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Transmission Date: March 4 2013

This is not a typical post today..this marks an important event in my life..after many years I up and quit my job..this is my story..

There comes a time when change comes calling..

14 years is a long time to be working anywhere. I just finished a run of that length at my most recent job. As with any job it has its ups and downs. In sales some times the downs outweigh the ups as with my last job. We all have had times when we are unappreciated, overworked and generally taken advantage of. What do most of us do? We put up with it. We go to work with people that we like who are in the same boat as us and we can relate to each others misery. Then you have those people at work you generally cannot stand and force a smile and a laugh at times to keep the peace. My workplace was full of all of these types.

We indeed DO have a problem..

Work sucks at the best of times..but sometimes its those annoyances that drive you to the door. I am sure everyone pictured what you would do if one day you could speak your mind..just let loose and not get fired. For once you could tell that boss what you think..tell that customer to stick it..tell the needy guy one desk over to do his own FN work and stop bothering me with your crap cause I got enough of my own. Politics sometimes is the biggest cancer at the workplace. When the powers that be have a agenda sometimes everyone including the company itself suffers. If you had just one chance..If I had my Vince Russo moment..I could tell em whats up!

A funny thing happened to me though. After years of sending out a casual resume and getting no response, the exact moment I had reached my limit at work was the exact time someone actually wrote me back. Somewhere out there in the divine universe someone actually at a parallel moment in time read my resume and responded to it! It was as if fate himself was screaming out to me saying “Its time!”

Walking out those doors are never easy..but always cathartic!

Let rewind the tape 4 months. A new Boss arrived at my workplace and “Changed ” things. Years prior we had two of the best managers running our particular store now their work was deemed unacceptable and our new boss was going to “Fix” all the issues at the store. It was the same thing as a meteor striking the earth. Suddenly we were under a microscope. Our work was not up to par in her mind. Yep things were a changing. This particular boss had no clue how to deal with people. In fact not only did her demands upset the staff but all of management as well. It became a full blown game of us vs. her and it was painful. The company stepped in to bring peace but the writing was on the wall. After her supposed discipline she was given the keys to the corvette and was on a mission to run us all over with it for selling her down the river. It was like my life had become a John Cougar Mellencamp song…we had indeed fought authority and yes..authority always wins.

So life at work officially became hell. I had to do something. The New Boss was mounting an offense, and the backlash against us from her discipline was slow and methodical. She began to nitpick details she could trip you up with. Yes revenge would be sweet for her. However being one step ahead of this I managed to dot every “i” and cross every “T”. Yep I went into self preservation mode. I turned to my last line of defense as my co -workers were being “disciplined” one after the other for “Performance”. This would not be me. My computer at home would become a my nuclear missile. I jumped on that bad boy for two days in a row and pumped out as many resumes as humanly conceivable, I was at war and I would be victorious. Unlike previous attempts it seemed divine intervention was at work as this time I actually attracted an audience. One thing however, it didnt pay enough. Bummer. The other job I wouldnt be caught dead working in. Two strikes. The third came and I actually got an interview! Could this be it!

So the interview came..the person doing the interview was so completely an utterly full of shit it was impossible to concentrate on the interview. I declined. So there it was, after three possible roads out of hell and I choose none. I was a defeated man. I went back to that store with my head down ready to be put to sleep. Hours later a phone call came in for me..It was my wife calling me to tell me that I had received a phone call about a job from a certain company and they wanted me to call them back immediately. I could not express the feelings of that one moment. Could it be true? Will they pay enough? Would it be a reputable company? Everything was perfect. I went through a lengthly interview process and it was a hit out of the park home run. I landed that baby!

That’s right..I nailed that interview…soooooo good. Now what do I do about my current job?

There was one hang up to the entire didnt start for another three months!!?? I still had to go to work in torment and try to survive for three months. I became fearless. I marched into work with authority and openly voiced any damn thing I wanted to voice. If there was something I thought she was doing wrong..I was there to let her know. I pissed her off and you know what it was cathartic. Things changed though..she either knew something was up and backed off or she genuinely found the maturity to properly deal with things and became that I say..

Some people you will miss after leaving work..others..well..not so much!

So the only thing left to do was decide how to quit. Would I go out in a reign of verbal bullets. Would I dismantle the boss with sign language and throw the middle finger in the air! Everything crossed my mind. Yes they were about to take this job and shove it!

Maybe thats not the way..hmm. Wait Batman walked away from the “Two Bit” Justice League and join the Outsiders which is essentially what I was doing..maybe that was the way..

Heck..if Batman can quit the Justice League..surely I can make a change!!

Before anymore fireworks at work and before I did anything stupid I was transferred to another store. Probably for the better. Now I would be working with another boss that I had encountered 9 years prior who I hated equally as well..but something happened. Times change and even some people. I began enjoying work again..all the while a lingering feeling that this was only temporary and I would be leaving anyways. Somethings were brewing they were cancelling managers holidays for the summer months apparently a renovation was set to upgrade the store to get ready for the competitor (Of which I secretly now worked for!) The company had started the year of accountability where everyone’s jobs were no longer safe. I was leaving at the right time. When all these dates were coming up I could not help but smile and think..

How about that!! I QUIT!!

Admittedly despite the change in company direction, the new workplace was actually very cool. The staff were amazingly hard workers for small wages. I truly admired some of their work. I was motivated for the first time in months..I wanted to do a great job and do my best. I had a great review from a particular audit of my area.I had an amazing visit from home office of my areas. I was on top. So how did I go out? With a thank you and a hand shake. Even got a “Rehire Recommended” on my exit interview. I left with dignity intact, having never been “Disciplined” in 14 years of work. I was not quitting at the bottom of my time with the company I was leaving at the top of my game and it felt great…and on my own terms.

My last hurrah was the writing a resignation letter. What could I say that was ME? At work every piece of correspondence I would send I would attach “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” at the end. My world was about comic books and I was a proud comic book fan. Bold as some might say. So on my way out I wanted to stress that they had overlooked my talents and that my talents would indeed make a difference… for the is my letter as it was sent. The names and company have been blocked obviously..but you get the point..

My actual Resignation Letter. The names have been blocked basically so I dont get sued..LOL

End Transmission..

P.S. So it was done after 14 years I was officially out of the company that provided for my family for so many years. I keep in perspective not to begrudge the company for the last 6 months as I have very much enjoyed my job and the people I worked with for the most part. Now I have a whole new journey in front of me…weird. Oh one more video for the road which actually sums up how good I feel at this point. Stay positive and positive things will follow..I am slowly learning that this is not just a saying but a fact…cross your fingers for me.

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