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Welcome back Subscribers! Hope everyone is loaded with X-Mas cheer as we rotate the Satellite around the North Pole. I am solo in the command deck as the crew are deep in cryo sleep with dreams of sugar plums dancing in their heads. If you have not guessed this post is about a reflection on Christmas. Christmas to me always means decorations, shopping, friends, anxious kids, signs and ads that always caught my eye and are fondly remembered during the Christmas’s of my youth! One thing however always brings X-Mas home in a very real way for me..but I guess you will have to read a little more to find out! So pull up a chair, break out that reindeer sweater, grab a glass of you favorite Christmas beverage and settle in for a celebration of the Holiday Season with the Satellite!

Transmission Date: Dec/26/2013
A few things stand out around the X-Mas season. Many have stringent traditions, rules, church visits (Hated em!), food prep, etc.All this was well and good but one of my main Xmas memory triggers was the atmosphere..more specifically the Music!

Music was always a huge part of Christmas in my home to this day. I always still go back to the music that I grew up with and it just brings the season to life and it part of the entire holiday theme through the ages! I am sure that certain songs bring back some of the holiday memories for all of you so here are a few of my own to share.

“Blue Christmas, has been a X-Mas staple in my home to this very day!”

1.Blue Christmas. I can still hear the scratch of the needle dropping on the record at my home on this one. Elvis: Christmas Album , “Blue Christmas was that one song that carried a lot of weight and was a sure fire sing along. Presleys twang always made this an enjoyable listen.This one in particular always gets extra life as our local TV network NTV plays the crap out of this tune during holiday vignettes between shows and features the version from Elvis 68 comeback special with the King in grand form before a hysterical crowd loving every word. This one is magic!

Its like a Christmas party I am glad I wasnt invited to. Yikes!

2.Jingle Bell Rock (Hall and Oats) I love this version of Jingle Bell Rock, the video however gets more dated and probably more hilarious every year! A simple gift exchange between two dudes is turned into a campy over the top cheese fest and I am never left wondering what John Oats wanted to give Darrell Hall for X-Mas Lol..Just watch will sure be on rotation all day if for nothing else to see two guys who like like they want each other for Xmas. Pure Gold!

Kenny & Dolly when they were recognizable, put out one of the best X-Mas records of all time! No joke!

3.Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton : Once Upon a Christmas. I am proud to say this album is one of my fondest Christmas memories and just one of my favorite records ever! These two, Kenny and Dolly, years prior to plastic surgery disasters had a weird magnetic chemistry and the music was catchy and undeniably singable! I can sing every word, and almost know what song is next in que! Great stuff!

Do they Know its Christmas? If you dont after listening to this song then there is no hope!

4. Band Aid: Do they know its Christmas Time. If this song doesnt pull on a heart string then you my friend need therapy!. This song all about relief aid in Africa and is a constant commercial break vignette on our local TV network NTV and plus, it is just a great song! Its star filled line up back in the 80s delivered a heartfelt Christmas classic. Makes you get in the spirit of giving and just go give money to the local Salvation Army kettle at the mall or something! Powerful!

My Wife’s favorite Xmas song! Snoopy’s Christmas!

5. Snoopy’s X-Mas: As mentioned above this one is played every year in our home since we had kids. Its my wife’s favorite Christmas song and I love it as well! Its all about WW1 Snoopy in air combat with the Red Barron over Christmas. Upon realizing the season the evil Red Barron has a moment of clarity and wishes Snoopy a Merry Christmas and stops fighting. Powerful if you listen to the words and consider the time frame it was released during post war time. Significant and by god it had Peanuts characters in it! Win win!

Boney M Christmas. Christmas Song perfection!

6.Boney M Christmas: If there is a better Christmas Album out there I do not know what it is! My wife introduced me to this album many years ago and I came to the conclusion that she was right as rain! This CD/Record/Tape what ever version you have is pure Christmas Audio dynamite!


That’s it for me Satellite fans..The Satellite is headed home for a much needed break. I hope you all have the best X-mas ever and spread a little cheer! Do something nice for someone and just enjoy the season. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! See you all next year for a huge 2014 at the Satellite! Spread this post around I think many folks will get some enjoyment out of it!

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