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Welcome Back Heroes!!


Truer words were never spoken.This post is a tribute to the fine folks who helped me grow my blogging and podcasting wings over the years by allowing me to play in their sandbox for a few minutes! Lets get on the Satellite and see where it takes us!

All Crew Members on board the Satellite Today make your way  to the Viewing Chambers as we are getting a special peek into other worlds…worlds key to the operation of this very Retro Loving Blog! We are gonna turn the dial back several years in time to when your host here Charlton Hero, was just conjuring the idea to create the works that you see laid before you. Truth is I had some help along the way. Yes I have a mind filled with memories bursting to hit the written page but it helps when your friends inspire you to step outside your space and be yourself …elsewhere! I have had the good fortune of writing and podcasting alongside some VERY good creators. Creators who I consider Friends. From time to time I have written and guest spotted on various different sites and this is a little collection of that work for my own purposes that you may enjoy as well!! Soooo..Lets start at the beginning..

Transmission date: 03/23/2019




The Retroist:

As the internet grew up folks figured out that there were audiences out there for pretty much everything. I would always surf around the World Wide Web for anything from my childhood. Toys, movies, games, you name it I was all about it! There were sporadic sites out there but many were fly by night and didn’t update often…then I found The Retroist.  I had become a big audio listener and This Retroist site had it all. Equipped with a variety of MP3 players I blazed my way through the Retroist Podcast catalog and I was hooked! It’s an amazing podcast which I will say is still by far the best retro pop culture podcast out there! I’ll always thank the Retroist himself for allowing me to write for his site while I was working out my blogger voice as well as inviting me to be a part of his amazing podcast! I was invited to tell a Halloween story for the 5th annual Retroist Halloween Special. The beauty of this relationship was years later when myself and a group of Twitter friends began Super-Blog Team Up I invited Retroist to appear as part of our blogging event and he said yes. Vic Sage, the man I would like to call the “Hardest Working Man” on that site came to join us and that bond to the Retroist site has been there to this very day! I am very proud to showcase my old Retroist work for those Satellite Fans who have yet to see it! You can see the unpolished early stages of my Blogging style and even a little rough beginning to my mini Podcasting hobby.

Retroist Halloween Special 5

“Welcome to the Retroist Halloween Special V Podcast. Today’s show is all about Halloween memories! That’s right it is time for the 5th Annual Retroist Halloween Special. It was a fun show to put together and many of the folks associated with the site joined in to share their Halloween memories. You will hear Charlton Hero, Retro Justin, Doug, David Greelish, Weird Paul, Eric LeFeber and of course, Vic Sage.”

Finding Pulsar

 Finding Pulsar The Ultimate Man

Do you remember that elusive toy from your childhood…that one you knew you had but just couldn’t put a finger on it. THIS is my story of The Ultimate Man: Pulsar which made me question my own sanity at times. Finding Pulsar was a journey for me to piece back together my memories of a toy that had been forgotten in the Twilight Zone of my mind for years.

Then there was…STAR WARS!! Marvel Star Wars to be exact!!!

Star Wars The Marvel Way

 Star Wars The Marvel Way

I LOVED Star Wars. I am a Star Wars fan of the variety that watches the movies faithfully, collected the toys, books, clothing, towels, mugs…and THE COMICS!! When Marvel Comics took the Star Wars property it hit a home run in my mind and managed to establish its own continuity and was the start of the original Expanded Star Wars Universe!

Speaking of things I loved as a kid..there was this one cartoon…


Remembering Captain Nemo

Remembering The Undersea Adventures Of Captain Nemo

The Captain Nemo show was not intended to be a full series rather a set of short cartoon breaks that were transitions between shows. Its theme song and quirky Canadian art style was something I fondly remember and treasure. It was also a memorable post for me as one of the creators emailed me….and basically told me to delete the embedded videos that were originally contained within the Retroist post!! Yikes. I still like the show so that’s that I guess..It was also my departure from the Retroist as I went exclusively to this blog you are reading right now! Somewhere along the road as I worked my little blog and found a presence on Twitter I landed at the lunch table with a few of my favorite Twitter peeps..The Nerd Lunch sessions began…



Nerd Lunch Episode 242: Our Favorite Pro-Wrestling Things

Nerd Lunch Podcast 242: Our Favorite Pro-Wrestling Things

Since 1986 I have been a die hard Professional Wrestling fan. I have ate, breathed and slept wrestling all my life and I was super pleased to have been invited on a podcast all about my favorite topic Wrestling!!

“Get in the ring with Jeeg and a wrestling roundtable featuring Jay Ryan from The Sexy Armpit, Charlton Hero from The SuperHero Satellite, and Mike Downs from(?) The Atomic Geeks. The fellas discuss their all time favorites in several obscure categories including pre-match attire, foreign objects, and wrestling video games. Almost all corners of the pro-wrestling world from 1980s WCW to present-day WWE to Japan are covered in this heavyweight episode. Grab your favorite steel chair, tear open a turnbuckle, and enjoy.”

My first Nerd Lunch invite was to be part of their inaugural Wrestling Episode! This was one hell of a fun time for me and technically my first official group podcast! I broke out my trusty new Podcast mic and the rest is history! Wrestling has always been a love for me and to get time talking about wrestling was JUST what the doctor ordered!!


Nerd Lunch Episode 290: 50 Cent Bin Legion Of Doom

Nerd Lunch Podcast 290: 50¢ Bin Legion of Doom


“This week Pax is flying solo and is joined by Digio, Evan Hansen and Charlton Hero to draft our own supervillain teams.  The only rule, they have to be villains that can be regularly found in the bargain bin comics of your local comic shop or comic convention.  Come listen to some awesomely obscure villains! This is the sequel to our 50¢ Bin Justice League episode!”


This was my “Final” appearance (Come On Folks…write em and tell em ya want me back on!! I’ll send ya a check in the mail!!) on the show and a great one with a variety of “Deep Cuts” to please the comics purists. Drafting our own 50 Cent Bin Legion Of Doom was harder than it looked and some actual research went into this one!! The Obscurity is what makes this show a stand out!!


Best Cartoon Dogs

Nerd Lunch Episode 274: Best Cartoon Dogs :

Nerd Lunch Podcast 274: Sweet Sixteen – Best Cartoon Dogs

Returning guests Dubba and Charlton Hero join the nerds this week for the first ever Nerd Lunch Sweet Sixteen. The mission this time is to crown the king of all cartoon dogs. From classic Hanna-Barbera to obscure Saturday morning pups of the 1980s to the USA Network Cartoon Express to Marc Singer, this episode covers a lot of ground before a champion is named.”

Yes ..This is out-of-order but this episode remains my favorite of the Hero trilogy! This round Robin tournament allowed us to select several cartoon dogs to go head to head to crown a winner. Pssssstttt….shhhhh.. but I WIN!! Just sayin!! Ooops SPOILER WARNING…Too Late!


chris is transparent background (1)

History of SBTU

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 4: Justice League America #52 (1991) PLUS: The Story of Super-Blog Team-Up!

Myself and fellow Super-Blog Team Upper Chris Sheehan who happens to run one of my favorite blogs and podcasts invited to come on and chat at length about one of my favorite topics..SUPER BLOG TEAM UP! Find out the Genesis of the internet’s favorite blogging conglomerate! Tons of quips and stories about how making this seemingly easy Blogging Event take place!

“Yes… we’re only four episodes in… it’s another bwah-ha-ha book, but there’s a special reason for that.  And really, that’s not the meat and potatoes of this episode anyway.  This time out, Chris (@acecomics) is joined by another Chris… Chris Bailey (@Charlton_Hero) of the SuperHero Satellite who shares the origins of the Mighty Super-Blog Team-Up!

After Chris (the usual one) discusses his first offering to #SuperBlogTeamUp, Chris (the other one) shares his comic book “secret origin”!  From his early days, reading coverless comics that missed the trash can… to his introduction to the internet comics community. 

Then… the main event, from the germ of an idea of a blogging crossover, to what became the Super-Blog Team-Up!

All that… plus, a special announcement!  It’s a great time… check it out!

(The Super-Blog Team-Up content begins at timestamp 21:04)”


superboy xmas


Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 7: JSA #55 (2004)

The Christmas Episode! I am nostalgic for all things Christmas and what better topic to discuss then a Christmas comic book favorite of mine, The New Adventures Of Superboy issue 39! “A World Without Christmas. After we dissect Superboy we get into hijinks and hilarity as we recap some of out favorite Christmas memories including two infamous Hero stories of the “Cat Piss” Criminal and The “Christmas Ham” story, two legendary tales of lore which you will NEVER forget! Jump into the spirit even it it’s not Christmas this episode is ever green…like a Christmas Tree!! Get it!!??

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, Dear Listeners!

This time out, Chris (@acecomics) discusses a wonderful Christmas-themed issue featuring the Justice Society of America… and the return of one of the more unique Golden-Age characters. After going through the issue, he tries (in vain) to qualify and affix the nebulous comic-reviewing metric known as “heart”.

“During the second half of the episode, Chris (the usual one) is once again joined by Chris Bailey (@Charlton_Hero), and together they share stories of Christmases long, long ago. It’s a great time as usual… give it a listen, if you have a free moment or thirty between tearing into all the goodies Santa left under your tree!”

Source Material Podcast banner

Next stop! I got an invite to appear on The Source Material Comics Podcast from Mr. Jessie Starcher and his two-fisted group of podcasting pundits and it was unlike all of my other appearances as this one got wild! Discussing Marvels Civil War and The Speedball solo series, To New Warriors and everywhere in between. If you liked Speedball..and I know you do cause if you don’t, we can’t be friends..lol.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Source Material Comics Podcast is back for our latest endeavor! We are pairing up with some of the greatest comic blogs/podcasts out there for the Super Blog Team Up topic “redemption.” Our focus will be on one of the most innocent of heroes, Speedball, ate up with guilt for his hand in the tragedy that started the Civil War event, Robbie Baldwin goes down a very dark path resulting in his deadly change into the pain driven soul, Penance! Tune in as myself, Ronnie Adams, Mark Radulich, and special guest Chris Bailey (@Charlton_Hero) journey alongside Robbie on his road to redemption.”


Source Material Podcast SBTU

This time the topic was on one of my favorite all time Super Heroes…Speedball! This was off the cuff and irreverent and a real departure from my past appearances! Put the wife and kids to bed.this one is not PG folks!

The Source Material Podcast #205 “Penance: The Redemption Of Speedball

Well that’s it for now! As more appearances are had they will be added to this page and will be advertised via Twitter at #SuperHeroSatellite  Would love to hear what you thought of my guest spots! I’ll agree it needed some polish at times but heck! Ya gotta start somewhere! I am very thankful to The Retroist, The Nerd Lunch Gang, The Source Material Podcast folks as well my good man Chris Sheehan for not only giving me a boost on their own scene but for entertaining me with their solid work every week!

Take care all..ill see ya soon!!

Hero Out!

Dont leave yet…make sure you do yourself a favor and check out these great websites and Twitter accounts!!

1. Check out the Retroist Blog and Podcast here!! https://www.retroist.com/

follow their Twitter accounts @retroist and @vicsage2005

2. Then Move on too the Nerd Lunch website at Nerdlunch.net

Follow their core Twitter accounts at @nerdlunch, @paxtonholley, and @nerdlunchjeeg

3. Dont forget to make a visit to the Blogospheres hardest working blogger/podcaster Chris Sheehan at his website www.chrisandreggie.podbean.com to get a ton of excellent historical comic book podcasts! The icing on the cake is Chris’s blog www.chrisisoninfiniteearths.com where he blogs daily! I cant reccomend Mr. Sheehan’s work enough and please follow his Twitter at @acecomics You WILL NOT be disappointed!

4. Last but not least…put the wife and kids to bed cause its time to hit up the Source Material Comics Podcast and a billion other shows at Radulich In Broadcasting

Join the gang on Twitter at @SourceMatCast and @stiznarkey

Tell Em hero Sent Ya!!




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