Jamie D. September 5, 1966 to May 2, 2014

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This is a break from the normal retro fare of the SuperHero Satellite as this is a sad day for me as a comic book fan. A member of one of my all time favorite comic book podcasts  James Dellessandro sadly passed away today May 2, 2014. Jamie D, as he was lovingly known by his friends and CGS listeners was the producer of the most well known comic book podcast out there Comic Geek Speak. I have been a listener for many many years and see the roster change up from, time to time but one constant for me during the period where I became a listener was Jamie D!

Jamie D Comic geeks Speaks Elder Statesmen and comic podcasting guru!


I had fallen out of favor with comic books in the early 2000s as prices drove me out of the market and made collecting impossible for my bank account. Aside from keeping up with the industry through Wizard magazine and reading a scattered book off the shelf I was out of comics altogether. It was Comic Geek Speak a podcast all about comics that brought me back into the fold. It was folks like Peter Rios, Brian Deemer, Brian  “Pants” Christman, Adam “The Murd” Murdough, Matt K, Shane Kelly, and Jamie D who discussed comics with such passion that it somehow rekindled the fan I was growing up in the 80s. The guys would not always agree but would always entertain. They made comics fun again. Jamie was the oldest of the group and a huge Marvel fan. He swore by the Avengers and was very well versed in Marvel lore! He was a staunch fan of the 70s and 80s Marvel comics and was also worked in Comic shops for many years and could speak to all aspects of the industry. Comic Geek Speak was not a bunch of kids sitting around a microphone making fun of everything that was wrong with comics these guys LOVED comics and rarely spoke negatively to the industry. I trusted the opinion of these guys. They knew their stuff…especially Jamie D. His passion for comics and even podcasting came through even as Comic Geek Speak changed and people came and went, Jamie D finally took the reigns himself. He spoke highly of his friends who sat with him on a weekly basis. During the last few years on the podcast Jamie was diagnosed with Cancer and we went on his journey with him.



On one memorable episode The CGS gang spear headed by Brian Deemer and the fans got together and sent Jamie D oversees to London and paid for his trip in full. When Jamie returned he gave a heart felt thank you to his friends and listeners that was heart breaking to listen to a man who was humble and thankful for what he had! He constantly spoke of his nieces and always tried to convert them into comic fans and was a proud Uncle! As time went on, Jamie missed more and more episodes and many times came to the studio ill and fought through to be active on CGS. I always had a bad feeling he was getting worse but always wished him the best in my mind. Jamie D passed away today and suddenly it became real. It was like losing a friend. I did not know Jamie D nor have I ever spoken with him but after years of listening to him and sharing laughs on the other end of the ear phones I was sad he had passed. So today I raise a glass to Mr Jamie D and remember him for all the fun and entertainment he provided me and thousands of other CGS listeners and deepest condolences to his family , friends and the CGS family for their terrible loss. Thanks for making me laugh in good times and bad Mr D! RIP! There’s an honorary spot on the Avengers for Jamie D.

R.I.P. James ‘Jamie D.’ Dallessandro: September 5, 1966 to May 2, 2014



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