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Welcome Back Heroes!!  I am super glad to be back aboard the Satellite again today as its my favorite blogging day of the year…Its Super-Blog Team Up time!! For those of you who are unfamiliar with our team let me explain. The Mighty SBTU are a group of like minded Blogger’s and Podcaster’s who get together 3 to 4 times a year to write on a singular topic. The idea is that we share each others work so YOU the reader can get a sonic boom of content from a host of blogs and podcasts that you may not have seen before. Your new favorite blog could be right under your nose! Before we get started I urge to to check out the links of our other contributors below! There are a ton of excellent creators out there who are waiting to meet you and share their incredible library of work!

SpideyMj SBTU Immortal

If you have been living under a cave you may have noticed our topic this round is IMMORTAL!! One of comicdom’s greatest tropes in general is the notion that “No one ever REALLY Dies” in comics and characters always, in some form or fashion, come back from the “Dead”. You will see multiple takes on this theme in our sister blogs below. Our take, for all intents and purposes, is in my opinion comics most turbulent relationship. The love story of Peter Parker our webslinging hero (also known as Spider-Man for the one person in the world who does’nt know!!) and his true love the fiesty red haired party girl and future super model..Mary Jane Watson (Parker). As you will see their relationship would survive everything from super villain attacks, stirring revelations, multiple kidnappings, a clone debacle, a plane crash and even the devil himself!!

Strap in tight Heroes the saga of The Immortal Love of Peter and MJ is NEXT!! Catch ya on the other side!


Begin Transmission: August 28th 2019Peter Meets MJ


“Face It Tiger…You Just Hit The JACKPOT!”

For Spider-Man fans these 8 simple words would launch the long confusing, troubled and beautiful relationship of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in the pages of Marvel’s “The Amazing Spiderman” #42.  Like the majority of their storied life as a couple Peter and MJ’s union did’nt start like any typical comic book relationship with love at first sight. No sir…it would be the culmination of a year of Peter dodging blind date bullets as Aunt May and her friends tried to set up the young Parker with a beautiful young woman named Mary Jane Watson. Now Peter was not known for being super popular with the ladies but he had dated other girls previously in the past in the comics. Nothing had ever stuck relationship wise for the web slinging hero. Peter had been blowing off the notion of being set up by his much older Aunt and was of the mind that this Mary Jane was obviously no prize and that he would certainly NOT be interested in her. So after many hi-jinks by Lee and Romita, Mary Jane emerged from hiding (Editors note: Mary Jane was literally hid from view until her reveal in ASM #42.) They had gone through great lengths to block her face with objects to keep her appearance secretive. So when MJ shows up at her Aunts door for her blind date with Peter, both the reader and Peter himself are left gasping as Mary Jane Watson was no down on her luck homely girl, instead she is the breathtaking red haired party girl that would become the single most important person in the life of Peter Parker….but nothing would come easy for these two as there were more than a few bumps along the way.

Peter and MJ dated but their initial courtship did not last long at all and Peter would rekindle his relationship with Gwen Stacey. As a note Stan Lee was originally not in favor of a Mary Jane and Peter long term relationship. Stan felt that Gwen Stacey was the character that belonged in a relationship with Parker. As a result the Mary Jane character was paired with Peters best friend (And son of the original Green Goblin) Harry Osborn. The blood feud between Spider-Man and the Goblin would be the catalyst that would forever push Peter and MJ together. The Goblin (aka Norman Osborn) would discover that Peter Parker was actually living a double life as Spider-Man. Praying on this knowledge, Osborn as the Goblin, went after the one thing Peter held most dear…his blond haired beauty Ms. Gwen Stacey. The Goblin would kidnap Gwen but Spider-Man would be in hot pursuit of his nemesis. Peter would find them both perilously in danger high atop the Golden Gate bridge to which unbeknownst to him would be the very last time we would see the real Gwen Stacey alive again. During the battle between the Goblin and Spider-Man high along support pedestals of the bridge, Gwen Stacey would ultimately plunge to her doom as the Goblin would strike her causing her to fall from the bridge. Despite Peters attempt to save her life with a last minute web line to catch her it would also be the very thing that would kill her. Peter’s girlfriend in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man was DEAD. Gwen Stacey was gone and there was NOTHING that even Spider-Man could do to prevent it.

Gwenstacey is dead

On a personal side note I got Amazing Spider-Man 121 given to me in a stack of comics for FREE!! For a long time it sat unattended in my book shelf with my other Spidey books! I had seen the cover a million times in price guides and on comic shop walls but I did not know at the time this issue was the Death of Gwen Stacey! Happy surprise to me when I found out!!


I didn’t read my old issues of ASM at the time so instead it would be a reprint that I got from a trip to the local drug store spinner rack where I finally read the story for the first time. I discovered the story in a special edition of the Spider-Man reprint title Marvel Tales #92 which collected the two issues into a double sized reprint. I remember being moved by the story for the first time ever from a comic book.

Marvel Tales Gwen

I grew up on the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon show so I was always aware of the never ending blood feud between The Green Goblin and Spider-Man. For me it was strange to see the Goblin in a different light in the comic book. In his cartoon persona old Gobby was a comedic pumpkin throwing side-villain and not the bat sh** crazy murderer I saw in the pages of these Spidey books. Seeing Peters reaction to Gwen’s Death was a powerful real legit touching moment. The tragedy however would be the glue that would forever bond Peter Parker to Mary Jane. No matter how much Peter focused on Gwen, MJ would always pop into his life, something that Gwen herself would bring up to him on occasion.

MJ Gwen

Their lives would often collide but this time something was different..something was realized once and for all. Peter Parker finally saw that no matter where life brought him his only constant was that he ALWAYS had Mary Jane. In good times and at the very worst of times. Whether they double dated, argued, or went out with each other the fact was MJ was ALWAYS there. This single panel at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man is one that I consider the most profound comic page in comics and it really hit hard for me. (Thats right Jacko…its MY Panel!! ) For the first time I actually had an emotional response from a comic. This page captured the relationship of Peter and MJ and it was a wash of sadness, yet also comfort in knowing that Peter would be okay…because he has MJ. There is something very raw and truthful in that single comic page. It was a relationship deeper than all the classic comic book relationships.

asm122 Best page MJPeter

This page was not overstated and the last 3 silent panels still hits me in the feels to this day. It was bigger than Tony Stark and Pepper. It was much more than X-Men’s Scott and Jean. In fact I feel it is more significant than even Clark Kent and Lois Lane. The strength of Marvel comics was its ability to create “Real” people beyond their super heroic characters. Peter and MJ were real to me and in one single so epically emotional and rendered as such, I knew this was THE comic book couple that I would always enjoy reading. There is something about Peter Parker that many boys growing up could relate to. He was not rich like his friend Harry Osborn. He was not the popular super jock like Flash Thompson either.



Becoming that popular ladies man was what almost every kid aspired to be like and we each have our reasons why we didnt land all the votes to be crowned King at the school prom.. of course we all secretly wanted to be. Most of us identified with Peter. Maybe we were overlooked by the fairer sex. Maybe we didnt get all the dates on Saturday night however maybe we did well in school. Peter was no Football star, but secretly he was more of an athlete than his rival Flash. As a superhero he just could not show it. Peter was given a mantra by his co-creator Stan Lee that guided the character throughout his early years in comics that was the Immortal (See what I did there??) “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” tag line.

Great Power

So while Peter could have easily dispatched Flash and looked good in front of the girls or the press, Peter had a responsibility to not only himself but to his loved ones. His relationship with MJ was his victory dance. In the end the every-man got the girl and it was blissful! So Peter and MJ became officially a couple and all was right with the world…for the moment.

Spidery MJ Hammock

As with everything Marvel no one can be at peace for too long and it would be Peters secret life as Spider-Man that would always be the catalyst for drama in their early relationship. As you recall The Green Goblin used his knowledge of Peter Parker’s identity and his relationships to haunt him and weaken him. This would be the story of Peter and MJs early relationship as well as they flip flopped in and out of their relationship but they always seemingly found each other. It was serendipity. Mary Jane was no Gwen Stacey. MJ was her own free spirit and one that was not naive to the ways of the world. In my books it is THE reason it puts her one step ahead of Superman’s Lois Lane. MJ discovered Peters secret and knew he was Spider-Man….for a long time!

MJ Knows Peters secret


Peter and MJ’s relationship would take turns, round corners, fall off cliffs, yet only at the end of the day would seemingly land safely. When you take a step back and look at all the events that the couple have endured it’s almost comical…but kids remember, it IS after all comics we are talking about. After the iconic Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 21 Peter and MJ finally were wed. Marvel would make a huge deal out of this even creating a mock ceremony in Shea Stadium to add media coverage to the event. Peter and MJs marriage was front page news even in media outside of the comics bubble.

ASM Annual 21SBTU2

It’s an interesting thing that many writers fail to consider leading up to an event like the marriage of a popular set of characters is …”What do we do now?” The easy part of writing a relationship story is the chase and of course the hills and valleys getting there. Writers were tasked with now writing a married couple and had to keep readers invested. Usually that is the kiss of death…just ask the TV industry! I firmly remember popular shows as far back as the early 80’s such as Threes Company. The lead character, Jack, was pegged to continue the shows lore with a spin off called Three’s A Crowd where Jack marries his love Vicky. Audiences were not thrilled with the stories and the Jack and Vicky marriage dynamic. Just like that, after one season, even sitcom Power house John Ritter could not carry the marriage bag. Then there was another famous example of Moonlighting which starred celebrity on the rise Bruce Willis and Cybil Sheppard who were a flirty but feisty couple of investigators who had a strong sexual chemistry on screen that audiences loved and tuned in week after week to showcase strong viewership numbers to see if David and Maddie would finally hook up. Of course they would eventually and the air went out of the room and ratings proving that the money is in the chase. For comics fans there was no better example than the show Lois and Clark which like the above mentioned examples of marriage, kills ratings and was the poster child for issue marriage deflation. As it was with comic book shows, they were not at their apex of popularity on the small screen like they would be in 2019 but Lois and Clark held their own in the ratings. Led by Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher, audiences fell in love with Superman all over again for the first time since the Christopher Reeve fronted Superman films. Despite a solid push on the comics side of DC’s business to create marketing synergy with TV and Comics and have Clark and Lois wed in the comic books the curse of the golden ring was in full force and the show ended that very season the marriage occurred and did not return.

LOis and Clark wedding

As for Peter and MJ,their marriage in comic books was one of the few sure fire things that survived many corporate restructurings at Marvel. New writing teams, multiple kidnapping story-lines, a Ill fated plane crash and even a Clone Saga debacle where it was revealed that this Spider-Man we were reading all these years may very well be a clone dating all the way back to an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man in the 70s! If it wasnt a Super-villian taking a crack at the couple, it was their work-life balance. MJ had taken on a very successful modeling career and Peter had been bouncing from reporter/ photographer to running a company. The family’s fortunes seemingly changed..but so had the comics industry. The big two, DC and Marvel comics were faced with a serious decline in sales and comics availability in the main stream. The 90’s comics bubble had burst and sales numbers were the buzzword in every company meeting leading into 2007. Marvel had done several line enhancement shake ups since 1996 starring with the Heroes Reborn initiative. It was an attempt to get back to basics in the main stream comic books such as The Avengers and Captain America. With sharp continuity issues bogging down some of key franchises the idea was to relaunch many heroes with a new revitalized cannon. The results garnered an increased sales boost for Marvel. Only a short 4 years later the line overhauls continued with Marvels Ultimate’s and it is here we would get the first vibe that there was trouble in Spider-ville. Marvels Bendis led Ultimate’s line was an attempt to sidestep the years of worn out, supposedly played out back history of the Marvel Universe and create a new jumping on point for new readers with familiar characters like Spider-Man except updated to meet with the Status Quo.


A new century requires a new status quo right? With creative stagnation and characters saddled with the effects of years of tumultuous baggage brought about by maintaining a linear continuity Brian Micheal Bendis delivered a new Spider-Man to the masses. Bendis and Bagley delivered a new Spider-Man and a younger and certainly more hip version of Peter Parker. Its was complete with a fully modernized updated take on the classic Marvel character for the 2000s boasting a supporting cast that would hopefully resonate with the fan base. In 2019 those words mean almost nothing as this has been done seemingly every couple of years or less. In 2000 however the Ultimates line was considered a risk…but it worked. Ultimate Spider-Man was a hit out of the gate.

ult spidey sbtu

Peter’s style and hair are updated to 2000s sensibilities. (Aunt) May Parker was no longer cast as a feeble elderly senior citizen as now she was now only a 50 year old mature lady and Uncle Ben is STILL ALIVE !!!!(At least in the beginning) Peter’s job was given a fresh coat of paint as it was updated from photographer/reporter to a Web designer to keep up with the current modern job scene. Gwen Stacey is also still alive in this Universe having never met her fate at the hands of the Green Goblin. One constant in this book was the fact that Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson were still a couple! Yes, even updating these characters from their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s incarnations, the one thing that remains unchanged is that Peter is with MJ cause that never goes out of style!

Speaking of style.. it was never Marvels style to let Peter and Mary Jane live happily ever after as their life together would be consistently drama filled. back in the main comic title Mary Jane’s modeling career fortunes exploded to unbelievable heights after marriage and she would fall prey to being stalked by her sleazy former landlord. This sleezeball not only sabotaged her modelling career but then kidnapped her which came as no surprise for long time fans as it sure wasnt her first time but we are not supposed to keep tabs on such things right?

How to further complicate matters? Any married couple can tell you one of the biggest threats to a marriage are…your In Laws?? Yep, if things hadn’t gone awry enough in the past now Peters long thought to be deceased Parents returned out of seemingly nowhere alive and well?  We would discover that they were life like robots sent to infiltrate the Parker’s lives though the plans of original Spidey villain and even his own former best friend Harry Osborn who was still not over that one little friendship detail of Peter causing his fathers demise. This gave a story-line explanation for Peter to have a meltdown of sorts and leave MJ temporarily. How convenient for the writers begging to write Bachelor Peter!




One would be remiss if I didn’t mention the long lamented and lambasted Clone Saga. Spider clone Ben Riley returns from the 70s and convinces Peter that he is actually the REAL Peter and he (Our Peter Parker) has been living a false life as Peter Parker!!! OUTRAGE!!!! As one would assume this also put fire on the old wedding vows as now it appeared that MJ had married an imposter Peter?? On an interesting note Mary Jane would become pregnant but due to poisoning by one of the Green Goblins helpers. MJ delivers a still born baby…or so we think. More on that later! At this point Peter even drops the mantle of being Spider-Man as Ben Reilly took center stage as The Scarlett Spider! Of course shenanigans would be at play and Norman Osborn would return, Ben Reilly would apparently die (Dont worry folks..remember NO ONE REALLY DIES IN COMICS REMEMBER!!)  and Peter fully cleared as the original Spider-Man would return to action as the genuine article Spider-Man but he had inherited some HUGE marriage baggage as a result of all the insanity that had just transpired!

SpideyMJ Plane crash

MJs penchant for being kidnapped turns into a full time job as a telepathic mutant who was very interested in stealing whats important to Peter (That’s MJ for those taking score here!) stages an elaborate plane crash that Mary Jane had apparently been on presumably on business. This of course gave writers another open door to write a a single Peter Parker. Even when MJ returned they were kept apart while she “Recovered”. Fans of the series saw this as just another excuse not to write Peter as a married man. The marriage was a planet sized burden to creative teams and teams were often tasked with having to create convenient temporary back doors so Peter could momentarily  return to Bachelorhood. THEN…IT HAPPENED…

In 2007 Marvel finally pulled the trigger and ended the marriage fact they created a huge backdoor exploit to Peter and MJs relationship so they had written them as if they had NEVER married!! This remains to this day the single most polarizing story-line in the history of the franchise.



Meanwhile in real life…It would be one particularly strange trip to Florida in which we had a overnight stop over in Toronto which gave me some unusual time to browse the malls the evening before we would fly to our final destination. As my wife and kids shopped the clothing stores I checked out a small book store with no intention of doing anything except wasting time. I got to the graphic novel section which had expanded significantly since my heyday in the 80s. Marvel, DC and even other publishers had plenty of offerings but the majority of the case was given to Manga! As I browsed the books checking out small story arcs for Superman and Batman. I spotted a Spidey book. Cover looked all well and good enough then I browsed through it. The dark almost photo realistic artwork of Peter and MJ with Mephisto at the end caught my eye. I read the synopsis and it just hooked me. It checked all my boxes of interest! Of course I had no idea the book I was about to grab would become the most maligned comic arc in Spider-Mans modern history Clone Saga included! This of course would be the story known affectionately as One More Day.

ONe more vanish

The quick and dirty on this story-line is that after the revelation to the public during Civil War that Peter Parker is Spider-Man many folks are literally gunning for Parker. Tragically Aunt May is on the receiving end of an Assassin’s bullet intended for Peter and is critically injured and will certainly die. Peter desperate for help runs to his Avengers friends Tony Stark and Doctor Strange begging them to save his Aunt May. Help does not come from either…that is until an offer is presented from an unlikely source. Mephisto..Marvel comics version of the devil himself. Mephisto who thrives on misery tragedy and unhappiness makes an offer to save Aunt May from certain death in exchange for Peter and MJ’s marriage. If Peter and Mary Jane agree their marriage and years together, both good and bad, would never of happened For all intents and purposes Peter and MJ would have never have wed. This fascinated me as a fan..and more so as a lapsed fan because I had grown up on Peter and MJ. The Peter and Gwen thing was technically before my time despite having read every issue of The Amazing Spider-Man so I had an affection for the couple. As a reader this hit like a punch to the gut. Who would give up every happy moment in their lives and give the ultimate sacrifice to save a loved one. While fans hated this story I LOVED it. I put myself in Peters shoes. If I was faced with the same dilemma would I do the same? It was was dark and it was heavy.

MJ Fractured Montage

The panels where Peter and MJ agonize over making the ultimate decision to me are simply heart breaking. The art is stark…amazing and desperate. I can’t tell you how much even to this day seeing these pages affect me. Not since the final page of MJ and Peter in ASM 122 after the Gwen’s death had another comic caught my heart. This one literally got me in the feels.


Final minutes

As a fan for 35 plus years Spider-Man, Peter and MJ were almost part of my family. I grew up and thrilled to every story panel but now it was about to be erased. Yes of course I was upset over that but almost in a mourning sense of sorts. This book to me represented a passage. It was a book end. The end of me as a comics fan. For me giving up comics made me feel like I was missing out or giving up something but this single book. A book that upset so many was the very book that told me “Chris..its okay to let go now”. It was THE END of my comics collecting days. It was my final chapter and I too felt a loss…and end of such a fun adventurous part of my childhood. Seeing Peter and MJ break up more or less was my break up from the “obligation” of being a comic book fan. Anyone who knows what is like to have something that makes you just happy, comics was and is that for me. The joy of having a fist full of coins and dollar bills and peddling on my bike to the store to grab the next issue of Batman because he had turned into a vampire in the issue before! It was sitting in your room with friends arguing and debating who was the best superhero and trading our comics for new ones!! It was the joy of getting that key 1st appearance or first issue. These are things that only a real comics fan would understand. The most haunting images in One More Day wer at the end of the story as Peter and MJ decide to sacrifice their marriage to save May. The intensity, the words and the gut wrenching emotion of the art just made me have an emotional reaction. Not many comics have done fact very few ever had! This one did it.


With their final embrace and MJ’s final “Face It Tiger..You Just Hit The Jackpot.” it was one of the most emotional things I had ever read. The one sure thing in comics was done. Peter and Mj’s relationship was reset. Peter’s life picked up as if he had not married MJ and fans HATED it. It was the ultimate retcon. For me it was my time to step away from the maddening hobby that I had enjoyed so much. I released myself from the pressure of collecting every issue of a certain title. I released myself from the anxiety of beating the crowds to a comic shop and hoping to land that new HOT book before a sell out. I was free. Peter Parker was “Free” as well. This of course would be the perfect place to wrap up but this Installment of Super Blog Team Up is not about ENDINGS..but this is IMMORTAL!!

Superior Spiderman


While Peter and MJ spent some time apart they crossed in and out of each others lives like old times. Both would re-enter the dating world but yet always fall back to each other. Peter went on to become a highly successful business man running Parker Industries as for MJ despite Peter’s apprehension went to work with Tony Stark! Marvel had done their job teasing a reconciliation but never going all in with it. Of note the Superior Spider-Man Arc saw the actual and literal death of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man leading to Doc Ock himself possessing the body of Peter Parker and living his life Including being with Mary Jane. Doc Ock while being terminally ill, discovered a way to swap consciousness with Peter leading to Doc Ock taking over Peter’s young healthy body and putting Peters consciousness in Otto’s disease ridden near death body. MJ always the perceptive one picked up on New Peter’s strange behavior and ditched him cold again breaking up the duo. Of course Peter would find his way out of death yet again only to discover that he had again lost Mary Jane setting him back to scratch all over again.  The on again off again game would continue but fans (Me included) longed for the Peter and MJ relationship that we all grew and loved. 2015’s Secret Wars attempted to again serve as a reboot for Marvel of sorts and mending Peter and MJ would be on the menu but not right away. It would be 2018’s The Amazing Spider-Man #1 when where Peter and Mary Jane would once again give fans what they wanted…



The issue ended with Peter realizing what was important in his life and he went to finally share his feelings with MJ who met him half-way before he could finish with a kiss that put smiles on hardened and cantankerous Spidey fans like myself.


While we may never see the remarriage of Peter and Mary Jane, the one constant in the Spider-Verse in the pages of comics and on the big screen is that Peter Parker’s love for Mary Jane Watson is forever.

Peter MJ Saturday Postsbtu end


Oh, and by the way, while I dropped off of comic collecting for many years I did return to comics later as well. Like Peter and Mary Jane, I reconciled my relationship with the medium  as I became mainly a digital reader. Istill enjoy buying collected arcs in trade format. Soooo..I guess it’s TRUE.. somethings..not matter how hard people or circumstances seem to try and break or change you, it seems we always manage find a way. Yes dear readers…somethings are truly IMMORTAL!

D7lIrWkU0AA5GIt.jpg large

Thank you for reading this humble little blog. I’ll be back soon but only when I have something to say. I want to make sure that every post on this blog is not an obligation..but rather a part of my story that I wanted to share. Now if by chance you would like another spin on The IMMORTAL theme I urge you to check out the other members of our Super-Blog Team Up below. We have the best bloggers/ podcaster’s on the web just waiting to share their work with YOU faithful reader. Give em a try!! Your new favorite blog may be waiting for you to discover them! Oh..and Tell em Hero sent ya!


End Transmission

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  2. Wow! What a great great story. As a Spider-Man fan who gave up on the book around time of the clone saga that was an emotional roller-coaster. It made me think think of the great stories that I read a long time ago and then some of the good stuff that I missed which came after I stopped reading ASM. Also great images. The color on B&W really was dramatic.

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  4. billyd75 says:

    Great personal back story, CH. Love hearing stories like this.

    • Thanks man!! For every comic I ever collected it’s like a time stamp on life or s point of reference. It’s part of the soundtrack of life. It’s an amazing thing. Thanks for reading.

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