Flash Transmissions: Sept 9th 2015

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I do not have to remind anyone about my love for snacks..more specifically Hostess Potato Chips. In a previous archived post right here on the Satellite I went in detail about the Canadian Potato Chip company that created a national brand for Canadians that is still remembered to this day.


Got The Munchies..

Got The Munchies..


Remembering Hostess and all their giveaways, mascots and promotions is always fun for me when reflecting on childhood with friends. The original post  (Click here to read The Hostess Potato Chip Story) went into detail on the sticker giveaway promotions inside each bag of tasty chips. I touched on more specifically the WWF giveaway sticker collections which I hunted down vigorously as a kid. The WWF sticker set were not the only collections that Hostess released. There were two lesser known sets that you may or may not remember. One was based on movies (Coming soon!!)..the others were..well read on below!

Hostess Rock Sticker Giveaway. Forgotten Gems..

Hostess Rock Sticker Giveaway. Forgotten Gems..

The Hostess Rock collection were a set of giveaway promotion mini stickers exactly like the WWF sets released previously with the exception that they featured popular music album covers popular in the day!!

You had the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Honeymoon Suite, Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osborne and more..Each sticker had a white peel off back that had the name of each sticker on them. You could find these stuck to everything in the 80s like lockers, lunch boxes, exercise books, and everywhere you could imagine.

Credit for Collection Photos: Jonathan Parsons

               Credit for Collection Photos: Jonathan Parsons

These stickers, though fondly remembered by enthusiasts like myself, are kind of like a forgotten afterthought to the general public. Fortunately I always have a photographic memory for such things but sadly could not even find any photographic proof of such a collection. Even super powered Google search failed to generate results. No matter who I discussed these stickers with no one could positively recall these stickers. I was beginning to think I was alone in my fond recollection of this rare set of collectible’s . .that is until month when during a lunch break at work, a general nostalgia conversation with a Co-worker seemed to be generating steam. Usually I carry the load in any retro conversation about 80s Pop Culture but this particular individual was going toe to toe with me in his memories of 80s junk culture like comics, movies and the like.

That is when I broke out the Coup De Gras…Hostess trivia! He easily recalled the WWF sticker collection citing numerous stickers in the collection..I was impressed. Feeling a need to reclaim my status as the company retro specialist I decided it was time to shut this guy’s knowledge down but going to Hostess Rock Sticker land. Surely he would not recall one thing about these…heck Google could not provide a single result..nor could Wikipedia bail any info seekers out. So I went there..

One Of Hostess Rarest Collections

                                 One Of Hostess Rarest Collections

“Do you remember Hostess Rock Sticker Collection?” I triumphantly boasted? With a smile and a grin he responded that not only did he remember them he HAD the entire collection at home!!! Impossible!! Could it be the holy grail of snack giveaways could live in someone’s collection in my city? Not only was he telling the truth the gentlemen took photos of his collection from his families sticker album. I was speechless there they all were in their glory..for once I had been defeated in a game of retro roulette but it was a victory because now the myth of the Hostess Rock Sticker collection was a proven fact!

The collection photos are compliments of my fellow Co-worker, Jonathan Parsons of St Johns Newfoundland Canada in all its glory.
Remember these? Anyone who has a memory or these giveaways or others please drop us a comment below and tell us all about them..

That’s all for now Heroes..join us again soon as The Superhero Satellite takes orbit again..

Transmission Ended..


  1. keith says:

    Do you remember the rock iron on’s from hostess. Aerosmith and bon jovi

  2. Chris Warren says:

    My kids, boys 7&8, were talking about prizes in cereal and whatnot. I mentioned how when I was in grade 7 you could get rock n roll stickers in chip bags and one day my friend Vanessa Pike got a bag full of stickers and no chips. It was very exciting… at least for me and da b’ys! Then I google it and here you are. Awesome! That was 30 years ago in Stephenville, Newfoundland.

    • The full bag of stickers thing was one of those holy grails! I never got the zero chips bags but I certainly got bags of Hostess chips full of 10 plus stickers!

      There was nothing like the days of product giveaways like cereals and chips!! My favorites personally were the WWF wrestling stickers! So much fun and great memories living in small town Newfoundland! Ill never trade those memories for anything!

      Thanks Chris for checking out the SuperHero Satellite!

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