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Transmission Date: 08/30/2017

I still remember the store like it was yesterday. The front doors opened up to a lobby where you could go one of two directions. To your left was another door with a set of stairs that lead to one of two medical clinics in my home town of Clarenville at the time. The second door lay straight ahead and led  to the Drug store below which happened to be one my favorite comic book buying haunts..Budget Drug Mart. As you passed the main counter and all the candy, confectionary, chips and soft drinks you had to take a sharp left and just down a little ways on the right stood the old comics rack! It was actually two long book racks built on to the wall. It was always impressively filled with all sorts of my favorite magazines like Pro Wrestling Illustrated, StarLog, and Fangoria to name a few. From time to time it also sold Presto Magic transfers from those very shelves as well! I came for the comics most of the time and it would be the place I would purchase many of my most memorable keepsakes.  IT was also the very spot I bought HEX #1 and my crown jewel G.I.Joe # 2 (Which at the time was rare people!!)  just before a camping trip!! My friend lived just a couple of houses up from the Drug Store so when I came to visit with him we would ALWAYS end up at Budget Drugmart and left with some comics!! Growing up in the early 80s many of the artists I was familiar with were Neal Adams, Gene Colon, Jim Aparo, John Romita Jr, John Buscema, and  John Byrne. to name a few. I was reasonably new to the hobby but it was those artists that had already spoiled me so badly in my formative years of comics art appreciation! Each one of those names were masters of the art and each book they contributed to was a thing of beauty to 11 year old me. I was more or less unfamiliar with any comics pre 1980 at the time as back issues were not readily available in my town unless you snagged a couple at a yard sale or if a friend or relative would visit another city or country. I knew one day I would love to be a comic book artist…I wanted to draw Batman like Colon or Aparo, I wished I could have the ability to draw Green Lantern like Adams!! Bottom line…at a early age I knew what I liked and disliked in a comic book. It was never about the stories for was ALWAYS about the art work! My heroes looked a certain way…and thats what I expected every time I hit the spinner rack!



In 1984 I was not only becoming a very hardcore comic book buyer but I also boasted a great action figure collection. I had The Six Million Dollar Man figures, I also had a ton of G.I.Joe and Masters Of The Universe figures. Of course my main collectible action figure line had to be Star Wars Toys. I loved action figures and I loved comic books…that was what I did!  With that said from a small collection of Mego figures I had few Superhero toys. Sure Batman, Robin, Superman, Spider-Man and The Hulk were available for me in my home town but that was it. I had no villains..only two vehicles (The Batmobile and Spider-Car).Megos didn’t play well with the 3 3/4 action figures from Star Wars or The Joes so my superheros sat in the toy box without any love as my play adventures surrounded a galaxy far away with some Real American Heroes!! Then came Super-Powers from Kenner…at last my prayers had been answered.


The DC Super Powers Collection boasted a host of bad guyswithi the set and when they were released in store and I was all over them!! I had Batman, Robin, Superman, Green Lantern, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Darkseid and plenty more later on!! They featured an action motion when a body part was manipulated. To things even more exciting DC was releasing a 5 issues mini series based on the action figure line!! The Comic Book ads featured great artwork by an artist who I felt created the absolute definitive look for the DC Universe in the 80s Jose Louis Garcia Lopez! Each character was perfectly captured and the thought of a Super-Powers mini series set my heart “AFlame”. So at some point in 1984 after seeing ad after beautiful ad by Mr. Garcia Lopez my friend and I took our regular jaunt to the Drug Store and there it WAS!! Super Powers #1!! The logo looked great and the cover colors flashy …but the cover artwork was TERRIBLE!!


There was clearly something “off”. This comic looked NOTHING like the smooth definitive versions of the DC heroes like those featured in the ads and all over every piece of DC related merchandise out there in the main stream market. I remember commenting to my friend how “Stupid” Superman looked. on that Super Powers book. I was not a fan and even though I left the store with #SuperPowers No. 1.. I did NOT return for issue two. I didn’t look at the art credits at the time as artists names were not a thing for me to be concerned with. Visually however, I knew what I liked..and at that time it WASNT Jack Kirby. What did I know?? I was only a couple of years into my comics buying routine butI would learn a lot in the coming years!

super power mini 84


Comics were never red-hot in my town in 1984 but a war was happening in the industry for companies to make it in the very lucrative toy market in the early 80s. The competition would not be outdone as Marvel around the same time released their own 12 issue mega event called Secret Wars. I was a staunch DC kid but suddenly Marvel had my attention. DC had won me over with their Super Powers action figures but suddenly sharing the shelf was Marvel Secret Wars toys!! Now Spiderman, Wolverine and Captain America and a host of others had a popular toy line and a full comics limited series to coincide with its release. While I despised Kirby’s rendition of the DC Heroes on the covers of Super Powers Mike Zeck powered through an amazing looking Secret Wars cross over event!!



For a moment, Marvel hooked me. The heroes were rendered in the hot style of the day and the storyline was far superior to that of Super Powers that was clearly written to sell toys. Secret Wars was created for the same purpose but felt like a real event. That Super Powers comic affected me so much I just wanted to try something new…Marvel.

Secret Wars Collage


Comics stores began to pop up in the mid 80s. I remember hearing about a gentlemen in a nearby town who boasted a great comic book collection of vintage books. It was about 45 minutes away in a small town called Lethbridge. John Butt was the personable owner of this collection that he housed in a shed behind his home and he allowed me to come in to see his collection. John was an interesting gentlemen who looked like a later day elvis in his final days and the prototypical old guy next door. He was a salesman who knew this kid was NOT leaving his clutches without dropping some cash! As a kid I bought into John’s sales pitch as he walked me through his collection calling everything a “Nice Book”. I saw first appearances of Wolverine, The Punisher, The Red Skull, tons of old western comics and classic Marvel books all of which in Johns Opinion where “Nice Books”. I saw plenty of the very early Fantastic Four and X-men books and I was in awe The comics had bombastic covers and interiors that was old school but looked so different from what was on the shelf in 1985-1986. I only brought 40 dollars with me that day and did not walk out with much of anything outside of a 1970s Captain Marvel number one and a few other books that escape my memory…but my mind kept going back to those FFs and X-Men books!! I wanted to read those books and see what the early days of Marvel were all about. The images stayed with me for many months and I only recall going back one last time for some a Marvel Treasury Edition of Star Wars!! Worth the trip right!!


In 1985 it seemed like my 11-year-old mind was put at ease as Marvel released a history of their universe in a recap title called Marvel Saga!! It was a monthly comic that attempted to take the Marvel Universe and detail it all in Chronolgical order featuring reprinted panels from the original books. I LOVED Marvel Saga!! I waited for it to land on the spinner rack every Thursday!! I loved the vintage artwork from Steve Ditko on Spiderman, JOhn Busema on Silver Surfer…and literall Jack Kirby on EVERYTHING ELSE!! !! It would be the issues featuring The Fantastic Four and The X-Men that hooked me! I loved the early visual of the characters…in fact I began to prefer it!! Little did I know it was the SAME artist that I trashed only a year earlier for his Super Powers work. I was beginning to enjoy Jack Kirby’s work and was totally oblivious to it as an 11-year-old kid!! Kirbys work had that retro quality that I loved and had a signature appeal that I did not see in anyoe since Ditko. From the FF to the The Incredible Hulk to The Mighty Thor and so many more..Kirbys footprint was all over the Marvel Universe!!

Marvel saga

Comic shops finally started to gain ground in the Province I lived in Canada. The Capital city featured two great collectible shops (Time Masters and Sword and Steel!! Name Drop!!) but my trips to the city (2 Hours from my home town!!) were so infrequent I could not rely on them for maintaining any sense of collecting. It was great for spot issues, but not much else. Several used book stores popped up in my town that featured great selections of comics! Rodways Office Supplies was literally what it sounded like.. an office supplies store that sold photocopys and staplers but they also managed to have 8 to 10 huge long boxes of comics and seemed to mix up their variety on a semi regular basis. They had books I had not heard about or saw before like Sgt. Fury and The Howling Commandos and Nick Fury Agent Of Shield! I was at the time a  Sgt. Rock fan and was semi familiar with Nick Fury from then modern 80s so Fury and his Howling Commandos were a sure grab for me!


Around this time Machine Man had gone through numerous series and reboots that as usual were always promptly cancelled. I loved that character! Hence I managed to nab several issues of 2001 with Machine Mans early beginnings from the Rodways catacombs. He didn’t look like the Machine Man that I had recently bought off the racks by Ditko…whose version was loose and frankly a little sloppy..Ditkos Machine Man moved on the page like Spider-Man instead of a robot that he was. Barry Windsor Smiths version in the 80s Machine Man mini series looked a little too “man-like” and not robotic in nature. Dont get me wrong..the Machine Man Mini series was great but the art in that issue too didnt look “Machine” enough like I wanted my Machine Man to look. Kirby’s Machine Man felt properly alien as it should. Kirby was always sure to surround him with other worldly technology unlike anything drawn by other artists. No one did Machine Man like Kirby.

MachineMan Variants


As I read them I saw that familiar art and style..and something in me was drawn to that. I was raised on George Perez and Jim Aparo who had a more “realistic” style while Kirby had his own thing happening. Highly visual..very otherworldly detailed!! Sgt. Fury the same thing. While Kuberts Sgt. Rock was a very somber dramatic style to Sgt. Rock as it was about war after all…Kirby gave Fury a more lively feel! It was fun, bombastic and full of life. Bullets and action jumped off the page. Very stylilized…very high energy art..both Fury and Machine Man shared Jack Kirby as their artist. It was here I fully began to recognize and appreciate the style. I could decipher Kirby’s work from everybody else now. Now I looked for it! It became a hunt for me..and a very fun one!


By 1987 my Comics passion was at an all time high. In my teenage mind I considered myself a serious collector. I was buying higher priced comics, 1st appearances, Gold Key books, and classic books and what ever Overstreet Price Guide told me was a “Hot” book I tried to  hunted down. I felt like I knew my stuff. I knew for example that a “Frank Miller Daredevil” with the Death Of Electra was a “hot book”…and how much it was worth in various cycles of condition. Yep this comics kid was becoming John Butt level comics savant at the age of 13!! Now I knew who Jack Kirby I explored what my dream list of comics would be, Kirbys name was attached to almost all of em. Fantastic Four, Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk..all Kirby!! His name was attached to so many books..

Kirby Classics

There were elements of his work that no one else could properly duplicate…at least at the time. The first thing that hits me about a Kirby work was his use of hands..his characters are always reaching for something..and you know looks damn cool!! His characters jumped off the cover page at you!! Everyone jumped…everyone leaped..there was movement at every stroke!! Bodies contorted to portray the full swing of a punch, the throwing of a shield, or the swinging of a hammer

The Kirby Reach

Kirby created universes..landscapes..worlds that could only come from his imagination. His World Building is something he took with him no matter what company he worked for. His work on Marvel properties like The Silver Surfer, Thor and The Inhumans stretched the boundaries of what alien environments looked like visually. Large elaborate worlds bursting at the seems with bright visuals, extremely detailed robust costuming, backgrounds and staggering technology that only Kirby could depict!


There is no way to put it in words Kirby’s use of detail. The level of detail he CREATED was over an above what everyone else did at the time. A simple computer or gun was excessively detailed and visually breathtaking!!Kirby Machinery

His use of costuming was on another level. He added detail so foreign and so elaborate many artists could not even imagine it..let alone put it on paper!!

Celestials Kirby

He built universes outside of the regular Marvel and DC Universe’s all his own that other artists and writers stayed away from by in large. Kirby’s vision of what space looked like and what alien planets, people and technology were visualized as was so very organic! In comparison it felt that when other artists created things.. Kirby was always a million years beyond them. Concepts like The Inhumans and the birth of Marvel Cosmic is all Jack Kirby. Kirbys forray into DC Comics after his well documented fall out with Marvel also allowed him to build a brand new foundation all to its own with characters like the New Gods and The Forever People..all high concept work that few outside of Kirby would dare touch!!

Forever and Inhumans

DC would designate a full pocket of their universe to Kirby affectionately known as the Fourth World where luminaries like The New Gods, Mr. Miracle, The Forever People, Darkseid and literally millions of others resided. Kirby had his own world to play in and because of the stroke that he had in the business he was given a blank cavas to work from.


Many of these properties are still in use today with Marvels Inhumans television series about to debut very soon! The Marvel cinematic universe is filled with Jack Kirby created concepts and making billions for Marvel and Disney to this very moment. Kirby’s legacy is everywhere in pop culture and its hard to deny that his title as King Kirby is surely the fitting crown.

Kirby Creations2

So as I flash back to 1984 at Budget Drug Mart as I hastily cast dispersions on the cover art for that Super-Powers book…this is my apology letter to the architect of comic books that I hold so dear. Thank You Jack Kirby… for creating my childhood…ALL HAIL THE KING!!

KIrby Drawing board

End Transmission….



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Welcome Back Heroes! Our transmission we have in front of us today is one that I remember with fondness. The era of the limited series..the era of the event..the era of the solo hero! Thanks for joining us team..lets jump right into issue 2 of 4 of our limited series!



One of the great joys of being a comic book fan back in the early to mid 80s was standing in a drug store at the spinner rack, combing through the pages of comic book after comic book scanning page after page, book after book decide where to spend my 20 dollar a week allowance. Grocery night for my family was always Thursday night and it was always an important evening on the calendar of this anxious 12 yr old as it yielded me another 20 bucks to spend. 20 dollars in that day went a long way and would often equal more than 20 books per week!! One of the better joys was when you would see the first issue of a brand new mini series!! Marvel dubbed these finite issue books a Limited Series and these would bring countless hours of entertainment to me as a kid and as a stark raving comic fan boy of the 80s. What made the Limited Series better in my mind as a child? They were usually Event books or contained characters that I loved finally getting their own books!!

The limited series that first grabbed my young attention was the 4 issue Hawkeye limited series from Marvel! It focused on a highly recognizable Avenger who up until now had not had solo spotlight! From the front cover to the final panel of issue 4 I was hooked! The limited series acted as a perfect avenue to explore this character with a long history. It changed Hawkeye’s status quo as did many of the limited series focusing on individual characters. Hawkeye and Mockingbirds relationship was explored and this lasted several years in the history of this character. We will talk about a few of my favorite individual limited series a bit later..The Limited series was original created for one purpose..

Events were usually the perfect vehicle for the EVENT limited series Marvels Contest Of Champions was the first of such efforts to bring together a large group of Superheros in one book. The majority of the heroes of the Marvel universe are abducted to a strange world where they must compete in competitive competitions. Sound familiar?  I was not a fan of Contest but my faith in Limited series books would not waver! The Secret Wars would become the bar that was set that all other books would have to follow.

Secret Wars was a series in which the Heroes and Villans of the Marvel Universe are abducted and sent to wage a Secret War on the Home World Of The new Marvel Super Bad The Beyonder! Hey that sounds a lot like Contest Of Champions huh? Yep sure does except Secret Wars was done correctly!! It had far-reaching effects on the Marvel Universe and crossed over with a number of Marvel titles. This was the BIG one! Secret Wars is known for its far-reaching effects on the character of Spiderman! The infamous Black suit or the Symbiote that would eventually become Venom would appear here first in the pages of Secret Wars! For more on Secret Wars check out this post from one of my Twitter friends incredible blog The LongBox GraveYard

Sometimes however when a series was successful a sequel would follow! In the case of Secret Wars however we were not so blessed. Secret wars had lit the industry on fire with its sweeping all out war event..Secret Wars 2 blew out that fire. The Beyonder returns to Earth this time in search of answers as to how humans live. Yes he was seeking enlightenment? Who would have known the folks at Marvel would envision this cosmic being as a Micheal Jackson clone equipped with Geri curl and white jump suit! Yikes! This series was for most 9 issues too long. Secretly I loved Secret Wars 2! I know I know bring the hate! My young mind loved Beyonder being able to fend off all Marvels heroes! Great stuff! Disagree if you must!

The Limited series was a great launching point for many characters as well and did their job in developing a back story that may have been lost if seen in the pages of another heroes title. Characters such as Longshot for example were born out of the pages of a Limited series. Somehow the stores in my area missed out on Longshot and I just drooled when one of my friends had the complete set up for trade. He wanted almost half my collection for these books and I almost gave in too but my better sense prevailed at this time! The crafty local basement dwelling Entrepreneur Keith Newman, who held his Overstreet Price Guide close by would always point out that all his books were HOT at the time and he would be rich if he sold his collection! Guess what? Longshots prices dropped like a rock and Newman’s dreams were shattered! I still wanted this series to this day though. One of my few comic trading regrets!

The Limited Series also brought to life several influential long standing characters such as Cloak and Dagger! While never a fan of the characters mini 4 part stories sometimes elevated the value of some characters that may have been throw aways if featured as a back up in another books. As is the case with these mysterious friends!

My main love for the limited series was in the throw aways! Heroes who would never support their own book but were heroes who I loved and could not wait to see them solo! As was the case with these heroes. The NightCrawler series is and has always been one of my faves! NightCrawler was featured in a one off Swashbuckling adventure that I read over and over!

The Limited Series always allowed for the expansion of universes. The best examples were the Ice Man and FireStar mini series. Riding on the heels of the popular Spiderman and his Amazing Friends Cartoon both characters were somewhat retooled to carryover their cartoon popularity into the comic world. FireStar was a character that did NOT exist outside of the cartoon so the Limited series acted as a catapult for the character to become integrated into the Marvel Universe.

Being a comic fan also brought other benefits. The 80s was a world of the dawning of Home video. Beta and a little later the revolutionary VHS systems came to the mainstream and we could watch movies outside of a theater but right in our living rooms! This was a big deal in the day believe me! However if you lived in a small town in Newfoundland Canada like I did then you knew that the VHS delivery market was brutally slow and the movies available to rent were not always current and there was a good degree of lag time between the time of release to the time I could get these tapes in my machine on my home television.

Hence yet another use of the limited series! Marvel licenced a number of limited series based on Movies at the time! So if you didn’t make it to the theater or could not wait two years for it to be released on VHS then you had Marvels Official adaptations of the movies!! From Indiana Jones….

To Return Of The Jedi..I think everyone had these as a comic collector in the 80s! These were featured everywhere even in the classic 3 pack collector sets you would find at least one of these issue in the mix! Marvel dabbled in movies that were a little cerebral as well..

Dune…which was probably better in this adaptation than the actual movie my personal fave..

The Last StarFighter! These series kept the movie fresh in your mind..were a key piece of movie merchandise and were damn fun to read. occasionally Marvel would release a dud such as our next candidate..

Sheena?? The Limited Series had Hollywood covered. Usually the adaptations were very solid and faithful and of course spoiler filled! I loved the Marvel Movie adaptations and relied on them to offset my lack of VHS urgency in my town. Adaptations were the perfect format for the limited series!! I bought them up until my 20 dollars a week exploded at the cash register of my local drug store in my shopping mall!

Then we have the earth shakers. There were several limited series that not only highlighted certain characters but truly defined them. One of them was the now classic Wolverine Limited Series by Frank Miller. On a funny note I remember disliking this series as a kid because Wolverine was featured without his costume for the majority of the series and to be a Superhero costume loving fanboy a hero not wearing his suit was a no no! This book redefined the character and propelled the character eventually to support his own book. It did things with the character that no one else did. It factored in Logan rather than the Superhero Wolverine. It created a new love interest for the character and the events in the book forever impacted the origin of this hero. This was the springboard for future writers to bounce off off and now Logan was no longer a guy in a yellow suit who had nice claws he had depth!

It would be Mike Zeck and team who would blow the doors off off the Limited series format with the groundbreaking Punisher Limited Series. This was a character making landmark series in which a one supporting character took center stage in legendary fashion. Zeck drew the Punisher in a way that no one before had done. His detailed high velocity style made the gritty Punisher into a one man war machine that was on a clear path to his own book! The Punisher solo series would come a while later and the cover would sport the tag line “First Issue Of An Unlimited Series”. Punisher would be one of the first to graduate from a Limited Series to his own ongoing series. Personally the Punisher Limited series would be one that was on the top of my collection one of my favorite most treasured books!

Limited series are the foundation to checking the pulse of comic book fans and many series actually spawned from the limited series format. One in particular that is a favorite of mine that I wish would see a Marvel resurgence was Transformers!! Originally an awesome 4 issue limited series, Transformers went on to become an 80 plus issue regular series and even continued the numbering after the Limited series.

It’s also an excuse to show off the unbelievable cover to issue number 5!! I loved Transformers the Marvel comics series. It was one of those books I grew up on and could not wait to pick up every month! The first 25 issues are some of my favorite childhood comic memories!

In a funny homage to its limited series roots Transformers final issue #80 was headed by the line “#80 in a 4 Issue Limited Series” in a tip of the hat to its success and longer than anyone anticipated run!

In the end the Limited Series still exists in many companies..Some call it a mini series..or a maxi series or whatever you wish but the true heyday of the Limited series was the 80s and they broke ground! Heroes were created, Events exploded, and we just got to spend time with one of our favorite heroes we would not normally get to do outside of a group book. Many complain these days mini series flood the market, Look at series like the newer GI Joe, and Star Wars from DarkHorse. Too many unrelated minis flooded the market..its a different day now. I will always look back on my time spinning that spinner rack and figuring out how to maximize my 20 hard earned dollars on that grocery night on a Thursday in the 80s and treasure it!

Lock down the coordinates Heroes our transmission is complete. I know just the place where we are headed next! Till next time Heroes!


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Thx Heroes! Till next time..


Satellite Extra: By demand what the heck here are a few more you may remember! Enjoy and let me know what your favorite Limited Series was..It may appear in our pages!