lore. This goes to show that the DC Universe was always a part of DCs elaborate Multiverse of the 80s Pre Crisis. With Introductions out of the way, He-man and Superman are soon joined by Man at Arms riding the Wind Raider!

Superman teans up

Okay, its pointless product knowledge time. The Wind Raider was one of the first and best MOTU Vehicles and makes a very early appearance here.MOTU toys were always emblazoned with deluxe painted artwork as seen on the Wind Raider box art!! Note the original Wind Raider was mean for a single figure. So in this case the Comic book had it right!!

                                                                      Original Wind Raider plus He-Man!!

A great footnote here The Wind Raider like the Toy is a single passenger Vehicle however in the original He-Man and the Masters Of the Universe Television Show The Winder raider is a much larger capacity vehicle.

 Pause for ONE TO GROW ON.. Take It AWAY MR T!!

Now Back To The Show..

The Triple Threat of He-Man, Superman, and Teela’s father Duncan, aka Man At Arms (Where is Duncan..has he abandoned his friends??) go after Skeletor. He-man swings for the fences with his battle-axe but not before Skeletor uses the magic of his half  power sword to cast a hypnotic spell on Superman. Skeletor turns Supes on his own team instantly and the battle of the century begins..He-man vs on one for the inter-dimensional title. Superman attacks first stopping He-Man assault on Skeletor but The Most Powerful Man In the Universe easily turns the tide employing The Giant Swing into a power bomb!!

Superman hyptonized

Superman no selling He-Mans attack goes toe to toe with He-Man in a slugfest. Looks like DC will not look bad in comparison to Matell and He-Man is driven to the ground with a solid Superman upper cut ending the `Battle Of The Century only seconds into the fight. Winner is Superman..and DC. With He-Man out..and Man At Arms nowhere to be seen,,Skeletor commands the Man Of Steel to open the doors to Castle GreySkull and reveal its secrets to him at once! With fists raised Superman roars towards the gates of GraySkull..

Supermanvs He-man

Superman still fighting his hypnosis, cannot stop Skeletor’s spell, but comes up with a plan on the fly. If only the Man Of Steel can distract Skeletor long enough to utilize his heat vision to create a Molten barricade around Skeletor and block the spell of Skeletor. That’s right Superman melts rocks to form a rock cocoon around the evil one. Superman is able to stop his spell just in time as not to impact The Castle!  Skeletor bursts free of his confinement in Molten rock and swears he will cast yet another spell on Superman. This time Superman is ready for Skeletor’s magic and He-man (who has already forgiven and understood why Superman attacked him,) returns to watch the fray. Superman apparently has a plan to lift Skeletor out of harms way. Exactly where was Superman taking him?

Superman stops Skeletor

With Skeletor having been to this dance once to often, he pulls the old disappearing act. Superman still taken aback from the events of what just happened has no time to chat with his new friends as he notices a Time Space warp in space with his Super Vision and has to hustle so he can get back home to earth and bids a quick fare the well to his Medieval friends. Final page

In summary:  You could not have done this Team-Up any quicker. The whole story while really cool, is mega rushed. Superman literally falls from the sky, has a light tussle with Skeletor,and even He-Man , gets hypnotized , stops Skeletor and rushes back to Earth in a wormhole. The whole time,  He-Man and friends act like it’s any other day. Love the vintage Curt Swan art. Mr. Swan is one of my all time definitive Superman artists, so I was pumped to see him do the cross over. Swan has a real grasp on He-Man and friends. His inspiration is directly from the Matell Toy line as is seen with the depictions of Man At Arms, Skeletor and Beast Man. Hilariously the depiction of Eternia as an old world Shakespearean society is pretty far off in what we see later in the Animated Series and subsequent spinoffs, and Movies. The Eternian dialect is pretty entertaining as seen in these pages. I am glad they made the change to everyday linguistics in the animated show. The declaration and focus on the 2 halves of the Power Swords is also a storyline not often referenced in the Animated Series. He-man himself does not perform the transformation or do the whole “I have The Power” bit. That’s key…say what you want. Having the Sorceress simply transform Prince Adam and Cringer is just not cutting it People!!  Overall, the excitement this book created at the time was all the hype I needed as a bright-eyed 8-year-old comic book fanatic! The kid in me still gives this story a thumbs up..the adult in hindsight gives it a “Where the hell is the story??”  As well I leave you all with one final question..exactly what was the point of putting Man At Arms in the story with The Wind raider when he did not even show up in the battle?? Hmmmm…

Hope you have enjoyed this stay on Eternia, setting Coordinates for our next mission. Heroes strap in..Super-Blog Team Up continues…plenty more to read as Team Up Tear Down continues all over the Blogosphere..please read and follow all the blogs will not be disappointed! Super-Blog Team Up…Unite!!

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SATELLITE Extra: Remember that 1987 Masters Of The Universe Movie starring Dolph Lundgren? No? Then check out the trailer!!


Ahhh…hell its Super Blog Team Up..Heres the entire movie..Tell Em Hero sent ya!


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`Darkseid apokolips nowjpg

Well its been a while heroes, and I proudly present the 3 volume of the ever growing Super-Blog Team Up! If you may have been living in a Blogger cave the SBTU are a group of comic loving super fans who have united to have their own unique voice on one ultimate topic! Our ranks have grown and we are very proud of our team and hope that you not only check out this post here at the Satellite but all the other blogs as well. Stay with me at the bottom of this post you will see links to our entire groups body of Super-Blog Team Up posts!! Each blog is different and you will get a very different approach to each topic! That’s enough about us..Ìf this is your first time visiting The Super-Hero Satellite..Welcome..if not my “Satellite Subscribers” know that its time to STRAP IN HEROES..our destination..the 30th Century. Flight Rings on Legionnaires I have a feeling we are in for a bumpy ride.


Superherosatellite header



It was 1980 something and as I have said many times before I inherited a mountain of coverless comics each month as a result of the destruction practices of a local side store when magazines were rotated monthly! In my numerous hauls I received in Legion Of SuperHeroes issue #287 .The book, seemingly a throw away issue of The Legion contained an “Prologue To Darkness” at the end which teased the debut of something Sinister about to unleash itself on the Legion..something familiar to DC fans..but what? Who? Boy did the Legion ever find out! We were left hanging on this plot point until issue# 290!! Which in the 80s was an eternity!! No internet, no Twitter, no comic book chat rooms or message boards to hash out DCs plan! We simply..waited.




Begin Transmission May 21 2014

The Great Darkness Saga is know as the biggest and best Legion Of SuperHeroes storyline off all time…and for good reason! In 1982 DC in vol. 2 of its Legion Of Super-Heroes title released the 5 issue arc in issues #290-294. (6 issues if you include issue #297 with its teaser story “Prologue To Darkness” in which Mon-El and Shadow Lass run head long into a battle with “The Darkness”) its 6 issue run bravely penned by Legion scribe extrordinare Mr. Paul Levitz and art duties by legend Keith Giffen (Whom I have a love hate relationship in the 80 over his art style) and Larry Mahlstedt. It features virtually every living past and present Legionnaire as of 1982,including one of my favorite side teams the Legion of Substitute Heroes, The Legion goes head to head with the most powerful nemesis they have ever faced who’s identity is masked in Darkness and would not be officially revealed until the end of the arc! Here at the Satellite will spoil the daylights out of this book so If you dont know who is behind the Legions woes...STOP READING HERE


A Prelude into Darkness..

Issue #297 was one of my first LOSH issues . This issue was particularly memorable for me as the Legion sends an Espionage Squad to the planet Khund to the shigrin of Legion Leader Lighting Lad (Top 3 Personal Fave btw!!) Lighting Lad gets so upset that three Legionnaires betrayed his orders not to go to the Khund home world that he up and relinquishes his leadership in this issue and simply gifts it to Element Lad. ELEMENT LAD? Anyways..As a Legion fan as a kid seeing Lighting Lad lose it then some hot battles in the issue with Chameleon Boy and Timber Wolf against Kharlak in a gladiator pit..I was hooked!! Of course it was the backup story that kept me coming back to LOSH!

Issue 290 of Vol. 2 of LOSH begins the ultimate Legion Storyline. The Great Darkness Saga. A mysterious “Master Of Darkness” wreaks havoc on the 30th Century..who or what is the Darkness? We would find out as would the Legion as they faced their Ultimate enemy ..a familiar his greatest hour..

*Satellite Side Note: Why cant Giffen draw like he does in these books anymore? His art noir style is very distracting seeing what he can do in these older books! Get on it Giffen!



The Servants Arrive…

The Legionnaires face dark and powerful beings stealing potent artifacts from around the universe on behalf of their unseen master.

For those who are not much into reading per say..heres the Great Darkness Saga video comic! Oh you knew it was coming!!




In the 30th century, Legion of Super-Heroes Cosmic Boy leads a band of Legionnaires (Super-Boy, and Invisible Kid) on an investigation into attacks on the Museum of the Mystic Arts and the Tower of London, both located on Earth. Their investigation would be wrapped up in short order as the individuals responsible for the attacks are in no mood to hide out..The “Servant of Darkness” blow through a wall Kool-Aid Man style! Oh Yeah!!

There is something about the power found in several different artifacts and the “Darkness is in hot pursuit of its powers!!


At each site they are attacked by beings of great power, both of whom are shrouded in darkness and mention that they are servants of their “Master” who controls the “Great Darkness“. Through the use of a teleportation warp, the beings escape with two stolen items: a mystical wand from the museum…and the sword Excalibur from the Tower of London.

Excaliber still holds power in the 30th Century and “The Servants Of Darkness” are on a mission to get it for “The Master” at all costs!

When a third Servant attempts to steal the Orb of Orthanax from the Institute of Parapsychological Phenomena of Talok VIII, she is captured. However, a fourth Servant appears via another teleportation warp and absconds with the Orb. At his unknown base of operations, the Master absorbs the power contained within each of the stolen artifacts.



Worst Costumes Legion

Part of the Legions charm was their diverse nature. Costumes definitely one of them. Above I have provided my worst offenders of this fashion faux pas! The ladies usually had pretty obscene costumes as well but none of the males readers were complaining about PC issues back in the early 80s! A motion picture treatment of this band of SuperHeroes would surely have a massive uniform overhaul if such an idea came to pass! I vote that Dawnstar and Dream Girls costumes remain the same. If you dont know what I mean google their names and you`ll get the picture! Awesome! Anyways..I digress..lets get back to the Darkness Saga!!

And Welcome where did we leave off..Oh yes as all the servants of the darkness return the powerful artifacts one by one to the Master we see that there is something most sinister at hand. What is the Masters ultimate endgame? What will he do with all this “power??


The Minions do “The Masters” bidding..



The captive Servant is taken back to Legion headquarters and NOT the Clubhouse sadly..more on that comment later!. When she is brought in close proximity to Invisible Kid’s younger sister Danielle Foccart, who has been possessed by the rogue artificial intelligence Computo,Danielle’s brain activity spikes. In the end, the Servant causes the comatose Computo to have a nightmare.

The Great Darkness Unleashed..


In Issue 291 Mon-El and Shadow Lass analyze a captured female minion and find a shocking discovery that a captured a female member of the Servants of Darkness is actually a clone! This is something that will come into play much later in the series. The minions of The Darkness are more than they seem..

Of course for those too cheap or lazy to read these books..heres your hook up!




The Legion meanwhile have to cast their votes for a new leader as Lighting Lad quit in issue 297 after a squad of Legionnaires disobeyed his orders. Element Lad (I know I know..Faaaaack!) who Lighting Lad abruptly appointed to temporary leader is very eager to keep his newly begotten promotion to as leader. Mon-El, Shadow Lass and Ultra Boy go to Takron-Galtos to clean up after a massive escape attempt. They come into conflict again with the Servants of Darkness. Another squad of Legionnaires goes to Avalon where they find Mordru sitting in a smoldering crater mumbling to himself. They know that the Servants’ leader is more powerful than even their toughest adversaries.


Another group of Legionnaires attend Dream Girl to her home world Naltor to meet up with her sister the White Witch. This particular part of the storyline is basic trope materila with little substance. The Dream Girl character is one of that I wonder if writers could have done a better more interesting job with..but alas..The Servants of Darkness appear there as well and fight the Legionnaires. Dream Girl has a vision and learns that they are fated to lose against the Servants and their master.

Satellite Break: We will be right back after these messages!


The greatest thing about being a comic book fan was making my own! I have great memories of dragging along my stack of Adventure Comics Digests with me no matter where I went especially if it was a camping trip! I would stay in that trailer for hours as everyone else enjoyed the outdoors. I remember one comic I had drawn as a kid all about the Legion. Of course all my books featured Timber Wolf, Wildfire and Lighting Lad!! The Triple Threat! To this day I wish I still had those hand made classics but I still managed to work a little photo shop magic from time to time! If I only had this technology in the early 80s what I could have done!

SuperHero Satellite comic


The Legion Of Super-Heroes were always excellent to me because they did everything you could think of with the team that has been ripped off by every other main group out there! They rotated leaders so many times it became comedic. Seriously Element Lad as leader? Come on! Before the Avengers became The West Coast Avengers the Legion had The Legion Of Substitute Heroes! The Legion guest starred every significant hero in the DC universe and had many of them honorary members! They had a Clubhouse when everyone else had Satellites, Caves, Halls of Justice, and Baxter Buildings, they had..a Clubhouse! The Super-Hero Clubhouse to be exact where all Legionnaires would congregate for their weekly club meetings. Membership was limited and was restricted a simple vote by the executive Legionnaires. Even Super Boy himself had to go through the voting system and was turned down by a panel of judges comprised of original Legionnaires Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. Of course it was all a ruse in this case to play with Supes but this method of selection was the real deal for the Legion! Simple , lighthearted 60s magic in comic books..the Legion was a great read! As they grew up things got more serious, they moved out of the Clubhouse and into the afore mentioned satellite and other headquarters!

Times up back to the topic at hand!!


Darkness in a Childs eye..

As the Legionnaires battle the minions of darkness on Sorcerers’ World, the Teachers of that planet bring something through a space-warp intended to shift the battle in their favor–a baby. The Baby storyline is at times a confusing mess and is a bit of a drag on the storyline as the majority of one issue is dedicated to this familiar “Chosen One” storyline which is a little odd Levitz would take this route..but it is the 80s and the concept at this point was still someone relevant. Flash forward to 2014 today the “Chosen One ” gimmick is beat to death ..but I digress. I am talking to YOU George Lucas!! Back to the story..The battle gets hot and heavy as the Minions of the Darkness easily dispatch the Legionnaires ans for once it appears the mysterious Dark Lord has the advantage..


One after the other the Legion begin to fall as the Master Of Darkness dispatches his minions in full unbridled force..


Darkness Triumphant…

All hell breaks loose in issue 293 While the Legion fights his clone-minions, Darkseid takes mental control of the populace of Daxam and unleashes them on the universe as his warriors. The big reveal is upon us as The Legion is beaten and battered at the hands of the Darkness..One thousand years in the future, The Master has been absent for centuries and is almost completely forgotten. He returns and comes into conflict with that era’s champions, the Legion of Super-Heroes. After using both scientific and magical methods to enhance his power, The Master transposes the planets Apokolips and Daxam—which puts Daxam under flames of a yellow sun and gives the people of Daxam Kryptonian-like superpowers on par with the Man Of Steel himself.. Superman. With a Legion of Daxamites under his mental control, he uses them in a massive invasion attempt to conquer the known universe…Darkseid reshapes the planet in his own image..the rest of the universe is on notice.



The Legion a clear mismatch..falls at the might of the “Master” upon overseeing his emasculation of Legion heavy hitters like SuperMan, Mon-El, and WildFire..The Master finally reveals himself to the 30th century..Wildfire and Timber Wolf were my favorite two Legionnaires during the early 80s. These are two more examples of characters mishandled and could have been given the solo treatment if not at least a DC Mini Series!! Timber Wolf was a character in particular that DC underutilized.He is often noted as being a version of Marvel Comics character, Wolverine but it was The Wolf who actually predated the Weapon X and was always a Darkhorse character for me. At different times DC played with Timber Wolfs look at times reaching a full on “Wolverinesq” look then other times pulling back significantly! Timber Wolf was first damn it!! Dave Cockrum the man who would go on to draw Wolverine may have “Considered” Wolverines look when creating Logan for Marvel. Bastards..Timber Wolf gets no respect!!

Okay back on track..our band of heroes have been blasted and battered..not even the son of Krypton can save them..The Darkness proves to be too much of an adversary than the Legion have ever faced..


Legion Falls at the hands of The Servants Of Darkness..


and if there was any doubt at this point then my friend I cannot give you another vowel on Wheel Of Fortune. The “Master” is finally revealed as…drum roll please…

Wait..its break time again..Time for the Satellite to reflect on its favorite Legionnaires of all time. See you all after these messages!

top 3 legionnaires

And we are back..on to the big reveal as if there was any doubt..

Issue #294 Vol. 2 Of Legion of Super-Heroes presents the ultimate conclusion to The Great Darkness Saga..and there is no doubt who the Super Bad is in this one as the Master of Darkness is front and center in this Cataclysmic Conclusion to the Great Darkness Saga!! However before we get into the conclusion to Saga..after years of laying dormant King Kirbys greatest evil creation once again rose to the main event of the card! DARKSEID was reborn thousands of years the FUTURE!! Now the Legion would find out what Apokolips had known for one rules harder than the Lord Of Apokolips..The Great Darkness Saga had indeed paid off their reveal with a very real high powered threat!

Darkseid Rises..


In the mean time The Legionnaires locate Darkseid homeworld. The Legion begin to get the upper hand on the Servants of Darkness .Engaging the Servants in battle, Wildfire destroys the Guardian clone, while Element Lad exposes the Superman clone to Kryptonite allowing Timber Wolf to destroy him.Finally the Legion gain some ground in the fight but it would take a miracle to take on billions of adversaries..victory however would come in another unexpected form from the past…Darkseids past to be exact. A prophecy would unfold…at least a fabricated one…



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Legionnaire , Brainiac 5 recognizes the Master’s home world as Apokolips and discovers that it is actually Darkseid who is causing such chaos! He understands that their opponent is not one they are going to simply fact they ponder do they even stand a chance against evil incarnate!

Final pg1 braniac explains

Brainiac 5 briefs Dream Girl on his discovery, she sends out a second full scale alert to all of the Legion’s allies, including the Legion of Substitute Heroes and Supergirl, The coalition brought together including the Kryptonian intelligence agent Dev-Em, the Heroes of Lallor, the Wanderers, the Legion Of Substitute Heroes and the all remaining Legionnaires all battle for their lives bearing the onslaught of Darkseid’s newly possessed Daxamites.

Calling all legioniraes final

Meanwhile the aforementioned humanoid child begins to ages at an highly accelerated rate,Darkseid tries to seize the child, it completes the aging process and reveals itself to be Darkseid’s ancient enemy The Highfather of the New Gods from the planet New Genesis (and the entity aiding the White Witch). Highfather transforms the last remaining Servant into a perfect clone of Darkseid’s son Orion, who is destined to someday destroy his father.


New Godsbackcrop

Before fading into nothingness, Highfather calls on Superboy and Supergirl to the war waging above Apokolips, and uses his power to allow the Kryptonians to maintain their abilities under a red sun.

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Darkseid destroys the Orion clone and sends Superboy back to the 20th century. Darkseid becomes so wrapped up with battling the Legionnaires that he loses his mental hold control of the Daxamites, who turn their way back toward the to stop Darkseid. Realizing that he cannot defeat three billion Daxamites, Darkseid accepts defeat and vanishes, Apokolips and all. As he leaves, he bestows the Legionnaires the “curse of darkness” which will destroy them from within, promising “that which is purest of you shall be the first to go.”With that..the Legion stand victories..beaten and battered but triumphant in the moment of their most extreme battle.


Final curse

Summary: With the help of a billion extra super powered individuals, The New Gods, and all of the Legionnaires, the Dark Master concedes..even Darkseid is no dummy and gets outta Dodge before the proverbial shite hits the fan. With Darkseid gone the Legion finally regrouped very much weather beaten and battered. Returning to the good old Legion Club House the team regroups and life goes back to futuristic order. Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl go on to have a child and we live happily ever after right??



Just as Lighting Lad and Saturn Girls child is about to be born the Legion Satellite (All cool Super Hero Groups use Satellites!! I am just saying!) is engulfed in a dark smoke like substance forcing the power to go out..and the Doctor has to deliver the child..IN THE DARK!! Hmmm..are you smelling a rat?



However it looks like there was a miracle..despite the Darkness..despite the trouble the Legion has been through lately it looks like they are in for some luck. The baby is delivered problem free, healthy and happy. Finally after all the turmoil Lighting Lad and Saturn Girl will finally have peace in their lives!! In a particularly unusual moment Saturn Girl is discussing an unusual sensation of feeling TWO thought patterns inside her. Shes a telepath see and she picks up on stuff like that..but she dismisses her thoughts as nothing and remains content with her newborn child. We leave the legionnaires for once..happy.


However happiness would not last for the Legion. There HAD been TWO children indeed inside of Saturn Girl and in the darkness the second child had been STOLEN…so it was written and so It shall come to pass Darkseid’s final words before he conceded in his great war with the Legion spoke of leaving them A CURSE..that would one day destroy you from “Within!!” And so…





After a Great War..and a great defeat is Darkseid who would not simply go down in flames of defeat but stand victorious with the Ultimate victory the birth of one of the Legions greatest enemies..Lightning Lads own Son…VALIDUS!! But that is a story for another time..



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