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 Transmission date: Oct. 16 2014

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Welcome back to the Satellite heroes! Put on your sunglasses as we are about to revisit a Cult classic very popular all the way up here in Space. Ill let you figure it out. Read On! In 1987-88 I was the biggest Wrestling fan you could imagine. I did not miss a show..or a magazine on the rack. I taped everything I could with my handy RCA VCR. Saying all that I was a fan of Rowdy Roddy Piper. The Kilt wearing loud mouthed heel who in 1987  had recently turned into a good guy. He really appealed to me and I wore my Hot Rod T-shirt to school with great pride despite the constant cat Calls..I was a wrestling fan and really in 1987 , so was everyone else. Hogan vs Andre was at the top of all the conversations in grade 7 in my class anyways. The build to WrestleMania 3 was the center of my universe and the buildup to it was all I could focus on. The Rowdy Scott was about to wrestle in his last match before moving into a different world…Hollywood.





Roddy Piper had wrestled his supposed last match in March 27 1987 at the Pontiac SilverDome in Detroit. Piper who spent years on the wrestling circuit as a heel headlining two previous Wrestlemanias, had been shuffled to the Mid Card on the biggest wrestling card of them all..the legendary Wrestlemania 3. Piper and The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as it was known at the time, had been not seeing eye to eye as Piper wanted to capitalize on his wrestling fame and try his hand at acting. The WWF sought to own and capitalize on the fortunes of their performers but Roddy was a free spirit . Piper had banked a tremendous amount of money from his wrestling career to that point and the lure of Hollywood projects offer much more of a pull than the squared circle could give him. For once it was Piper who was in control. It was at this cross roads that Rowdy Roddy Piper would go on to wrestle on the Mid card of WrestleMania 3 in what would be his farewell retirement match against his longtime antagonist Adorable Adrian Adonis. My anticipation for this match was so high it may as well have been the main event. Roddy Piper was my  favorite WWF Super-Star at this time and I could not fathom the idea that Piper would lose to Adonis and retire. Of course Piper would be victorious in his match and I watched my hero ride off into the sunset..and on to the silver screen.




The story goes that at WrestleMania 3 Roddy Piper had met horror film director John Carpenter and was instantly kept in mind for a project that Carpenter had been crafting called They Live that was inspired by a short story called “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” by author Ray Nelson. Carpenter was well-known on the film scene as he was most famous for such classics as The THING and this classic…Halloween!


As a wrestling fan I had read in wrestling magazines and on the very few entertainment shows on TV, that Piper had been selected for the lead role in this new John Carpenter film called “They Live”. In the era where the term Internet meant nothing it was up to you to find out what you could on foot and not through any new wave computer terminal. With Roddy in the front as the lead Carpenter weaved his tale based on his dislike for the commercialization of society. The 80s in particular was heavily focused on TV ad time. Commercials for Soft drinks, Movies, and anything else you could endorse was being sold in a way never seen by society. Those wishing to capitalize on the commercial market were plugging everything that could turn a dime and celebrities were out in full force cash in. Carpenters vision was to exploit this alarming commercialization of society by tacking a Sci-Fi narrative to the issue. With the aid of special sunglasses our heroes in the film can see the sad truth of society.



We have been overtaken by Aliens who use a Satellite Signal to that project a special broadcast that alters human perception and camouflaged the aliens to resemble everyday human beings. With this signal the aliens control the media specifically advertising, and television to subliminally take control over our minds and thoughts. All the while under the guise of mind control The Aliens ulterior motive is to strip the Earth of the resources and eventually kill us off with Global warming before moving on to another planet to pillage! They have one man named John Nada (Roddy Piper!) Nada looks at the world a little differently and slips onto the Aliens evil plot where a stranger trys to warn him that the world is not what it seems and gives him a special pair of Sunglasses!


When looking through the lenses of the glasses the satellite signal used by the aliens is blocked and the wearer can see the world as it is…including the Aliens true form!! A bit of context here. Looking through the glasses the images are all in black and white this was essentially a direct shot by Carpenter to well-known billionaire Ted Turner who at the time in the 80s ran a multimedia conglomerate and had a very unreasonable share in the Television industry. One of Turners notorious Faux Pas was his colorization of classic movies originally created in Black and White. The coloring however looked so unrealistic and sterile that it was met with worldwide disdain. Hence the glasses and the movie itself was an intentional attack on moguls like Turner who Carpenter thought was the REAL alien!


Nada quickly tries to convince others about what he has discovered but many do not believe him. In one of the most hilarious scenes in the film Piper tries to convince co-star Keith David (Frank Armitage) to simply look through the glasses to expose the aliens. Frank thinks John is out of his mind and refuses leading to one of the most hilarious fights ever seen in a movie. Pipers wrestling background comes to play as the two men basically  wrestle a no hold barred falls count anywhere match in an alley complete with a backdrop and all so John Nada (Piper) can convince his friend Frank to just peer through the damn glasses.

Piper is successful and finally Nada has a friend to help him combat the secret invaders. Teaming up with other resistance fighters John, and Frank wage a war against the aliens which includes the most iconic line since Arnold yelled “ill be back” Piper belts the phrase..“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass..and I am all out of Bubblegum.”




So this is the part where I spoil the ending…okay you were warned. In the days of the Hollywood Action film formula, movies usually ended with the good guys finally getting the upper hand on the bad guys and riding off into the sunset victorious and everyone lives happily ever after.



They Live dared to break that mold.While Pipers character finally exposed the Aliens to the world..John Nada actually dies at the end crushing the Satellite system the aliens used to camouflage themselves from humans. This left many movie goers shocked and confused…even the Aliens themselves were not defeated as such but Nada had exposed them for what they were now Earth was prepared to fight back..thats where we left off! That takes a set of balls!!


So why did I like They Live so much? Number one without a starred Roddy Piper. He was big..brazen and just magic on-screen. Great actor? Nope..horrible at times but Piper owned this film and I was locked in for the full movie! This was the Roddy Piper show! It also had a unique concept. The sunglasses..the grand illusion of the was just fun!


They Live was filmed on just slightly over a 3 Million dollar budget that would not pay for most credits in movies today and they nailed it!! The movie originally scheduled to open late October was pushed back to a November 4 1988 as it would have been in direct competition with another Carpenter created franchise Halloween which was launching its 4th installment at the end of October to a very strong audience!


The movie was considered a Box Office disappointment ringing in slightly over 13, 000, 000. It did however open at number one at the box office. I was convinced as I watched Entertainment Tonight the week of its release that Roddy Piper was the next big Hollywood Star. Sadly that did not happen but there will always be They Live!



End Transmission…



SKRULL: <Definition> Credit: Urban Dictionary

A “Skrull” is a faker, a poser, an intruder who pretends to be friendly but you can already tell means to do you or your friends/associates harm. The term is from the name “Skrull”, as in the fictional alien race of shape shifters in Marvel Comics intent on invading Earth.
“I know you’re sweet on that new girl, but I know the bitch is a Skrull dude, she’s got it out for all of us!”

Begin Transmission: 8/26/2013

This is a warning Heroes, at any moment..on any second, anyone of us can be replaced by a Skrull! These shape shifting beings are very convincing and often act and look exactly like the human that they mimic. Skrull’s however if you look close enough and long enough you can see that there are glaring differences in behaviors and actions that give away a Skrull’s true self..As a demonstration we must observe several human beings who have been discovered to be Skrull’s.

1. Amanda Bynes: Skrull

Star of The popular kids show The Amanda Show, and numerous comedy films such as “Love Wrecked”, and “She’s The Man” it is clear that the true Amanda Byne’s we know was destroyed by Skrull’s and replaced during the filming of the atrocious Hairspray movie in which she portrayed Penny Pingleton? Her Skrull counterpart however did not follow up on her girl next door demeanor and began a trail of outlandish behavior from starring on the cover of Maxim magazine, to drunken behavior, DUI’s, run ins with human law enforcement officials. The jig is up Bynes!

Conclusion: SKRULL!!


Sometimes even the best shape shifter cannot get it right. Such as the case with Country Music Legend Kenny Rogers. The known date of Skrull abduction for Mr. Rogers was during his appearance on the Muppett show not long after the release of his classic song “The Gambler”. His SKRULL impersonator was apparently vision impaired an never regained the true appearance of this legend in the music industry and thus began the rumored “Plastic surgery” debacle. Sorry fake Kenny, us here at the Satellite know an imposter when we see one!

Conclusion: SKRULL.


This ones obvious. Skrull Hoff took over during the filming of Knight Rider the episode that had KITT vs. The evil Transport truck Goliath and Micheal Knights evil counterpart Garth. I believe Hasslehoff was abducted during the collision scene and never seen again. Skrulls took over at this point and are responsible for BayWatch, his music video from Germany and his presence on Americas Got Talent. Oh that was a Skrull eating the burger while drunk as well immortalized on YouTube. Garth Hoff is actually full Skrull and is what you see today!

Conclusion: SKRULL

Hoff is the only Hollywood human to escape the Skrulls and is actually running an underground resistance deep in L.A. Hoff may save us all!

4. Tom Cruise: SKRULL

Everyone remembers Americas golden Boy, The star of Such classics as Risky Business, Top Gun, and Cocktail. Tom Cruise was Hollywood’s brightest star. However Skrull abduction reared its ugly head and stole our Tom from us. We are uncertain of the timing of the Cruise abduction however we can be certain it was between the timing of The 1st Mission Impossible film and his couch jumping incident on Oprah. Yes a sudden shift raised eyebrows as gone was the heartthrob and in his place, a demented, Scientologist, who made horrible movies, made outlandish comments on the internet and became generally reviled to the rest of the world. Cruise may be the highest ranking of The Skrull army still under cover here on earth and he remains heavily guarded. Oh he also divorced Nicole Kidman. Anyone see Eyes Wide Shut? Only a Skrull could be so crude.

As Oprah said “We have never seen you behave this way!!” SKRULL!!

Conclusion: SKRULL (Be extra cautious, this Cruise is a high ranking part of the Skrull Armada)

5&6. Alan Moore/Frank Miller: SKRULLs!

Every alien race needs a scribe. These men are Alan Moore and Frank Miller. The Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns were two pieces of comic book fiction that every comic fan is at least familiar the Skrull however this is their bible. Which makes sense that both Moore and Miller were abducted at the same moment of their Graphic Novel releases. Alan Moore a relative hermit and a loner is actually Frank Miller as well…at least since the abduction. Both men are never seen in the same location as the same Skrull plays both human roles. Think of the Skrull like activity that surrounds them. Miller is responsible for The horrible Dark Knight Strikes Back! Only a Skrull would sabotage such a historic sequel is such a hideous manner! Only a fool would pass up a ton of money to NOT do a Watchmen sequel! We were left with the insanely bad Before Watchmen. Pure Skrull Sabotage! While on the Skrull home world both Miller and Moore have been forced to write and draw monthly issues of Watchmen and Dark Knight forever! Keep a close eye out for the Miller/Moore Skrull he only appears randomly at remote locations.

Conclusion: SKRULLS!

7. Ultimate Warrior: SKRULL!

The least surprise of the entire list. Skrull watchers out there have always known there is something more than a little off with The Ultimate Warrior. Now we know..hes a mother lovin SKRULL. With his weird other worldly promos Warrior the REAL Warrior went missing just after WrestleMania 7 and people scoured Parts Unknown for his where a bouts until a replacement SKRULL Warrior returned at WtestleMania 8 and stayed! He was noticeably different in size and look and many thought what we all know is true…he was replaced by a SKRULL!!  Warrior went on to go to appear in WCW with new “Powers”. Suddenly he gained invisibility and teleportation powers and the ability to generate smoke all around him. If this does not sound Skrullish..I do not know what does! The real Warrior has not returned as of this writing but many experts assume he is fighting in the gladitorial pits on the Skrull home world and fitting in quite nicely with his own kind!

Here’s Warrior’s Invisibility powers on display!!

Conclusion: SKRULL!!

8. Mary Hart: SKRULL

Every race needs someone to be their spokes person. Little did we know that for years the propaganda leader was MARY FN HART!! The Co-Host of Entertainment Tonight entered our living rooms nightly for years and seemingly didnt age! Thats because of her shape shifting abilities. Spreading the word and providing covers for celeb Skrull’s like Tom Cruise. Hart was instrumental in giving the Skrull nation the cover they needed to infiltrate society! As her cover was blown by the media stumbling on the to anti aging abilities Hart used the cover of having her body..namely her legs insured..but the game was up at that point and Mary Hart disappeared back to the Skrull home world.

Conclusion: SKRULL!!

1 & 2. Ben Affleck /Matt Damon: Super Skrulls

Infiltration is a key a key piece of Skrull business, and two of their under cover operatives have been found out. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, two uncomfortably close bro’s with an agenda. I would like to quote when these men were replaced by Skrull agents only the suspiscion is that they have never existed and were creations of the Skrull Hollywood task force specifically assigned to enter the Hollywood scene abruptly and take over. Their mission considered a success by all Skrull informers as Ben landed the role of Batman in a future Superman / Batman movie. This sent Skrull shockwave’s through Skrull watchers all over the globe who still struggle with finding proof to stop their invasion. Damon showcased his ability to gain intelligence for the Skrull army by learning the role of Jason Bourne for the Bourne series of spy movies. During the filiming he pressed for intelligence secrets as well as using the role to enhance their knowledge of human spy activity. Affleck apparently used his movie ARGO..which was about the making of a science fiction movie to infiltrate a foreign country to place himself in the upper deck of Hollywood’s notables while studying tips on how to infiltrate the Middle east!

Conclusion: SKRULLS!!

Be on guard heroes, a Skrull could be anywhere and their Secret Invasion is finally becoming apparent..not sure how long before a Skrull at Word Press removes this post but let this be a warning to those who want to save the human race..heed our warning and be careful around any celebrity never know..they may be a SKRULL..

Transmission ended..

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Thx Heroes! Till next time..