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Welcome Back Heroes!! Fans of this here little blog know that when it comes to vintage action figures we could debrief all day. I have gathered the team here today in the viewing chambers for a very niche pocket of the action figure universe known as Adventure People. Settle in Heroes..OUR Adventure begins NOW!

When you consider the fact that my childhood was defined by action figures of the 1980s you will quickly understand why today’s topic is so vital to our meeting today. Like many I was raised on the classics, Star Wars, G.I.Joe, Masters Of The Universe were among my absolute favorites. Like all great toy-lines of the day these miniatures occupied hours, days and weeks of my youth. All of my friends were onboard as well. We shared the same interest in all the aforementioned franchises all of which boasted their own motion pictures, cartoons , comic books, TV shows you name it!!


One toy line that predated them all had no such media offspring and literally existed unearthed in several of my friends toy boxes waiting for me to discover them. As was such a story as with the 1975 Fisher Price Toy Collection The Adventure People! These particular toys as we would come to find out were soully responsible for adventures to come in distant barbaric planets, on battlefields across the world and in Galaxies Far Far Away…The very Genesis of our playtime in the 80s with action figures could not have occurred without these 3 ¾ inch trailblazers. Meet Fisher Prices Adventure People.




Fisher Price Banner

Transmission Date: Feb 23 2019

I constantly talk about being raised in a small town with little shopping options. I think I have established that fact in my blog chronology. Whats little know is that for the first 4 years of my life I was born in a VERY small town of Harcourt NL Canada. It wasnt until I was 4 that I moved to Clarenville, NL where I would live out my childhood and have my main growing up experiences. The majority of my action figure purchases spawned from that glorious Christmas season. While I did very well over Xmas in super isolated Harcourt when I moved to Clarenville my fortunes multiplied. I remember several of my first Christmas’s at 75 Memorial Drive, one in particular my parents went shopping and not so secretly picked out many of my Christmas gifts while I was THERE!! By bringing me to a store called Lovelesses. They had a selection of everything there including a mini Toy “Department”. Exactly 4 shelves of them to be perfectly clear. As I pointed and ogled at some of these cool-ass toys in front of me I remember pointing out the Weeble Wobble Haunted House as well as The Weeble Wobble Clubhouse. Both items became childhood favorites that far outlived their expiration as being GI Joe and Star Wars play-sets long after the Weebles went to toy heaven. As a couple of side gifts I also pointed out the Fisher Price Adventure People. They were two seemingly harmless Divers in lime green swimwear. There was a guy and a girl..I thought they were cool and guess what they magically appeared under the Christmas tree on our first Christmas in our new home! Who would have guessed Santa had been blessed with clairvoyance?

Figure set18


I had no idea or context at the time what these toys were. I just knew they were fun to play with in the bathtub and that’s all that mattered.As time passed and I was in primary school I happened upon a strange kid with quirky hair and a different kind of look. When I think back he resembled Carmine Infantino’s Luke Skywalker in the 70s Marvel Star Wars comic book. His name was Leslie Card. “Lezz” as we called him became fast friends with me and we hung out all the time as he lived just a two-minute walk from my house. Lezz came from a small town from the west coast of our island of Newfoundland and as a result had an assortment of “Different” toys! I had become a good enough friend that I was invited to one of his Birthday parties and it was one of the first times in his home. It was a Blackstar party and we watched a Blackstar VHS tape as the main event! How amazing is THAT!!


After this I frequented his house especially in the summer. It was common to just hang out in his backyard and read comics in his camper that his parents had parked in the back of the house while sipping “Hires” Root Beer. As we grew tired of reading books like Royal Roy, The Amazing Spider Ham and Wally The Wizard one day we drifted inside his house to his basement. Inside its cavernous interior of his unfinished basement / laundry area I noticed a fine stash of toys in a series of storage bins. While Lezz didn’t have the socially acceptable toys of the Town of Clarenville he had something DIFFERENT!! The first thing that grabbed me was that he had Micronauts…and plenty of them!!


Instead of He-Man toys he had Blackstar figures. There were no Go-Bots to be found but there were Shogun Warriors! This was like bizarro world for me! That being said there were a few common Star Wars toys for good measure but a few things always stood out were a fleet of vehicles…toys that I had not seen before but looked mighty cool and became playtime favorites.

Adventure People Promotional Ad

In this one box I uncovered a Sports Van, a Plane, an outdoors recreational vehicle and more. I had these to be Tonka Toys before but these were different!! These toys could fit our Star Wars figures inside them!! I had no idea what these toys were but I did note that they were very well made and colorful. We played with them all the time that summer mixing them seamlessly with our other favorite toy franchises…I would later find out that these belonged to the same family of toys as my two Divers. Remember kids these two Diver toys in particular would become VERY important to the layout of the entire Adventure People line! More on that later!


Fisher price had not been known for their action figures. Prior to this Fisher Price handled mainly young kids with their licensed lines for Sesame Street and other properties. Typically these toys were targeting pre-school children and you could spot a Fisher Price toy from a mile away. No matter where you went, schools, day cares, Doctors offices, you name it, they had some sort of Fisher Price toy looming in its fibres. The classic pop maker, and The Fisher Price Cash register were commonly found everywhere.

pop makercash register




For myself I was blessed to have had two of the coolest playsets, The Fisher Price Garage and the Sesame Street Playhouse!! Both of these sets were long time stalwarts of the Hero action figure play time sets. These always doubled for other things during play of course. The Clubhouse was always a Cobra Strong hold as it was incorporated into my main line playtime. I always imagined these item as something else and that was half the fun.

Fisher Price Sesame Street Club House


The Parking Garage was an addictive toy that involved a multi level parking garage with a working elevator to the top floor. It boasted a ramp for cars to roll down to ground level and something so simple occupied my young mind for hours. Countless minutes spent mindlessly churning the elevator bringing my mini cars or ‘Dinkies” to the top floor and then rolling them down the ramp at a high-speed! These little cars which seated exactly one Fisher Price peg figure in its seat careened from the rampway of the garage across the kitchen floor to my delight. Mindless fun…but that was the trap of Fisher Price products. They were infinitely playable, incredibly sturdy and compact and stood the test of time while other toy lines often did not survive the rigors of the toy box.

FP Garage 2

The Fisher Price figurines were iconic and unmistakable. They did not have 10,000 points of articulation…in fact the ONLY thing they could do was turn their heads! They had a peg like body with a shortened molded base to allow them to fit into their environments. The signature piece of them were the classic round head with painted face. Sometimes the heads had an accessories like a hat or a helmet which made them decipherable from others in the line. When I see these today I cant help but smile. They were incredibly basic, but that’s all 4-year-old me needed.

fp people1

Fisher Price however would not be content with simply letting their customer base walk away when they turned 6..they had to expand…they had to capture that lucrative 6-10 demographic that other companies like Hasbro and Mattel monopolized. Hence in 1975 Fisher Price unveiled a new brand of figures..a set that would change the way we play to this very day. It was here we were about see the beginning of the fall of the 12-inch giant toy..and things were about to get smaller..3 3/4 inch to be exact!!

Adventure People Store Display


Adventure People encapsulated a new shift towards action figures. Action figures and dolls mostly up to that point had been of the larger variety. G.I.Joe was a primary kids toy in the 60s and 70s with each figure looming in a 12 inch variety! The vehicles were equally as massive to fit this line. The Six Million Dollar Man line of figures debuting in 1975 as well continued on the 12 inch trend. For girls at the time Barbie was equally as sizable along with all her friends , vehicles and accessories. Big was the norm during this time so with Adventure People launching in its 3 3/4 format was considered radical at the time. The FOOLS!! No one would play with 3 3/4 inch figures…right??  Fisher Price was not known to dip its toes in the big boy toy market but maybe …just maybe kids of the 70s would want their adventures on a smaller more compact scale….and they would be RIGHT!!

Actual Star wars figures

Meanwhile Kenner, the toy company known at the time for creating The Easy Bake Oven and The Spirograph was commissioned with the task of producing a line of figures for a new Science fiction movie that was by all accounts going to be popular…little did they know HOW popular. Mego another popular toy company of the day had recently declined the contract believing that this property would be a miss financially. They had already seen decline in general toy sales so taking a gamble at an unknown property was not a gamble worth taking. Besides this Star Wars thing was like all the other movie failures at the time right? That’s where up and comer Kenner came in, yet woefully unprepared to know the challenge that was ahead. The Christmas of 1977 would be a big challenge. There was pressure on to release a Star Wars toy line for the peak shopping season and demand for Star Wars was at a fever pitch. Kenner scrambled. Now you may ask..what does this have to do with Fisher Price Adventure People??

Stra Wars Protoypes

Well when toy company designers rushed production of their figures there was no time to develop physical prototype molds as was typically done in the creation of a new line. Kenner associates instead took several Adventure People toys remodeled and repainted them into prototype Star Wars figure concepts to sell to the marketers for production. The Toys were green lit and the most successful line of action figures ever made was born…with a little nudge from the amazing Fisher Price Adventure people.

Star Wars Kenner early-mockup-11group

The 3 3/4 inch action figure market exploded! Large scale toys such as Hasbro’s G.I.Joe, Mego toys and even The Six Million Dollar Man figures would all experience a sharp and sudden decline in the scale of their format. Some toys adapted with the times while others perished. On the surface level Adventure People were basic. None of the figures even had names. Which kind of worked out because pulling one of these very similar looking figures from the toy box and trying to differentiate them with a name could be a challenge for any 7-year-old. It was best off that we named them ourselves anyways! They were differentiated by their sex this group was strictly Male and female and also very super caucasian!?? The line not known for its diversity  DID include only one African American figure named “Male Pilot”(That had two variants) as well as a black female news reporter! They also had one very cool Native American male (Not pictured) as well but that was it! None o the three figures appeared as repaints later which was a little odd! I assume we will give them a pass for the times being what they were socially but this was certainly NOT the era of diversity in which we live in now.


They reused only a small number of individual molds to make their figures. By simply repainting them and adding accessories to make them “New” figures! Before everyone gets boo boo faced and accuses Fisher Price of  high crime, at the same time the beloved GI Joe 3 3/4 inch line did the same first when they launched . If you look closely at the GI Joe line you will notice that there was a great deal of head sharing going on. (Mind out of the gutters please we are talking plastic action figure heads people!!) Hawk, and Steeler share the same head mold. Clutch and Rock and Roll are the same guy with new hair and accessories!!! I noticed this with the Fisher Price gang as well! My Male Diver figure is also the most popular retread in the whole line as he moonlights as Male Swimmer, Male astronaut, Male TV Crew, Male Construction Worker, Space Commander, X-Ray Man…well you get the point!! No one even bothered to name them! There were other variants though few and far betwen like two female molds that played and a  host of different moldslike a race car driver, a cowboy, a Kayaker and a hang glider to name the most common assortment of Adventure People varities! All of these figures were built so they could easily be repainted and repurposed in another set! It was genius when you think of it!


Another peculiarity of this line were the hands. Each figure had a hand that fit onto some sort of vehicle or corresponding accessory. This was a neat feature as unlike other toy lines at the time when you placed a figure inside a vehicle they just sat there and could not grip the wheel merely sit. Not Adventure People..these figures were meant to drive,  work and heck even paddle a canoe down river and look the part! The coolest part of Adventure People however were the playsets and vehicles!! This is where play really began. Once you moved past the idea that your Mountain Climber, Male Swimmer and The Space Commander were the SAME toy then came the mega cool rides and you were over it!


Adventure People Ad 4

The awesome Daredevil Sport Van was one that was a common find in toy boxes around my town! The classic green color with motor cycle and kayak accessories made this toy a win! The wheels and general construction looked reminiscent of the Barbie campers of the day! These toys featured very basic but iconic paper sticker decals that made these vehicles stand out!




Fisher Price Deluxe sets often came with plenty of figures and extra accessories to play with. The complete Wilderness Patrol team was one of my favorites! One incredible accessory was the Pontoon Boat that paired with the Bush plane! But separate all the vehicles and you had a boat a plane and an all terrain vehicle! Hell they even stuck a Collie in this set for good measure!!




The beauty of all these sets were they were super compatible with other figure sets of the day. Who would not have loved to have this super cool Rescue Truck for your GI Joe Medic Doc!! Come on you KNOW you would have!! How about Stalker and Gung Ho figures using all the cool Wilderness Patrol toys. These sets opened up new possibilities for your other toys that may have been collecting toy box dust!


My favorite set of all the Adventure People line however was the amazing Space Collection. With Kenner cleaning up in toy stores with their Star Wars line and other lines like BattleStar Galactica trying to take a slice to the toy profit pie.  Fisher Price entered the fray with a solid entry into the game, Adventure People: Space



Fisher Price as usual did not invest millions into making new molds for this new line of toys as with all other sets this crew was made up of repaints of the original Adventure People. Space Commander was Fisher Prices answer to Commander Adama of BattleStar fame but upon closer inspection he was merely our old friend Male Diver with a painted beard and flashy new red space duds with decals! Hang Glider Male transformed into Astro Knight! Race Car Driver became Clawtron Male! Heck Male and Female Diver became my favorite figures of the entire line with their new space garb complete with the see through green X-Ray Man and X-Ray Woman! They didnt even try to cover up the diving suits! They were literally clear green androids with robotic detailing and yellow dots literally painted over their eyes…and I loved them!!


This set didn’t just rely on its figures!! Nooooo! It also bested anything on toyshelves at that time with simply incredible vehicles!! Enter: Alpha Probe!! An incredibly designed space ship with mini adventure ship and built-in and realistic space sounds and options!



Alpha probe

Alpha Probe was the center piece to the space collection and in scale one of the largest toys in the entire collection! As with everything else in the sets its was wildly compatible with the Popular Star Wars/ Gi Joe sets of the day and just looked damn cool in anyone’s collection!

space probe ad

So your Adventure People could blast off to the stars for adventures beyond the imagination…but what happens when you get there?? They had that on lock too with more incredible set pieces, the first being the Alpha Star Space Exploration set. It came complete with the Alpha Star all terrain vehicle and full deep space exploration unit in tow! Throw in the figures, a mini explorer droid and a beast alien and this thing had it all! Oh and I didn’t mention it was motorized and could drive back and forth! These things were tough on batteries through so you would need a steady supply of D-Cell batteries to keep the action going!


Then the Alpha Interceptor! This one was a bunch of modular toys in one. It was a “Build Your Own” sort of toy that you could build basically three types of toys out of! I have not seen one of these in real life but this thing looks incredible!!



Now for kids on a budget Fisher Price also had you covered!! Fire Star 1 was a single vehicle black space ship that played well with your X-Wing and Tie Fighter battles in a Galaxy Far far Away!! It came with a connecting cable that attached to the vehicle and figure to give the illusion of weightlessness in space!! Yes that is good old reliable Male Diver as X-Ray Man inside the Astro-Suit!!


Bottom line…Adventure People were much more than a juveniles toy. The cross compatibility alone made these toys favorites during playtime back in the day! While there was plenty of cop outs design wise these toys were incredibly well build and durable. If you look around out there in that corner closet or that down stairs storage area you just may rediscover these classics! That kids…is one to grow on!


Thanks for checking out the Super-Hero Satellite! Do us a favor and drop me a comment in the box below! If you would like to chat about this article or anything retro you can find me on Twitter @charlton_hero! Give me a follow!! You wont be sorry…at least not right away! Till Next Time Heroes!



Welcome back Heroes! The Satellite has been receiving transmissions from an obscure planet far off of our radar. Our research team has pulled a secret file from our command centers database. We have determined the transmission comes from a planet known as Gobotron! Home World Of The GoBots! Lets see what our research team has uncovered. Remember its full disclosure Heroes, the information contained comes from our Satellites Forgotten Files deep in our archives.

Transmission Date Aug. 25, 2013

Many know the names Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, and MegaTron! They were the long celebrated TRANSFORMERS!, Robots in disguise! Large robots from another planet who can alter their form to disguise themselves as human vehicles or weapons!  Before these names became engrained into the collective minds of pop culture there was Leader1, Turbo, Scooter, and Cy-Kill! They were the Go-Bots and they brought the transforming robot craze to America long before their Auto Bot and Decepticon counterparts. They were the Go-Bots and they were awesome!

Created in Japan in 1983 by Popy , the Machine Robo line was launched. Tonka would strike first in the transforming robot war by grabbing the rights to bring the line to America ahead of their Transformers rivals. In 1984 America got its first taste of The Go-Bots! The small action figure sized robots transformed with two to three simple moves. This would far differ from the monsterously complex transformers line released later. The line gave the toys uniqueness by giving each Go-Bot a name and a group affiliation. Like The AutoBots and the Decepticons the Go-Bots had two unique factions. The good guys were the Guardians, led by the aptly named Leader 1 (A Jet Plane), The Guardian ranks also included Turbo (Red Sports Car), Scooter (A Scooter!) and many others.


The Core Go-Bots


The Bad Guys known as The Renegades consisted of evil leader Cy-Kill (Did anyone guess he was a Motorcycle?). Cop-Tur (A simple minded Helicopter), and Crasher (A Black Car to compete with Turbo!) These were your core group however the line itself was massive and produced hundreds of new Go-Bots to join the ranks. There were many variations on the toy as they had Super Go-Bots, Puzzler Go-Bots, Command Centers , Power Suits and even Rock Lords! More on that later! Go-Bots were every where you looked!

I was always a Go-Bot fan. When Transformers came to my market I cried RIP OFF!! My favorite was Leader 1 and to me Optimus Prime was a second rate rip off who just happened to be 9 times as expensive, 5 times the size, and far more complicated to transform! (Of course in recent times I have rethought my hypothesis on who was better but I digress.) I was a Go-Bots fan and even though my friends were introducing more and more Transformers into the play mix I was a staunch supported of The Guardians! I remember vividly having Leader One, CyKill, Fitor and  Crasher, I even had the Giant editions which were far superior to their micro incarnations. They still featured the great transforming simplicity which I demanded!

The original GoBots toy commercial exploded on to TV screens and it was sure to draw eyes of kids all around America! Gobots merchandise was every where. Toys, Models, shirts, Lunch Boxes, posters..GoBots had arrived!!

The initial comercials showcased the various characters!> This one is my personal favorite of all the Go-Bots commercial! I wanted to be that kid!

The coolest Toy of mine in the Go-Bot collection was certainly my GoBot Command Center! One of my friends traded this one away to me and boy did I love that toy!!

Of course I fondly remember a 7th grade trip to NY city due to the massive toy haul I brought back including the GoBots Power Warrior!! The power suits attached to this toy was perfect for GI Joe figures as well! Loved it!

Power Warrior was incredible and was the crown jewel in my GoBots collection! It consisted of a huge robot and its limbs were called power suits which the GoBots could suit up in and all combine into Power Warrior!!

The large scale Go-Bots were often slightly more complex in its transforming abilities and were very cool streamlined versions of their mini counterparts! I had several of these my favorites being of course Leader 1 and Cy-Kill. The Super sized Cy-Kill in particular was amazing!

My Interest in Go-Bots would explode however in 1984 when local cable station ASN (Atlantic Satellite Network) debuted the newest animated cartoon by my favorite animation brand Hanna-Barbera! The show was called The Challenge Of The Go-Bots and it blew my 10 year old mind!

To me Challenge of The GoBots was my favorite show at the time! the plot was fairly simple. Satellite computers engage Wikipedia Plot Summary!

“In the series’ backstory, set thousands of years ago on the planet GoBotron, there lived a race of human-like beings known as GoBings. Civil war erupted on the planet when the power-hungry terrorist group known as the Renegades arose, led by a madman dubbed the “Master Renegade“, who waged war against the peaceful Guardians. When a Renegade sabotage operation inadvertently resulted in a gigantic asteroid colliding with GoBotron, the natural disasters that resulted from the asteroid’s impact pushed the GoBings to the verge of extinction. However, the genius who became known as the “Last Engineer” saved his people, taking his experiments to replace parts of his own body with mechanical substitutes to the ultimate extent and transferring the GoBings brains into large robot bodies known as “GoBots“. The GoBot forms possessed an additional ability; after being run through the device named the Modifier, the GoBots‘ bodies were able to transform into other vehicles. His work done, the Last Engineer intended to retreat to a pre-prepared workshop elsewhere in the galaxy, but the Master Renegade stole his ship and escaped in his stead. The Last Engineer placed himself into suspended animation beneath the surface of GoBotron, while above, the war continued to rage between the Guardians and the Renegades, now all encased in GoBot shells. Credit Wikipedia

In the last quarter of the 20th Century, the planet Earth became involved in the conflict between Leader-1’s Guardians and Cy-Kill’s Renegades. During one of these battles, one of Leader-1’s lieutenants, Turbo, became severely damaged. Unwilling to let his friend and teammate die, Leader-1 began his quest to find the legendary Last Engineer. Leader-1 found the person he believed to be the Last Engineer, but Leader-1 had unwittingly released the Master Renegade (though he did repair Turbo to gain the Guardians’ trust). The Guardians later found the true Last Engineer, who was instrumental in frustrating the alliance between Cy-Kill’s Renegades and the Master Renegade. The Master Renegade later escaped the custody of the Renegades, and plagued both factions, notably attacking the UniCom colony of New Earth.Thx Wikipedia..couldnt have said it better myself!

This show ran daily Monday to Friday after school in ASN’s cartoon block which was always amazing! Their line up boasted shows like Robotech, Jemm and The Holograms, Transformers, BraveStarr, Snorks, Turbo Teen, and plenty more! GoBots however was one of my all time favorites! The GoBots came to earth and defended it bravely all the while making human friends who were your overly generic Hanna Barbera cast offs Nick, AJ and Matt. They were classic 80s stereotypes with the bright colored high collared jackets and very basic attire. Of course the humans were a constant source of concern for the Guardians who spent much of their time saving their friends and their home world.

Cy-Kill would also make friends with the humans namely the diabolical and not so trust worthy Dr. Braxis! The evil Doctor would willingly assist the Renegades. Braxis however could only be trusted when he was not in jeopardy himself. Braxis often foiled the Renegades plots to protect himself much to Cy-Kills dismay. Braxis level of evil brilliance kept the renegades coming back to him in times of need despite his short comings.

Surprisingly the series had a decent sense of continuity and often did multipart story arcs, my most fondly remembered storyline was the iconic 5 part`GOBOTRON SAGA! It is the best of the best in regards to the franchise and rather than me telling you all about it lets fire up the Satellite Theater deck and receive the transmissions of this epic storyline right to screens. Enjoy!


The GoBots popularity was huge especially in Canada! Tonka had a certified hit in the toy market and Challenge of the GoBots was a big win on the small screen. There was only one more step to take..The Big Screen. GoBots went Hollywood in what is both a big deal for the franchise and its final death knell all at once. GoBots : Battle Of The Rock Lords . This was released prior to the very good Transformers The Movie, but unlike their AutoBot bretheren, The GoBots movie was a flop. It pulled in a meager  1.5 million in America. Lets let the fine folks of Wikipedia tell us all about its plot!

“The Guardian Gobots are continuing their work on rebuilding their home planet of Gobotron when a mysterious ship crashes on the planet. Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter investigate, and find it to be occupied by a pair of transforming rocks – Solitaire and her valet Nugget. They have come seeking the Guardians’ help to save their planet from the evil Rock Lord Magmar, who is killing the other Rock Lords in order to take their power sceptres. He places these in a machine designed to channel all their power into his own sceptre. The Guardians agree to help, but the conversation is spied upon by the Renegade Fitor. Gobotron is soon attacked by the Renegade fleet, and Cy-Kill and a team of Renegades capture Solitaire, Small Foot, Nick and A.J. With Nugget as their guide, Leader-1, Turbo and Matt set off on a rescue mission. Back on Quartex, the only obstacle facing Magmar is Boulder’s group of Rock Lords, who set off to draw Magmar into battle.” Credit: Wikipedia

“Meanwhile, Cy-Kill attempts to get information out of Solitaire, and despite her best efforts manages to link up with Magmar and strike an alliance, turning the battle against Boulder. The good Rock Lords flee, and after their defeat at the hands of the Renegades are initially very skeptical about the Guardians’ intentions when they land on Quartex. However, they too form an alliance, and march on Magmar’s headquarters. However, when they get there Magmar is able to take Boulder’s sceptre from him, and activate the machine. Cy-Kill betrays Magmar, taking the weapon for himself, but is defeated by Leader-1, and the power is dissipated. The Renegade prisoners are released, and the Gobots return to Gobotron.” Credit: Wikipedia

I watched this movie in theaters upon its release and I do have to say it was abysmal. i was let down and the Rock Lord characters introduced were soulless creations and were the final straw for the toy line as well. The Rock Lords toy were duds to go along with the movie. I unfortunately had these toys but these were NOT my GoBots. Transformers had made their move into the expanding toy market as well their TV show was a huge smash with kids. The Transformers found a larger audience and had an essence of cool. Transformers The Movie also sparked controversy and fan interest as their main character Optimus Prime was killed off in the film. The film performed far better than Rock Lords but still did not have a great time at the box office just falling short of its production budget. Transformers:The Movie has gone on to cult status among fan boys while GoBots: Battle Of The Rock Lords lives in practical historical obscurity..and maybe rightfully so. See for yourself below!


With interest waning and the popularity of The Transformers now in clear dominance of the toy and TV industry race Challenge Of The GoBots ended its run after an impressive 65 episode run with its final episode “Quest For New Earth”. Challenge Of The GoBots lives on online, and is readily available on YouTube, as well on the Torrenting black market.  There are several VHS format video tapes in the secondary markets and on EBay as well Hanna-Barbera released a Challenge Of The GoBots DVD which contains the original GoBots miniseries, the first 5 episodes of the series.

The Toy line had hit its cresendo as well, pushed out of the toy market, Tonka aborted the GoBots line in 1987 and was sold to Hasbro in 1991 who did nothing with the property. In the late 2000’s the Transformers line included a “GoBots” line which had nothing to do with the original GoBots line of toys or characters but were rather smaller versions of Transformers aimed a a younger audience.

As we place the Lost File back into our database it is interesting to look back at the ORIGINAL “Robots In Disguise”  Robot Toy line. GoBots toys  and the cartoon show is a fond memory I will always have. I am in the minority on this but I got much more enjoyment from GoBots over their popular rivals the Transfomers! That may be sacrilege in many fans eyes but I would rather be a Guardian than an Autobot anyday! Go GoBots!

Recalculating position, back to the command deck heroes, I have an idea of where we are going next..till then Subscribers!

Transmission End:

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Satellite Extra: Here’s some very cool GoBots related obscure merchandise. Did you have any of this great stuff as a kid? How about this mega cool GoBots T shirt!

Transformers  also had a mini line to offset their Go-Bot competitors that were extremely easy to transform and were geared to the younger audience! I had the UFO and Tank Transformers They were crazy cool! However I remember my Tank being red? Hmmm.

Nothing cooler than coloring GoBots! Check out the cool Cop-Tur and Turbo on the cover! GoBots coloring books!

Rare GoBots magazines are to this day very hard to come by!

Finally a rare pic of the Challenge Of The GoBots cast! Love this one!

Go Bots main

Take Care Satellite Subscribers..hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I did making it!

SpaceKnight Arrival.

Welcome back Satellite subscribers, today we have set our coordinates to a planet far beyond our known universe called Galador. This planet is special as it protected by an awesome force known as the Space Knights Like every planet of course it has its problems, for Galadorian’s the biggest problem are an energy based alien race known as the Dire Wraiths. Galadors Knights lead by the Greatest Space Knight of them all, ROM were not only able to handily defeat their enemy and protect their home world but vowed to hunt any remaining Dire Wraiths across the galaxy until the very last one had been destroyed. Strap in tight Heroes as we span the galaxy for Dire Wraiths and explore the world and genesis of ROM: Space Knight!

Transmission Date: 04/04/2013

ROM: Parker Brothers attempt to join the Action Figure market.

ROM was a comic series based on an Action Figure created by high profile Board Game developers Parker Brothers. In 1979 the gaming company decided to test the waters outside of the normal series of games and jump into the Action Figure market which had exploded in the late 70s with franchises like Star Wars had conquered. Robots and space adventure toys were big at the time and co-creators Scott Dankman, Richard C. Levy, and Bryan L. McCoy developed a Robot of their Very own. The result was COBOL (Named after the computer programming language) a 13 inch “Gun Silver” robot loaded with every possible accessory a kid could want in a space toy. The name COBOL would be replaced with the more mainstream friendly ROM (Which still maintained the computer reference they wanted) ROM featured a Translator which allowed the robot to be able to decipher any language on any planet! An Energy Analyzer would also come in handy while tracking down those energy based aliens the Dire Wraiths. With one scan of the analyzer COBOL could uncover any Dire Wraith hiding in human form and draw them out of hiding to be finally destroyed with COBOLs ultimate accessory. The weapon of choice would be The Neutralizer. Fast and efficient this weapon could reduce any bad guy to rubble in no time.

ROM came equipped with numerous accessories!

ROM was NOT a run away hit as the toy itself failed to find a strong audience. Part of the problem was the Toy itself. Big and awkward, ROM as an action figure was a stand alone toy and did not have any other counter parts or bad guys you could buy to play with ROM. He was also poorly articulated with range limited to his hips, knee joints and arms moved only at the shoulders. The accessories, sounds and lights however were the strong selling point of the toy. Watch the detailed review below which details all the selling points and downfalls of this unique toy.

Parker Brothers realizing that their toy needed to reach the proper demographic approached Marvel Comics Group to commission a Comic Book series detailing the adventures of their newest creation. Marvel Comics were at the time riding high on the success of their acquisition of the rights to publish the Star Wars Comic Book took the task of creating a world and set of supporting characters for ROM. Provided with a bare boned skeleton of an origin writer Bill Mantlo and artist Sal Buscema mapped out a fantastic origin for the character. Major changes were introduced by Marvel from the original concept created by Parker Brothers. ROM was no longer a Robot he was a human like being who choose to defend his planet by volunteering to be bonded with this Galadorian armor and spend his life protecting his home world by hunting their enemies across the universe until his people are safe from the threat of an invasion. The concepts of the home world of Galador and the Dire Wraith enemies were maintained in the Marvel interpretation of the origin. Published with a cover date of Dec. 1979 ROM #1 would arrive in style on spinner racks across America.

ROM SpaceKnight 1st Issue of a classic Comic Book Series

The comic book series would long outlive the toy. Sadly the toy reportedly sold a mere 200,000 to 300,000 units far below the expectations of Parker Brothers and they discontinued the toy line of ROM figures. The Comic Book however would last many years and finally end its run at a very respectable 75 issues ending its run in Feb. of 1986.

ROM comics. A must have for ROM fans!

ROM was one of those comics that began as a “Toy book” and grew beyond that label into a respected title and became entrenched into the Marvel Universe. For all intents and purpose ROM was a Marvel Superhero. Marvel would be sure to put ROM smack dab in the middle of the Marvel Universe and he would often interact with the Marvel Heroes. ROM fought side by side with the X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Power Man and Iron Fist, and even locked horns with Galactus!

ROM meets Power Man and Iron Fist

From my own perspective ROM was a fun book. As a comic fan I would get the scattered issue of ROM when perusing the spinner racks of my local drug store. I did not collect the book monthly though. I remember fondly getting ROM #1 in a Comic Book Collectors Set from Sears one year in the late 1980s . The set in the catalogue boasted that it came with I believe, 25 rare comic books which included valuable #1s. The majority of the titles were worthless even as reading material, however upon opening the box I did get Savage She-Hulk #1 and ROM #1. The cover of ROM was powerful and artist Sal Buscema was a master at making this simple Toy Robot look epic in every panel. The opening page of ROM #1 alone set the tone of the book as ROM lands on Earth like a Phoenix rising from the fire and the title banner “Arrival” let the reader know that this book was serious.

Sal Buscema nailed ROM to the tee especially in his first ever panel of ROM issue one. ROM looked far cooler than the toy ever did!

Some of my favorite ROM Stories were issues #1 and 2 which heralded the Arrival of Rom and introduced not only ROM but his life Long supporting character Brandy Clarke. ROMs initial interaction with humans is humorous in that humans fear the metal warrior as they see him disintegrate a series of humans with his Neutralizer. Not understanding that evil Dire Wraiths had disguised themselves as human earthlings were shivering in their boots as ROM terminated these supposed humans at point blank on the streets of their town.

Dire Wraiths were no match for ROM!

Other issues of note were issues #17 and #18 which brings ROM together with the X-Men as both hunt down a Dire Wraith known as Hybrid. The alien is able to combat ROM and The X-Men by manipulating the weather and creating confusion between the heroes. A little tussle between ROM and Colossus adds to the fun of this issue.

ROMs encounters with the X-Men were always interesting.

ROMS constant longing to shed the armor and return to his home world of Galador in peace is always central to the character and is another favorite collection of issues. Issues #68 (Trapped Between Man and Machine!) #43 (Freed Of The Armor) #48 (Fight No More) and #75 (Final Issue) all deal with ROMs want to finally return to normal and return to life as it was.

ROM longed to one day free himself of his armor and become a Galadorian again!

ROM gets his wish, armor no more!

Shortly after the release of ROMs final issue ROM would never appear regularly again and the last appearance of ROM (In Galadorian human form) would be at the wedding of Hulks best friend Rick Jones as he wished the bride and Groom best wishes. Marvel would soon lose the rights to use the ROM character after the cancellation of the series and thus would no longer be allowed to be referenced under the name ROM. The character itself would be written out of the Marvel Universe in a Mini Series called Space Knights in which ROM (No longer referenced by that name) is attacked while piloting a space craft was attacked by a Knight Wraith and was apparently destroyed and presumed dead.

Fans have since clamored for the return of the Space Knight and have been agonizingly been teased with Easter Eggs on TV shows such as ROBOT CHICKEN and South Park (Rom is seen in a 3 Part episode titled Imagine Land)

South Park meets our SpaceKnight

as well as Marvels own Silver Surfer Animated series. In The Season 1 Episode 5 titled Learning Curve ROM can be seen strolling leisurely in the background at the 4:55 mark!.

Heres the clip of hidden ROM from the video above for those who are too lazy for videos and stuff!

So ROM looked to be retired to our memories, back issues and fan blogs. Would we ever see our favorite SpaceKnight in action again? Well..maybe! Marvel Comics may have given us a red herring when creating a new mini series in 2013 called the Age Of Ultron. In some of the teaser images Marvel showed a giant board with pictures of hundreds of Marvel characters that may have been victims Ultron. Among these..a picture of ROM..his first real appearance as “ROM” in a Marvel comics in a long number of years! Could it be? Was ROM back!

ROM seemingly returned in 2013 in Marvels event mini series Age of Ultron..or did he?

Buzz made the rounds in social media that ROM was coming back in this mini series when suddenly for reasons unbeknownst to this writer Marvel swiftly changed the name ROM showcased of the panel to IKON, a lesser know SpaceKnight in the Marvel Universe and conspiracy theories ran wild.

Fans hopes for a ROM return were dashed when ROMs names were removed and altered to read IKON? Speculation was rampant why the change was made at the last minute!

Did Marvel try to slide a fast one past rights owners and throw a Easter Egg at fans hoping no one would notice? Clearly they noticed and fans were ready for ROM to return. No one at this point could confirm the reason for the switch but one thing was for sure it lead a rekindled hope that we may someday soon see the real ROM return to the hallowed pages of Marvel Comics! This guy hopes so!

So to any Dire Wraiths out there..dont get too comfortable because soon..very soon..our Gun Silver hero will one day make his return..then shit is on!

Our time on Galador is complete Heroes, prepare for departure, Satellite take us home!

Transmission Ended..

Ahhh hell as a special treat for Satellite Subscribers..heres the ROM bio. Enjoy..

Freebie for Satellite Fans!

For more of my thoughts on ROM and some different ROM material check out my original ROM post at my favorite Retro website, My article can be found here enjoy!

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Satellite activate. Welcome back Satellite Subscribers. Grab your sword and shield heroes as we are about to go waaaaay back in time to one of my fondest memories as a comic book kid. Comic book ads were always a sense of wonder for me and I scanned some of the ads more than some of the comics that they housed. One set of ads that always haunted me were TSRs Roleplaying game ads for the classic game Dungeons and Dragons. I played D&D twice in my life officially with actual gamers. The other times I do not count as the individuals I played with had no idea how to role play. This set of ads drew me in like the Death Star tractor beam, but I have never had them all in front of me at one time to actually read the story beginning to end. Thanks to the folks over at Crunchy Dice website ( who so lovingly preserved these ads. So if you have always wanted to read these things from start to finish in chronological order..the time is now. Seat belts secure..lets go back in time.

Transmission date: March 2 2013:

The first ad was admittedly a little rough. The art would improve in later ads but this is the official first appearance of Grimslade the Magician, Indel the Elf, and Valerius the Warrior as they use their cunning to defeat a slime monster and a castle full of green slime.

No questions the group is joined by Saren literally out of no where as poor Indel the Elf is devoured by the dripping green slime. Luckily the healing Cleric powers of Saren saves our Elven friend from certain doom! You never know when you will need a random Healer in your group!

That silly Elf Indel has gone missing clearly still dazed by his slime experience while the others run into a wave of Goblins who do not stand a chance against Grimslade the magician. Beginning to wonder does Valerius actually do anything with that sword? Hmmm. Mean while we see Indel fall into a pit only to go face to face with a Red Dragon! Easter egg: Check out Indels red lipstick as he falls. Hmmm.

Our mace wielding female healer Saren, apparently has abilities not only to heal but to see through doors and picks up Indels location long enough for the noble Valerius to burst through the heavy wooden door to stop the certain doom of Indel at the hands of the Red Dragon. The Dragon sees Valerius is sporting the Great Sword Naril and backs off. The group celebrates their victory as they round up Indel and head out of the slime, goblin and dragon filled castle to relax in the warmth of Gavins inn. The first adventure comes to a close. The art at this point has improved significantly and their use of panel layouts and even the lettering are up to standard by this time!

Forget relaxation our band of Dungeon thrill seekers are remembering how they came together after they were introduced by Grimslades Mentor Grindel, a fellow magician. We see some backstory with student and mentor as Grindel predicts Grimslade will one day be a great Wizard and shows how he bestowed on him the Fabulous Heart of Mekron. With all their memories set aside for the evening the group is suddenly visited by the ghost of Grindel. But what does this mean for our group?

The group deciding that they need to help their old friend Grindel after their ghostly visit at Gavins Inn set out to find Grindel and get him out of trouble. However in the dark forest has someone or something guarding it. Werewolves! The group is suddenly attacked and it looks like Indel and Saren are in some trouble! The art by this point was good enough to be in an indy book. The characters look more defined and all the way around the board we have us a good series.

Honestly I have never seen this particular ad before so this is actually my first read of this one. Loving it too! Anyways back to the story. The powerful Werewolf Oakthorn and his companion are handily defeated by the girl Saren and Elf Indel by simply moving out of the way casting a spell and slashing at them unsuccessfully! The Werewolves are run off and the group is alive no thanks to Grimslade and the powerful do nothing warrior Valerius. But wait what is that up they move carefully through the Blackswamp of Lobella, Grimslade spots the Mountains of Ash..can Grindel be there? Spoiler alert. No!

Apparently Evil forces are at work in the mountains and suddenly….AVALANCHE!! Saren the female healer is down..possible exhausted dodging those pesky Werewolves. Never fear Valerius, who is well rested at this point carries her to safety. The situation is grim and Indel the Elf is not even in the picture, maybe buried in the Avalanche. Grimslade opens up a Dimensional door using his magic scroll and whisks the company to an ancient castle where they remain to this day as the series of ads came to a grinding halt unresolved.

So ends the series and this Satellite Transmission I just wish someone out there who has some artistic ability would publish at least one more page to wrap this story up! Any takers? Ill even publish it on the Superhero Satellite. So our mission ends again heroes with fond memories of reading stacks of books and just wishing I had some extra cash to order these wonderful items from the back of the comics. Till next time, The Charlton Hero has other worlds to save.

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Transmission Ended.

Transmission Date: Dec. 20 2012

Top 10 best Xmas presents ever!Everyone has their favorite memories of Xmas morning and opening those cool toys that many of us wish we still had. Strap in Heroes we are on the way back to 10 different Xmas days in the life of your narrator. Enjoy!

10. The Power Glove: What has not been said about the Power Glove? the commercials, the comic book ads, the Movie “The Wizard” and praised the virtues of this revolutionary new glove that would change the face of gaming..the POWER GLOVE for the NES system. The glove promised to replace the controller and put power right literally in your hands. It did..somewhat. The Power Glove looked cool. I mean this thing was the talk of the room when people would come over during Xmas. I was proud of my Power well I was the ONLY one of my friends with it! The Xmas it debuted this thing was in low supply. No stores in my town had any. It came down to one late night viewing of the Home Shopping Network in Canada that my mother scored me one of these bad boys. I was literally jumping up and down at receiving this gift then I played it.

The Glove came packed with a sensor bar that was to be velcroed to the side of your TV and could adjust to fit any TV set of the day. It also came with a code book that contained many codes from the most popular titles the NES had in its library. You could strap this thing to your arm and enter the code and you were ready to `Play with Power. The Glove was a dud. It was very limited in range and would drop out regularly if you went out of range of the sensors on your tv. The trick was to open up the senors as far as possible even if you had a small TV to broaden your range and eliminate drop out. It was not uncommon for the game code to drop out altogether and you would have to stop mid game and clumsily plug in the code in the key pad that rested on the sleeve of the glove.

The Movie the Wizard deceptively showed a young child using the glove for the game Rad Racer and I will admit to watching that scene more than a hundred times but after two days with the Glove and using that same game Rad Racer I quickly discovered that holly magic had made the Glove appear like something other than what it was. Clumsy, choppy, and unreliable. Shame cause I still love my Power Glove but its much better sitting in its box than in use. There is nothing quite like strapping it on for the first time.

9. Stretch Monster: For those who did not have a Stretch Armstrong toy in the very late 70s and early 80s than you really missed out. Stretch Armstrong was a super hero who could stretch great lengths and wrap himself around anything. One problem with Stretch was that he was alone. He was a one man universe that is until his nemesis was created and launched into retail stores. Stretch Monster was mean, he was green and he was incredibly HEAVY. The Armstrong toys were filled with a green gelatinous substance which weighed a small ton and made these toys difficult to manipulate right out of the box.

It was a real treat to play with both figures at one time. You could twist pull, and tug these figures. If you grabbed these figures by their arms you could actually stretch them quite far. I was very proud of my Stretch Armstrong and when I got my Stretch Monster to complete the set I was overjoyed. I played with these figures a much so That Stretch Armstrong began to show cracks under his arms and his green ooze began to seep out and finally lead Armstrong to an early grave. Stretch Monster seemed to last substantially longer but met his demise on show and tell day at elementary school. I still have not completely forgiven Trent for over stretching Monster and almost ripping his arm off. I did ever thing I could to repair him but the material that the figure was made up of was unrepairable. R.I.P. Stretch and Monster you were good friends.

8. GI Joe Skystriker: Let me say this. There was no a better toy line in the 1980s than GI Joe. The Joes waged war against terrorist group numero one..COBRA! The GI Joe line was extensive and featured some of the best action figures and vehicles, the best of which was the SkyStriker. The toy was a massive, was a white fighter jet that was loaded with missles. It also came with a unique figure only to the Jet named Ace who was equipped with two parachutes! Friggin awesome are the only words appropriate for this toy. It was very large and cumbersome at times to play with but it was a center piece to any action figure fan. You knew shit was about to go down if I busted out my SkyStriker.My satisfaction exploded with this toy when it was accompanied by its nemesis, Cobras answer to the SkyStriker was the Rattler. When these to vehicles waged air combat it was sure to be a great time. GI Joe was hot and so was its robust toy and comic book line. Cool features included pop out wings, it was fully loaded with missles, and featured a cool interior cockpit and ejector seat. If you can find one intact online for a decent price..hell even one for a super over the top expensive price tag, just buy this bad boy. It will not dissapoint. In an unrelated incident my Ace figure just recently died i action (broke) while on duty near my washer and dryer in the hands of my 4 year old son. Yo Joe!


7.Mego KISS Gene Simmons Demon. 1980 I was very young and had no idea who KISS was. What I did know was that this figure I got for one of my first Xmas gifts was crazy looking and looked awesome. Plus he went well with my Bionic Man collection and was a great heel to Steve Austin. It would be years after when this toy was long gone in the trash I discover what I really had. First I loved MEGO figures. I had SpiderMan, Batman, Superman, and Robin. This one however was massive. It was Barbie size and was dressed in a chain mail like clothing, with shiny silver boots and crazy hair. I called him simply Kiss.

I fell out of favor quickly with the Kiss doll as parts of the costume began to fall apart. Gene had a chain on his figure that just didnt want to stay on the toy. The boots ripped easily and soon Demon looked like he was on skid row minus a pot to piss in. Looking back at pictures though this toy stood out as easily one of my bragging rights and would be more appreciated years later especially when one of my first records happened to be Kiss Love Gun!

6. Weebles haunted House. This may seem like a wild card pick but this house kicked some serious ghost like butt. The House itself was plently of Weeble fun. Weebles were weighted egg shaped characters who could not tip over as they were designed to always bounce back up. The Weebles playsets were always well designed. I was lucky enough to have the Jungle Tree House and of course The haunted house. The house was very portable but when it opened up it was great. It had a hidden wall. A fun house mirror revolving bookcase. A chimney that acted as a slide to another floor. It also came with a glow in the dark ghost weeble.

The Weebles I honestly could have cared less for however the house was a playset for my massive GI Joe and Star Wars collections. Many scary adventures played out in those hallowed halls. At the time in my town there were very few places to actually shop and you were limited as to what you could buy without traveling to the city to hit the big box stores but that could be pretty costly. Well it seems that Santa shopped at a place called `Loveless and Sons which carried a back load of different toys. I knew that because I was brought there as a kid and asked quite bluntly if I liked this toy or that toy, not putting two and two together that I was agreeing to my own Christmas list. I chose wisely at a young age! Got some wicked Fisher Price stuff that trip too! Self High Five!

5. Transformers Megatron Mega friggin tron. Early Transformers were some of the coolest hard to find toys of the 80s. Megatron is no different. Megatron is in his original gun format and not the stupid helicopter of the movie fame. These are now collectors items and at the time as well Transformers had not began to air as a cartoon in our market as Go-Bots had been the robots in disguise of choice that my fave tv network choose to carry. I did see the commercials and I knew all about transformers from catalogues, and toy shelves at our two discount stores in our town. One Xmas morning I woke up to that bad boy and I was pumped.

Megatron is an impressive looking gun. Shiny silver, with a sick Decepticon logo on the side as well. Megatron came with a weird attachment that hooked on to the back of the gun that was really of no use. It extended the gun but servered no real use and to my knowledge was never seen in the show. The Transformation process was ackward as well. Megatron was incredibly difficult to turn into robot mode and once he was back into gun form parts such as his leg would easily disengage. Megatron did NOT look like his cartoon counter part at all and when transformed looked like he had a giant trigger unit between his legs that stood out prominently. The guns scope acted as a giant arm cannon for the toy. I still loved it..or at least consistently reminded myself that I should. Megatrons legs after constant use became loose and Megatron lost the ability to stand up and has long been sentenced to the Charlton Hero glue factory for toys.


4. Robotech Figure Collection. Robotech was one of my all time favorite TV cartoons. The toy line however was not something easy to come by in my town during the mid 80s. In fact there was NO Robotech merchandise of any sort available in any store in my location. One of the big xmas events in our town was the arrival of the Sear Xmas catalogue, aka “The Wish Book”. THese toys appeared for one year only and never returned. Robotech in my town was rare. To like the show was considered fringe because Anime back in 1986 had not become popularized as it is today. Robotech to many of my friends was the cartoon where everyone had big eyes and big hair and their dialogue was out of sync with the mouths of the characters. I loved it. It was my soap opera and better than any cartoon I had ever watched.

So I discovered the mother load carefully hidden in my spare bedroom weeks before Xmas and would often sneak a look at the toys every chance I got. I could not wait to get these figures. I had every one of the figures available, plus a Bioroid, and a Robotech Masters battle tank. Even though I ruined my surprise for Xmas it didnt matter cause now my GI Joes had some extra fire power! The Joes with the help or Rick, Roy, Max, Scott, and Zor took on the Zentradi several times over that Xmas even leading to wanna be Zentradi leader Kyrhon doing a suicide run of my GI Joe headquarters. Fun times. These figures looking back were very basic and most of them shared the same mold. They did not hold their guns properly and the joints went loose very quickly. But it was one of the best figure lines I could remember from my childhood. Thank you Matchbox..I am still waiting on that Veritech. If anyone has one and wants to give it away I will accept free donations..LOL.

3. Snake Mountain: Skeletors answer to Castle Grey Skull. This was an eye catching piece if there ever was one and my interest in He-Man was at an all time high. I had almost the full line with the glaring exceptions of Merman and Man At Arms!??  I had Castle Grey Skull but battles in that set were getting old. In fact He-Man itself was on a personal down turn in terms of my interest until Snake Mountain. Complete with large Snakes , a jail cell and a moving Snake head mouth in the middle of the set. It was neat compact and its best feature was its own built in boom mic which allowed the players to speak in a deep scary echo like tone. That feature was the drawing card for all my friends.

I still have this set and it is an amazing toy that seems to catch any kid who sees it. Even though my He-Man collection has dwindled over the last 15 years this set always brings me back to Eternia where men were men and the evil forces of Skeletor ran wild!



2.The Giant Size MR. T Doll. The A-Team was an incredible show in the 80s. Our heroes of the Los Angeles under ground were hotter than hell and none hotter than Mr. T himself! He played B.A. Barackas, the muscle behind the A-Team with a big fear of flying. Mr. T was known for his style. He had a serious mowhawk, he wore overalls with big white sports socks and buried himself in gold. Mr. T was a massive TV icon who could not be missed on TV during the 80s. With his signature line “I pity the fool” T resonated with TV audiences of the day.A-Team experimented with several variations of action figures. They had all sizes from your standard GI Joe size set, to the bigger He-Man size collection. Then came the Giant Sized Mr. T.

This toy was amazing. It did all things a regular action figure could do and was loaded with accessories. The T doll suffered the same fate as the Kiss Demon mentioned above as there were no other figures released. It was not a official A-Team toy even though it was featured with the A-team figures on Toy shelves. So Mr T. became a wrestler in my fantasy wrestling league with a bunch of my large LJN wrestling figures. Still poor Mr. T was too big. Eventually, his overalls would fall apart, earrings went missing, and to the closet went T. This doll is still somewhere naked and alone. Sad the rest of the A-Team were never made as this would have been an impressive collection. The You tube video below is kind of sad as two boys play with the giant sized Mr T very ackwardly. Really what do you do with him? Still damn cool and one of my faves.

1.The Death Star Space Station. Bar None the BEST Toy I ever got for Xmas in the VERY early 80s. I had not seen Star wars at that point but had seen clips, I had the toys and even a few comics. As said before stores that carried a good selection of toys were few and far between and I didnt even realize this toy existed. As I opened it I can remember the shock. I was amazed. The box was big under the Xmas tree and never in my dreams did I think it was a Star Wars toy! I had all the toys from that year, Luke , Han, Leia, C3P0, Chewbacca, Vader, Storm Troopers you name them I had them. Now I had the grandest stage of them all, the fuckin Death Star. Sorry about the profanity but its applicable in this case!

The Death Star was immense three levels of fun. It had all the good scenes built in from the movie, The Trash compactor with trash monster and loads of foam pieces that resemble trash. It had a huge elevator. It had a deck where Luke and Leia could swing across just like the movie! It had the giant cannon..this was jacked! It remains the one toy that I have yet to see in person since. This set last for years and played until play could not happen on it anymore. If I could recommend a vintage toy this would be it! For the pure Xmas adrenaline rush and the biggest POP I ever actually gave a Xmas present the Death Star deserves my first place finish!

I am sure everyone has their own toy list as well. This was my list of the toys I felt the biggest connection with upon opening them. I am sure this is not even close to a top ten toy list but it is simply my favorite memories of those shiny presents under the Xmas tree in my youth that I can still vividly remember to this very day. I now feel like Kevin’s narrator on the Wonder Years when I say now that Xmas means more to me watching my own kids light up with surprise and wonder. So to all my Satellite Heroes I wish you all a very merry Xmas and to those not into that a very Happy holiday season! See ya in the new year!

Transmission ended.

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