Transmission Date: Oct 5 2013: (Our 1 Year Anniversary!!)

One year ago I sat in front of this very computer inspired, and ready to enter the bloated world of The Blog.  I had no idea what my blog would be about but wanted it to be “Different”. I guess that’s how every blogger begins. We get that one revolutionary idea and want it to explode all over the inter webs! Those who blog know the hilarity in that statement. The fact you can get anyone at all to read your stuff at times is an adventure. So after tinkering with making this blog all about comics I noticed there were thousands of those type of blogs..most with better ideas than mine. So how about Pro Wrestling!! I love wrestling so I could write on that every month? Nope that market was cornered along with blogs on Movies and TV as well.. So there was NOTHING about my idea or concept that was new or “Different”. In fact all my interests had been played out a million ties by a million different people with a million different blogs. Disheartening would be how I would describe my feeling after that discovery. Then it hit me..I want to write about all those once. However I don’t want to report on my interests as news appears from different reporters and websites. I wanted to tell MY STORY. I wanted to share WHY I love what I love..why I read what I read, and watch what I watch. This was MY love letter to my hobbies. It would be biased..personal..full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors..but gosh darn it, thiswas my life in words. That’s whats “Different” about my blog. It was such a joy to see the followers go up over little blog has an audience!! Who would have guessed..and I love em!

I grew up a child of the 80s and thrive in that era. It is where my love of all things geek comes from and I celebrate that and remember that in every word I write in this blog. Its like written time travel. For me its a public diary of my youth and my enjoyment of geek culture. All the people who join me on my journey monthly are my fellow “Heroes” and those who follow along religiously are my” Satellite Subscribers” and I appreciate you all! I have managed to chat with many people as a result of this blog and its Twitter account @Charlton_hero . I have even made some friends along the way that have my same taste in the art of geek culture. So today I want to thank those who inspire this blog and have helped me along the way either with their support and advice or just by delivering a great product on their own blog or website! This post is dedicated to those who have inspired me to write on this little blog every’s to you!

Comic Geek Speak: Up until 1997 I bought all the comics that I loved monthly and faithfully. I was in University and was giving my student loan a runs for its comic buying money. When University finished up so did my abundance of funds. I moved in with my wife and we began a life officially together and comics simply were not in the budget. My interest began to wane..not out of lack of appreciation for the medium but for pure economics. I read Wizard magazine quite often to keep up with comics and I worked for retailer that sold comics so I read the books right off the rack for free! It kept me current on at least the big story arcs. Finally after many years later in 2006 I turned on my new MP3 player in search of something outside of music to listen to and searched out “Comic Book Podcasts” .CGS was the first search click later I was hooked in like crazy! At the time Peter, Bryan, Pants, and Jamie D chatted up a storm about comics and this was sheer genius to me. They spoke about their love and passion for the books they liked! I sought out digital comics to read a couple of their suggestions on the show and just like that I was a reborn comic fan! This podcast was a big inspiration on The SuperHero Satellite! Even though their roster has changed a little these days Pants, Jamie D, The Murd, Matt, Shane, Chris From Wild Pig and others keep this landmark show going! Check these guys out and tell em Hero sent ya!

Pro Wrestling Torch: I have been a subscriber of the Pro Wrestling Torch VIP membership for as long as I can remember. There are many newsletters and websites out there but the one that I enjoy the most is The Torch. Investigative and opinionated editor and publisher Wade Keller is an authority on the industry that I do not always agree with but highly respect. Along with a full complement of writers such as Bruce Mitchell, Sean Radican, Greg Parks and many others the Torch is the ONLY wrestling site you will ever need. Their audio podcast is what hooked me in and were one of the first that I ever listened to. The guys often answer as many fan questions right on their show as possible. The Torches team are very accessible on the forums and on social media like Twitter! They have such an array of audio that it is incredible and they have retained their library. The sheer volume of newsletters and audio podcast’s is unlike any other competitor. Keller’s team, like them or hate them, are THE source for all things wrestling..yes even over the Observer! Somethings in life are worth paying for and the PWTorch is one of them.

The Retroist: if there is a better retro site out there I certainly cannot find it! The Retroist and his team of Vic Sage, Rob Flack, Meta Girl and others bring the retro to the masses several times a day! The sheer output on this site is incredible and its staff are über informed on the topics they discuss. It is the most easily digestible site out there. It is a one way ticket to our childhood and a big inspiration to my own blog. Plus the folks at the Retroist have allowed me to join their team from time to time with several guest blogs! Do not forget to listen to the Retroist podcast this thing is such a fun listen. Go grab your Mp3 player, iPod, or Smart Phone and load up on this podcast you will love it! GUARANTEED!!

Longbox Graveyard: The brainchild of former Malibu Comic Book writer Paul O’Connor, The Longbox Graveyard is the epitome of a unique and “Different” blog. It does not live in the present but rather celebrates the Bronze Age of comics. While other sites and blogs argue over Ben Affleck as Batman The Graveyard focuses on such things as Jack Kirby’s body of work, Adam Warlock, S.H.I.E.L.D., Killraven, you name it! It is in this writers humble opinion an informed, well written and visual delight with every post. That is high praise. Plus I consider Mr. O’Conner not only a supporter of the Super Hero Satellite but also a friend who’s opinion I trust. The Longbox Graveyard is loaded with a variety of features outside of just blog articles, it has a great podcast, and a very good Pintrest and Instagram gallery to be reckoned with! Its the only time visiting the Graveyard can be considered fun! Paul I still want to take you up on that guest blog deal! Thanks for the constant support and opinion!

The Daily Rios: When Peter Rios left his spot in the aforementioned Comic Geek Speak I was disappointed. Peter was an outspoken bragadocious host of the original Comic Geek Speak (CGS) podcast. Very RAW and brutally opinionated, some of Rios rants were classic! His departure from C.G.S. abruptly raised eyebrows about what was happening behind the scenes of the fan favorite show as others left shortly after. Rios returned however with an unexpected solo podcast. If you have ever tried to record yourself for more than a minute you know that going solo on a podcast is extremely difficult. Apparently Rios didn’t get that message and delivered a quality entertaining show from episode one. It is a truly “different” podcast as the topics are not strictly comic book related. Its movies , theater, random thoughts, audio clips about just about anything and yes..comics! Peter has been kind enough to offer tips, feedback, retweets, and even a shout out of two to the Satellite! Check out The Daily Rios and Peters Tumbr account as well!! Very good stuff!


Fantastiverse: Possibly the strangest entry in the lot. The Fantastiverse is a masterful overview of everything Pop Culture and the perfect companion to my interests! From Toys, to games, to movies to just about anything..The Fantastiverse is the one stop shop for you daily Pop Culture Fix! Fantastiverse has been a supporter and Twitter friend of yours truly for some time and the opinion and ideas this person has, are highly entertaining! So jump on the Fantastiverse website,Facebook page or Twitter account, sit back and enjoy! Thx for the support Fanta!

Well that’s year one in the bag..thank you so much to all the readers from Canada, to the U.S., over in the U.K. all the way to Japan, Iran, Australia Germany and even Malaysia!!?? Year two has some great stuff in store and maybe even some audio? You never know!

As always..Heroes strap in your seats we are on the way to uncharted coordinates..Onwards to year two!!

So after you are done visiting all the websites and accounts I have just told ya about..why not chat it up with me on Twitter @Charlton_hero . Thanks for visiting the #SuperHeroSatellite

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